CONRAIL 1997-98 by fionan


									                                   CONRAIL 1997-98
 Railroad Conrail’s Buffalo line. Halifax, PA. To Watsontown. Chase a northbound along
fabulous PA route 147 which follows the railroad most of the way. Pacing shots, different
   locations. A candid appearance by Bennett Levin’s beautiful restored PRR. E-8’s at
                    Sunbury. If you like Conrail, this video is for you!
                               45 minutes DVD or VHS. $20

                  Reading & Northern 425 rides again!
                   R&N Pacific 425 carrying a replica CNJ whistle on a
                 Tunkhannock to Jim Thorpe adventure. The whistle is a
                     Beauty! She rides the turntable at Jim Thorpe.
                       The Reading Technical & Historical Society
                  “B Line Festival” at their museum Hamburg, PA. Ride
               Behind EMC. NW-2 #103 and Alco C-630 #5308! Two antique
                                   Diesel locomotives.
                              50 minutes DVD or VHS. $20

             Pennsylvania Steam Locomotive Treasures
East Broad Top 2-8-2 #15 as she leaves the roundhouse enters the turntable, and gets
service, than proceeds on her run to Colgate Grove.
 Reading & Northern 4-6-2 #425 as she heads into Jim Thorpe to be turned on the former
                               CNJ. Turntable operating there.
  Williams Grove’s Pennsylvania RR. 0-6-0 as she leaves her enginghouse makes up her
train proceeds on her run. In cab video as well. The only operating PRR. Steam anywhere!
 Wanamaker Kempton & Southern 0-6-0T #65 and H. K. Porter built tank engine on her run
                                  Wanamaker to Kempton.
  Lastly, a look at the Jersey Central RR. 0-6-0 restoration taking place at Minersville, PA.
                     This locomotive is very close to running once again!
                                 59 minutes DVD or VHS $20

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