Letter Contesting Derogatory Credit Report Information and Requesting Correction by wmkeever


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									                                [Your Name and Address]

                                 Date: ______________

________________________ [Name of Credit Reporting Agency]
Attention: Credit Reporting Manager
________________________ [Address of Credit Reporting Agency]

       Re:   NOTICE OF A DISPUTE: Credit Report Inaccuracy for
       ____________________ [Your full Name], SSN _____-____-________

To the Credit Reporting Manager of [e.g. Equifax, enter agency name]:

My name is ___________________, my social security number is _____-____-________
and my date of birth is ___/___/_______.

I have reviewed my credit report issued by [Name of Credit Reporting Agency] and
found that it contains information that is both inaccurate and adverse to my credit history.
Specifically, the information which is inaccurate was provided by
______________________________________________ _________________________
[Provide the full name of the creditor about whom your credit reflects inaccurate
information. E.g. your report may reflect that you owe money to a credit card agency or
department store, or that you failed to pay your last land lady. In such instances, the
credit card agency, department store, or land lady would be your creditor.] [Complete
this sentence: THE CREDIT REPORT WRONGLY STATES: (For example: The above
information is inaccurate because _________________________________________.]
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