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									Change the World, Start with

   Campaign Creative Guide

 • The following graphics and tools are available to
   help you promote your participation in the
   campaign and drive pledges:
   –   Messaging Guidelines
   –   Primary Campaign Identifiers
   –   Web Buttons
   –   Paper Pledge Form
   –   Image Library
   –   General Usage Guidelines
   –   Questions/Comments
Messaging Guidelines
 • Lead Messages:
    – Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR
    – Join us in the fight against global warming
 • Call to Action:
    – Take the ENERGY STAR pledge [at]
 • Support Messages (based on space available):
    – Join millions of others in using products and practices
      that save energy, save money, and reduce
      greenhouse gas emissions
    – Together, we can all make a difference.
Primary Campaign Identifiers –
Preferred for Partner Use
 With Photo (square and
 horizontal options) -
 recommended for use
 where creative space is
 available, e.g. Web sites,
 in-store signage,
 brochures, handouts

 Text Only – recommended
 for use where creative
 space is limited, e.g.
 stickers, buttons, circulars
Web Buttons
 Paper Pledge Form
Request electronic copy and reporting
Excel spreadsheet file for use at
events by e-mailing us at:
Image Library
Primary Imagery –
Preferred for use in
building your own creative

Secondary Imagery
General Usage Guidelines
 •   Below are some general guidelines for using the ENERGY STAR Certification Mark.
     We encourage you to use our campaign graphics in a way that will help you promote
     your participation so if you have any questions about these guidelines, please feel
     free to ask.
      –   The ENERGY STAR name and marks may never be used in any manner that would imply
          EPA or DOE endorsement of a company, its products, or its services. Neither the marks nor
          the ENERGY STAR name may be used in any other company name, product name, service
          name, domain name or Web site title
      –   The marks may not be altered, cut apart, separated, or otherwise distorted in perspective or
      –   The marks may never be used in a manner that would disparage ENERGY STAR, EPA,
          DOE, or any other government body
      –   The marks may never be associated with products, homes, or buildings that do not qualify as
          ENERGY STAR.
      –   Partners and other authorized organizations are responsible for their own use of the
          ENERGY STAR marks, as well as use by their representatives, such as ad agencies and
          implementation contractors
      –   The ENERGY STAR name should always appear in capital letters
      –   The registration symbol ® must be used with the first time the words “ ENERGY STAR”
          appear in material and:
            •   The ® symbol should always be in superscript
            •   There shall be no space between the words “ENERGY STAR” and the ® symbol
            •   The ® symbol shall be repeated in a document for each chapter title or Web page
     Please refer to the ENERGY STAR Identity Guidelines document for additional information

 • Please contact Lisa Meck, EPA Contractor,
   at or
   (703) 247-6147

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