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How to Gain Weight With a Fast Metabolism | Complete Guide

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					How to Gain Weight With a Fast
Metabolism|Complete Guide
How to gain weight with a fast metabolism? This is the most common
question asked by many skinny guys who needs to gain weight. The
simple answer everyone can give is “eat more”. The answer is simple
but the implementation is quite difficult. You can’t simply eat more and
achieve a healthy weight gain. So how to gain healthy weight? For that
you need a powerful plan. Here I will show you the step by step plan to
achieve you goals.

1) You need to gain muscle weight and not fat weight. Fat weight is
   dangerous and you need to minimize fat gains at any cost. So gaining
   muscle weight should be your No.1 goal.
2) Eat 1-1.5 grams of proteins per pound body weight each day. That
   means if you weigh 120 pounds you need to eat 120-180 grams of
   proteins each day. This doesn’t means to consume high amount of
   whey protein supplements or shakes. The majority of the protein
   consumption should come from solid foods like chicken breasts,
   meats, eggs, fish etc.
3) Eat 3 grams of carbohydrates per pound body weight. So if you
   weigh 120 pounds you need to take 360 grams of carbohydrates
   each day. Some good sources of carbohydrates are rice, bread,oats,
   pasta, potatoes etc.
4) Take good fats like nuts, extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil three times
   a day. You can also take EFA supplements. Good fats helps in
   gaining weight fast.
5) Now you know how much proteins, carbs and fats you need to take
   each day. Next step is to split these into meals. It is highly
     recommended to eat atlest 5-6 meals a day spaced 2-3 hours. It
     helps you to stay in an anabolic state, to build muscle weight.
6)   Avoid junk foods. Even though your aim is to gain weight, it should
     be from muscle as I already said, and not from fat. But a cheat meal
     a week can be taken. A cheat meal per week doesn’t make much
     difference or ruin your plan.
7)   Do weight training. Weight training is so powerful to gain muscle
     weight easily. You don’t need to work for 3 hours and do endless
     workouts to build muscle. All you need is to train for 45 minutes, 3-4
     times a week. And you will be surely amazed with the results.
8)   Write down your weight each week. When you see no weight gains,
     increase the carb consumption or protein consumption. Also check
     your training and make sure that you are not over training.
9)   The last step and also the most important one is to be motivated.
     Without motivation you can’t do the above steps, and if you fail to
     do it, you won’t gain weight. Most skinny guys think that, they can’t
     gain weight what ever they do. And if you are a person in this
     category take at look at Vince DelMonte. Vince was a skinny guy who
     was nick named as skinny vinny! He learned some powerful
     techniques to gain weight and he is now a solid 210 pounds. You can
     also take a look at his skinny guys muscle building course.

So I hope, you have got the answer to the question “How to Gain
Weight With a Fast Metabolism?”.

If you have more question feel free to contact me.

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Description: How to gain weight with a fast metabolism? A complete guide for those who are struggling to gain weight due to fast metabolism.