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									Becoming a Parent for Activity Understanding what your child needs and giving them insight into what w ill help them out the most is an important part of learning to raise a child. Sometimes, this is not seen as easily as others, but it is impo rtant to keep the right influences in perspective. As a parent, one of the best things you can give your child is the ability to decide wheth er they want to play in sports. Sometimes, encouraging your child to join a sport isn't as easy as it looks. Of course, as a parent, you understand the benefits of them go ing outside and being part of a physical activity. Most likely, you h ave also seen the benefits of working on a team and working towards ac complishing goals that are in sports specifically. This is important to keep in perspective with what your child needs. Even though you ma y see it as beneficial, it may not be to their benefit. One of the most detrimental things you can do to your kid is force them to take a sport. At first, it is good to encourage them to try, and mak e your best efforts to getting them to all of the practices and all of t he games. It is your position and your role to make sure that they part icipate in a physical activity, and specifically a sport, if you believe that it will be good for their mental and physical health. The perspective of this is how much you should encourage your child to join a sport. If you force them to go to the sport, it may turn them off from physical activity. You will want to see why the child or yo uth doesn't want to join a sport, and find alternative routes to help them get physical activity. This can help them to overcome any proble ms they might be having with the physical sport. The important key is to help them find something that they love to play in order to enhanc e their physical activities. If you want to make sure that your child is getting the exercise that they need, as well as some fundamental values, then encouraging them to join a sport is one of the best ways to do this. However, when y ou do this, you will want to make sure that you are offering them wha t is needed by them both physically and mentally. This will help to give them the support they need and encourage them to participate in the sport whole heartedly and effectively.

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