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									    Campaigning the Correct Way For An Academy Award
The Academy Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of
motion pictures. Along with BAFTA and Golden Globe, the Academy
Awards provides a platform, where filmmakers, actors, singer, technicians
and other people who work to bring a motion picture to the viewers are
felicitated for their amazing work in this regard. Over the years, with the
growth in the popularity of the motion pictures, academy awards have
become all the more popular as well. This has also helped with Christian
family film news. It is perhaps due to this reason that almost every one who
is involved with motion pictures, dreams of winning the Academy awards.

The Academy Award is also popularly referred to as the Oscars, and is
presented every year by AMPAS, i.e. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences. Another interesting fact about the Academy award is that it is also
the award ceremony in the field of media. The AMPAS was conceived by
Louis B. Mayer. The first Academy Award ceremony was held on May 16,
1929. The event took place in Hotel Roosevelt and honored outstanding
achievements in the film industry during 1927 and 1928. Douglas Fairbanks
and William C. DeMille hosted this event. This event was attended by an
audience of around 270 people. Initially the awards were aired on radio and
thereafter with the advent of television; the proceedings began to be aired on
television. The academy awards feature a number of films from various
genres. So, you will find Award winning documentaries, Best horror
films, tim mcgraw movies, as well as top indie films.

Voting in regard to the awards is conducted by The Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences has a voting membership of around six thousand people. Voters
largely constitute actors, in regard to the composition. The votes are certified
by PricewaterhouseCoopers. All the members are invited for the voting
procedure, by the Board of Governors. New membership applications are
considered on an annual basis. The membership is not revealed publicly.

When it comes to winning an academy award, campaigning plays a very
important role. Although these days, Oscar campaigning is associated more
or less with mudslinging campaigns, such a practice doesn’t actually help.
The idea in regard to such a campaign should focus on ensuring that all the
members watch your movie. This would provide you with a fair chance. You
may also go ahead promoting your movie on the newspapers, television and

Campaigning for an Academy Award with Christian Family Film News
the internet, generating support and bringing it in the forefront. This award
has been a boon for such films like Supersize Me, Thoth, Titanic, Bowling
for Columbine among many others.

As it is, the academy awards are definitely one of the most prestigious
events. So, best of luck for your campaigning.

Campaigning for an Academy Award with Christian Family Film News

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