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  Building automation
  profits	from	industrial
  system know-how

  As with industrial systems, modern buildings are complex ar-
  rangements of technical equipment with permanent open-loop
  and closed-loop control demands. With products that have
  proven their value many thousand times over in an industrial
  environment, such as the APROL process control system, the
  X20 controller family and the ACOPOS drive technology, B&R
  has been able to create an integrated and easy-to-use open
  and closed loop control system for building automation, there-
  by setting new standards.

  Whether office complex, shopping            production systems: A large number        of heating and cooling are frequently
  center, recreational oasis or produc-       of sensors are used to permanently        replaced with alternative forms of en-
  tion plant: Buildings, particularly those   monitor the end product - in this case    ergy such as solar collectors or heat
  for commercial use, are systems in          the room temperature - and its prelimi-   pumps. Heat dissipating from areas
  more than just terms of accounting.         nary stages, which are then regulated     with surplus heat is recycled using heat
  What remains mostly hidden behind           by controlling different equipment        exchangers. Photovoltaic systems are
  the scenes is a complex and con-            based on these measurement results.       used to help meet power require-
  stantly active control mechanism for                                                  ments. Sensor-based blind systems,
  maintaining the right habitable, oc-        Long gone are the days when such sys-     in combination with sophisticated no-
  cupational and storage conditions in        tems control only heating and cooling.    draft air distribution systems, reduce
  the individual areas. The processes         In these times of increased attention     heating needs in winter and cooling
  are generally the same as in industrial     to energy efficiency, traditional forms   needs in summer, and in some cases,

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                                                                                      This high data throughput allows not
                                                                  Process image       only the querying of a huge number
                                                                  explorer for nav-   of measurement values and there-
                                                                  igating and ap-
                                                                                      fore more precise control, but the
                                                                  plying process
                                                                  images.             diagnostics data from the connected
                                                                                      system units themselves can also
                                                                                      be routed between the actual con-
                                                                                      trol data without additional effort; a
                                                                                      true plus for preventative service and

                                                                                      The drive systems, such as the fre-
                                                                                      quency inverters, also communicate
                                                                                      via this high-speed system bus. This
                                                                                      reduces the need for I/O modules
                                                                                      and their respective wiring. The con-
                                                                                      nection to specific, conventional elec-
                                                                                      tronic household peripheral devices
                                                                                      such as control units for single room
the automation even goes so far as to       This complete automation from a sin-      control, ventilation flaps or valves are
make sure that computers, machines          gle source is provided by B&R, a lead-    established by links to bus systems,
and sometimes even room lighting            ing supplier of automation systems for    which have been proven in building
fixtures are supplied with power only       production machines and systems.          automation, such as Modbus or the
when it is needed. Emergency equip-         The entire vertical process chain is      Belimo MP Bus.
ment such as sprinkler systems, fume        covered: from the control level with
outlets or emergency lighting can also      the B&R APROL process control sys-        Advantage gained through pro-
be integrated.                              tem to the controller management          cessing speed
                                            level with the CPUs and from the in-      In addition to a level of robustness
Even the equipment being controlled         terface components of the X20 control     higher than that found in conventional
has similarities with the equipment         system family to the drive technology     building technology, the open-loop and
found in industrial systems: This most-     with frequency converters and intrinsi-   closed-loop control systems from the
ly involves drives for pumps and fans,      cally intelligent servo drives from the   X20 series also feature a high level of
flaps, compressors and actuators. The       ACOPOS and ACOPOSmulti series.            performance due to their origins in in-
only difference: In building automa-                                                  dustrial applications. This ensures that
tion, the demands on reaction times of      The individual system parts interact      control tasks on just one CPU can also
open and closed loop controllers are        via the Ethernet-based high speed         be implemented throughout an entire
generally less strict than in process en-   industrial bus POWERLINK, which en-       building, such as heating and lighting
gineering, where it often comes down        sures reaction times in the millisecond   control including energy management.
to the millisecond.                         range, thereby enabling a consider-       Furthermore, the modular units, which
                                            ably higher data density on just one      can be scaled any way necessary,
Process technology standards for            cable than is expected from conven-       also have a number of functions from
building automation                         tional building automation systems.       the area of household systems, >>
What could make more sense than
applying technology that was devel-
oped for and has proven its worth
a thousand times over in this tough          In addition to
environment and which, thanks to             displaying de-
                                             tailed system
the required level of performance,           information
more than meets all the demands of           (e.g. heating),
building automation? The solution            other    face-
completely integrates all aspects of         plates from
                                             any measure-
the control system: from the query           ment     point
of individual sensors to the intelligent     (e.g. tempera-
control of motors and drives, from the       ture) can also
automation of individual systems to          be applied.
the visualization of the entire system,
and it all comes from a single supplier.
Without interface problems between
the system parts or manufacturers,
and with convenient software tools,
which enable quick and safe top-down
development of the complete solution.

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                                                                                                         industrial applications once
                                                                                    Trend display        again prove their value in this
                                                                                    with up to 20        regard including the tolerance
                                                                                    trend curves
                                                                                                         for operating temperatures up
                                                                                    in one trend
                                                                                    image for de-        to 60°C and the long lifespan.
                                                                                    tailed analysis      This is also the case with the
                                                                                    and evalua-          possibility of cross commu-
                                                                                    tion of his-
                                                                                                         nication, which through the
                                                                                    torical trend
                                                                                    data.                possibility to distribute the
                                                                                                         individual interface tasks and
                                                                                                         control tasks as needed con-
                                                                                                         tributes to equal load on the
                                                                                                         individual system units and
                                                                                                         ensures that expansions meet
                                                                                                         hardware requirements.

                                                                                                         Robust PC technology
                                                                                                         that lasts for decades
                                                                                                         Industrial-grade robustness,
                                                                                                         which ensures high resis-
                                                                                                         tance to errors, is demanded
  such as control logic for several full         implemented in the module design                even in situations where open-loop
  climate control systems.                       with a central form (from the switch-           and closed-loop control tasks and
                                                 ing cabinet) or in decentralized form           monitoring tasks (and in particular the
  With their uniform, small form factor,         (as external bus modules). Communi-             process control technology itself) run
  the CPUs and the broad range of inter-         cation is handled safely via the same           on PC hardware. This is true for the
  face modules and function modules              POWERLINK connection, thereby sav-              industrial PCs available in different
  from the X20 series can be combined            ing the otherwise usual wiring.                 power classes and with variable mem-
  side by side on the mounting rail.                                                             ory sizes, which ensure long lifespans
  Valuable space is saved in the control         Particularly important for commis-              with low maintenance thanks to being
  rooms with 12 instead of 8 channels            sioning, service and maintenance:               free of fans and hard drives, as well
  per module and thanks to the elimi-            Thanks to the modular, terminal-free            as their encapsulated design. This is
  nation of terminal blocks and distri-          plug design, all modules can be ex-             also true for the Panel PCs which unite
  bution boxes that must be mounted              changed without using tools and                 controller and visualization tasks as
  separately. These modules are also             without separating the terminal con-            well as the compact operator panels
  available with the same form factor as         nections, even during operation. This           from the PANELWARE family. On the
  devices certified for Safety integrated        also keeps commissioning times to a             other hand, the considerably higher
  level 3 (SIL3), for tasks such as moni-        minimum because modules can be                  quantities common to industrial au-
  toring fire dampers or for smoke and           pre-assembled and simply have to be             tomation make for an extraordinary
  heat extraction systems. This can be           plugged in. The origins from rough              price/performance ratio. Not common

      Alarm Report with chronological display of historical alarms graphically and in tables including chronological frequency sheet and
      alarm hit lists (for determining the cause of the alarm).

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                                                                                         Gerald Kalliwoda, Building Automa-
  Selection image                                                                        tion Manager at B&R. "Convenience is
  in ring binder                                                                         provided thanks to specific functions
  design for easy
                                                                                         for this area of application, security is
  selection     by
  building     and                                                                       provided thanks to proven experience
  system      type                                                                       in rough industrial environment and
  with     display                                                                       an outstanding price/performance
  of the detailed
                                                                                         ratio is provided thanks to the respec-
  system status.
                                                                                         tive quantities typically strived for in
                                                                                         industrial use."

in this field, but relevant for the long    future expansions. Furthermore, the
lifespans of building automation in-        system also provides a visualization
stallations, is the guaranteed availabil-   application generated automatically
ity of identical devices for more than      from the program objects via graphic
a decade and functionally-equivalent        macros including alarms, trend moni-
units for even longer periods of time.      toring for analysis over many days
                                            of operation and other frequently re-
Integrated development of con-              quired functions.
trol and building management
systems                                     The ability to distribute the entire soft-
At the process control level, full in-      ware means that the process control
tegration of the software develop-          technology is not limited to the con-
ment tools is a noticeable advantage        trol station, but can be called from
provided by B&R's APROL process             any suitable computer in the system
control system. The days of needing         as well as from any office PC, both
to develop a separate program for           in-house and externally, such as from
the control station level and for each      the office of the external building cus-
control unit are over. Furthermore,         todian. Multiple access to the same
object-oriented graphic program-            information is also possible without
ming makes it possible to modularly         mutual interference. An easy-to-use
design, create, simulate and test the       method for troubleshooting is also
entire software based on functional         supported. For example, simply click-
perspectives. Instead of combining          ing on an alarm message will take
different programs using routing lists,     you right to the affected location in
this method distributes the complet-        the diagram. After logging on with
ed program on the existing hardware         the respective rights via password or
independent of the physical connec-         biometrics, the user is just one click
tion topology.                              away from reaching the affected loca-
                                            tion in the function chart or program
The task of software generation and         and potentially finding errors hidden
maintenance is further simplified with      there. The searching process is fully
the use of extensive libraries, both for    documented throughout all layers of
standardized peripheral units as well       the system for later traceability.
as for typical building automation log-
ic functions, such as controlling heat-     "With the fully integrated combination
ers and coolers, air conditioners and       of the APROL process control system,            Author:
single room climate control. This not       the X20 control family and the intel-
only saves some of the programming          ligent ACOPOS drive technology, we              Martin Reichinger,
effort and reduces notorious linking        are able to offer a new and extremely           Business Manager Process Automation
errors, but also keeps the effort for       high performance system for uni-                B&R Headquarters
software maintenance and adjust-            formly solving automation tasks in
ments to a minimum in the event of          the area of building automation", says

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