The Mediator infrastructure, with perfectHOST, is the most advanced

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					                                                                                             CASE STUDY

                                                Thomas Built Buses Manufacturing Facility
                                                High Point, North Carolina

                                                Statistics:           Manufacturing/Office Building (2 Stories)
                                                                      Gross Floor Area (over 360,000 sq ft.)

                                                Team:                 Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc.,
                                                                      Hardware and Software manufacturer. AC
                                                                      Corporation, Installing CompanyThomas
                                                                      Built Buses, Building Owners

                                                Comissioned:          October 2003

“The Mediator infrastructure, with
perfectHOST, is the most advanced    The mechanical system consists of chilled water vav & constant volume
building automation system and       air handling units, electric, gas, and hot water heating systems, chiller
                                     plant, exhaust fan, and fan powered and non-fan powered VAV terminal
systems integration platform.”
  Thomas Moeller - AC Corporation
                                     The 21 air handling units are controlled by the Richards-Zeta (RZ) RZ
                                     100 controllers, with RZ DIO88 expansion boards, where neccessary.
                                     The 20 VAV terminal units are controlled via LonWorks based VAV box
                                     controllers that communicate seamlessly with the Richards-Zeta BAS
Integration Solutions:               controllers via the RZ moZaic. The Trane chillers are integrated into
♦Integration between                 the Building Automation System via the RZ Mediator. The integration
  Richards-Zeta,                     procedure uses a BACNET/Ethernet protocol, sharing data between
  LonWorks, Trane, and               the Trane Building Control Unit (BCU), the RZ Mediator and the RZ
 BACnet.                             perfectHost environment. This seamless data sharing between the
♦Advanced Networking                 Trane and the RZ system allows the system operator to monitor and
  Capabilities                       trend chiller data and modify chiller set-points in the RZ perfectHost
                                     environment. Using the Richards-Zeta graphical programming software
♦Web-based GUI
                                     perfectHost, a graphical system user interface was created which
                                     monitors and supervises all of the integrated systems.


                                     The RZ Mediator is also used to provide other employees of Thomas
                                     Built Buses at that location and/or remote locations with system ac-
                                     cess via the company wide TCP/IP LAN intranet viewing and manag-
                                     ing with simple custom built HTML web pages. The employees can
                                     gain system access through their web-browsers on their computers.
                                     The web-sites/pages are stored in the RZ Mediator, a Linux based
                                     operating system and Pentium Class - 286 processor.

                                       Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc.
Networking Features:

Monitoring drawings from perfectHOST were seamlessly converted into
fully functional and live, dynamic HTML pages via the “Export to
Mediator” functionality in perfectHOST version 5.0 and higher. Once
in the browser, live, real-time values were dragged and dropped onto
the html page using RZ’s Web Express tool.

Facility engineers at other locations can now also gain full system
access to the facility BAS perfectHost environment via the RZ-Mediator
on the company wide network. The RZ BAS/DDC system performs all
control, monitoring, and alarm functions.

Networking and system features included, built in modem, two 10/
100 Ethernet ports (no hub needed), ram and flash memory expandable
to 2 gigs, two USB ports (possibility to add printers, 200 gig hard
drives, etc), four RS 485 ports, two RS 232 ports, four pulse counters
for electric-gas-water meters, no costly software upgrades, complete
data logging and trending capabilities FTP’d via
XML and/or CSV SMTP support~ email, alarms
sent via email, text pager or cell phone.

Special Notes:

The application and engineering software is
Richards-Zeta perfectHOST. The Trane Chiller
communication interface was created through
a RZ Mediator with a BACNET-over-Ethernet
communication protocol. The LONWorks
interface was achieved by using the Richards-
Zeta moZaic with a LONWorks communication
protocol. The Web-Browser access was
achieved with the Mediator. The Web pages
were designed and created by AC Corporation.

                                                                              Figure 1: Screenshot of Web Pages
                                                                              created using Export to Mediator
                                                                              and Web Express tools.

                                  Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc.