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Latch Clamps Cont Action Clamps Action Clamps


									                                                                                                 LATCH, Air, HOLd dOWN   I Action Clamps I                      14–27
                                                                              Hold Down Clamps Vertical HV-250 Series
Latch Clamps Cont.                                                            Two bar styles available making the spindle posi-
                                                                              tion fixed or adjustable. Furnished with bonded
                                                                              neoprene tipped 1/4-20 spindle and lock nuts.
                                                                              U-bar models also include flanged washers. Er-
                                                                              gonomic handle grip included for greater operator
Latch Action Clamp FA-300                                                     ● Also available in stainless steel
Ideal for Light and Medium Duty Applications. Fur-                                                                                                                EA
nished with Latch Plate and Red Vinyl grip for secure                         Part No .        Vendor     Clamping       Handle        Bar              Price
hold purpose.                                                                                  No .       Capacity       Movement      Movement
● Also available in stainless steel.                                          303634-131665    HV 250     200 lb         65˚           115˚             ---
                                                                        EA    303635-131665    HV 250-U   200 lb         65˚           115˚             ---
Part No .                  Clamping Capacity        Price
303652-131665              2000 lb                  ---                       Hold Down Clamps Horizontal HH-150, HH-250
                                                                              The smallest of the horizontal handle, Hold down clamps.
Action Clamps                                                                 Supplied with nylon spindle assembly. Flanged washers
                                                                              supplied with U-bar model. Red vinyl handle grip sup-
                                                                              plied on all models.
                                                                              ● Also available in stainless steel

Air Clamp AC-250
The AC 250 provides 200 lbs. holding capacity in a package less than 7"                                                                                           EA
long. The double acting power cylinder has built-in speed control (restric-   Part No .        Vendor     Clamping          Handle     Bar              Price
tion) and needs only to be hooked up to a controlled air or hydraulic power                    No .       Capacity          Movement   Movement
source. Hold down bar opens 90º to facilitate easy part loading and unload-   303636-131665    HH 150     60 lb             70˚        90˚              ---
ing. Includes 1/4-20 neoprene spindle assembly.                               303637-131665    HH 250     60 lb             70˚        90˚              ---
Part No .                  Clamping Capacity        Price                     Hold Down Clamps Vertical HV-450 Series
303663-131665              200 lb                   ---                       Bolt retainer is furnished with solid bar models, and two
Air Clamp AC-450                                                              flanged washers with U-bar models. Accommodates any
Model AC 450 with U-Bar is furnished with flange                              5/16" spindle (supplied with spindle assembly).
washers. Bar opens 92º and supplied with 5/16-18                              ● Also available in stainless steel
spindle assembly                                                                                                                                                  EA
                                                                              Part No .       Vendor No . Clamping          Handle     Bar              Price
                                                                                                          Capacity          Movement   Movement
Part No .                  Clamping Capacity        Price                     303638-131665   HV 450      496 lb            60˚        100˚             ---
303664-131665              340 lb                   ---                       303639-131665   HV 453-L    220 lb            60˚        100˚             ---

Air Clamp AC 100-SL                                                           Hold Down Clamps Vertical HV-550, HV-650

                                                                                                                                                                        For additional products, visit or contact your local store.
This compact plunger action clamp is less than 10"                            Two flanged washers included with U-Bar models,
long but provides a holding capacity of up to 600 lbs.                        and bolt retainer supplied with solid bar models. Sup-
The 7/16" diameter plunger extends 3/4 to a locked                            plied with 3/8-16 spindle assembly.
position. The end of the plunger is drilled and tapped
for a 5/16-18 spindle (not supplied).
                                                                        EA                                                                                        EA

                                                                                                                                                                        Tooling Components & Precision Measuring
Part No .                  Clamping Capacity        Price                     Part No .          Vendor No .    Type         Clamping Capacity   Price
303665-131665              600 lb                                             303640-131665      HV 550         Solid Bar    750 lb              ---
                                                                              303641-131665      HV 650         U-Bar        750 lb              ---

                                                                              Hold Down Clamps Horizontal HH-350
                                                                              All models furnished with 1/4-20 bonded neoprene
                                                                              tipped spindle assembly, washers for U-bar models,
Air Clamp Model 807-U                                                         or bolt retainer for solid bar models (HH 350-S). Red
Model 807-U with U-bar. The 807-U is furnished with flanged washers. Bar      vinyl handle grip provided on all models.
opens 92º. Accommodates any 5/16-18 spindle assembly (not supplied).          ● Also available in stainless steel (HH 350-2S)
                                                                        EA                                                                                        EA
Part No .                  Clamping Capacity        Price                     Part No .     Clamping             Handle          Bar Movement Price
0316958                    375 lb/sf                ---                                     Capacity             Movement
                                                                              303643-131655 200 lb               60˚             90˚              ---

Action Clamps                                                                 Hold Down Clamps Horizontal HH-300, 400 & 500
                                                                              The bar guide gives extra lateral support and rigidity
                                                                              to the hold-down bar at the front of the base. The
                                                                              units are designed to give more hand clearance
                                                                              between the bar and handle when the clamps are in
                                                                              the full open position.
Hold Down Clamps Vertical HV-150
                                                                              ● Also available in stainless steel
This is the smallest series in the vertical handle hold-down
clamping series. U-shaped hold-down bar, 8-32 vinyl-coated
hex head spindle assembly and flanged washers.                                Part No .           Vendor No .            Clamping Capacity Price
● Also available in stainless steel                                           303642-131665       HH 300                 150 lb            ---
                                                                              303646-131665       HH 500                 500 lb            ---
                                                                              303644-131665       HH 400                 200 lb            ---
Part No .    Vendor No .   Clamping    Handle       Bar Move-   Price
                           Capacity    Movement     ment
303633-      HV 150        100 lb      60˚          105˚        ---

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