IN THIS ISSUE Record high voter turnout for class elections is

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                            The Graphic                     Volume XCV, Number 1, November 3, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                 Nearly all men can stand ad-
                                                                                                                                                                 versity, but if you want to test
                                                                                                                                                                 a man’s character, give him

                                                                                                                                                                           -Abraham Lincoln

Leave your valuables at home                                             Record high voter turnout for
                                                                         class elections is encouraging
Nobody is safe from locker theft, not even you
By Cameron Gemmell                  what they want with [my jock-
   A monster has reared its ugly    strap], it’s just messed up.”        By Michael Lawlor                     Eddings, David Eddy, Maya Nair             Markham, and Anya Rosenberg.
head, striking unsuspecting foot-      Rosenbach agrees with                 Students funneled into the au- Noonan, Jack Palley, Rosie Rabi-              Vice-President Niroshan said,
ball players while at practice.     Link.“It’s some messed up            ditorium with anticipation for this novitz, and Adam Rosenberg. Dan-             “This year our goal for the student
   “Locker rooms are a hot spot     stuff goin’ down,” he said.          year’s class election speeches.                                                  government is not only to fundraise
at every school for things to get      All the robberies are made        Each year every class elects stu-                                                for senior events, but to also unify
stolen,” said Dean Earl McGraw,     possible by the athletic lock-       dents to represent them in their                                                 our class so that we can have the
speaking from experience, as not    ers. The doors to the lockers        class government. Once everyone                                                  most enjoyable senior year possi-
even Amherst is safe from the       work but open when pulled            was in the auditorium and seated,                                                ble.” Amarasiriwardena will work
greedy hands that pry open lock-    on even when fastened with a         the candidates presented speeches                                                alongside his fellow members of
ers in search of goodies.           lock. It is almost better not to     to their class on why they should                                                the student government all year to
   Thieves generally sneak into     use a lock, because locks act        be voted for their class’ govern-                                                accomplish this goal.
the locker rooms during gym         as a flag, revealing to thieves      ment.                                                                                The Class of 2011 elected Ryan
classes, or while teams are at      which locker has stuff in it.            “This year was the highest voter                                             Diplock as President, Marissa Ho
practice. “Most of the action          While countless reports           turnout that ARHS has ever seen,”                                                as Vice-President, Ali Cherrington
goes down after school,” Mr.        have been filed to the of-           said Sherry Balzano, the organizer                                               as Secretary, Tim Nagy as Trea-
McGraw said.                        fice, the school has no plans        of the class election. At lunch the                                              surer, and Juliana Gensheimer as
   “Mad people got stuff stolen,”   to increase security of locker       students voted for their class’ gov-                                             General Member. This year their
Sam Rosenbach, ’11 said. “They      rooms. “There’s nothing in           ernment. In order to vote, each                                                  main goal is to fundraise, and also
stole my jeans and my shoes…        the budget,” admitted Mr.            student had to check in with Ms.                                                 put on a collection drive to benefit
Jordan 8’s that cost $150.”         McGraw. To keep valuables            Balzano and have their names                                                     Jessie’s House, which offers emer-
   While most of what is stolen     from being stolen he recom-          checked off to receive their ballot.                                             gency housing for families. The
is electronics or money, thieves    mends students “keep them            Later that day the results were an-                                              class of 2011 is not just looking to
are beginning to steal whatever     with a trustworthy friend who        nounced over the loudspeaker af-                   Photo by Sean Eddings         make a profit, but to also help the
they can get their hands on. Isa-   has a safe place to put them,”       ter the votes had been tallied.                                                  community.
                                                                                                              Adam Rosenberg runs to the
iah Link, ’09 had his uniform and   or simply, “leave valuables at           Most of the speeches had a                                                       The student government for the
                                                                                                              next Student Council meeting.
jockstrap stolen, “I don’t know     home.”                               similar message: “Vote for me,                                                   class of 2012 consists of President
                                                                         because I will do the best job nenhauer was excited to be on the                 Joshua Wolfson; Vice-President
Mock election provides                                                   fundraising for our senior events.” council this year, because he feels
                                                                         Rafer Dannenhauer, ’09, decided like it will be a productive year for
                                                                                                                                                          Reed Elkinton; Secretary Sam
                                                                                                                                                          Duncan; Treasurer Tanya Karagi-
young voters with practice                                               not to go the conventional route the class council. “Senior year is the
                                                                         and was able to use the Poké- most important because there is a
                                                                                                                                                          annis; and General Member Ra-
                                                                                                                                                          chel Carkhuff. The members of
                                                                         mon “Pikachu” and “Pidgey” lot more to do. There are important                   the 2012 student government sat
By Michael Lawlor                   names crossed off on a master
                                                                         as symbols in his speech. In his decisions to make, and important                down with Ms. Balzano last week
   It is a tradition that during    list, to prevent people from vot-
                                                                         metaphor, Pikachu represented the agendas to put past the administra-            discussing their plans for the year.
every presidential election the     ing twice, which would skew
                                                                         government and our capitalistic so- tion,” said Dannenhauer .                    After the meeting Elkinton said, “I
US politics and government          the results of the mock election.
                                                                         ciety, but Pikachu could be beaten       These council members are               originally ran for student govern-
class holds a mock election for     The ballots will consist only
                                                                         by Pidgey because of its numbers working towards the common goal                 ment because I was a strong believ-
the students and staff of ARHS.     of the presidential candidates.
                                                                         and how they work together to of giving their class a fun and excit-             er in student voice. After our meet-
This year the                                              A f t e r
                                                                         complete a common task. Pidgey ing final year here at ARHS.                      ing with Ms. Balzano, I was pretty
mock elec-                                                 lunch the
tions       are   This mock election                       votes will
                                                                         represented a nonviolent, yet effec-     The Class of 2010 has a student
                                                                         tual approach which Dannenhauer government led by Class President
                                                                                                                                                          discouraged because it seemed like
                                                                                                                                                          the student government doesn’t do
being orga-
nized by his-   is a way to get the                        be tallied
                                                           and an an-
                                                                         thought the class of 2009 should Mike Friedman; Vice-President                   or accomplish anything other than
tory teacher    ARHS community in-                         nounce-
                                                                         use to help unify the class and get Niroshan Amarasiriwardena; Trea-
                                                                         things accomplished.                  surer Anshul Dhankher; Secre-
                                                                                                                                                          fundraising. This is something that
                                                                                                                                                          I really want to work on, so that the
Keith Lepine.
“This inter-    volved with the actu-                      ment will
                                                           be made
                                                                             The 2009 class council con- tary Ben Brassord; and General                   voice of the student becomes more
esting tradi-   al election                                at the end
                                                                         sists of Rafer Dannenhauer, Sean Members Jonah Herscu, Emma                      valuable in our school.”

                                                                         RaDAR serves to further identi-
tion fell right                                            of the day,
into my lap,                                               in which

                                                                         fy, eliminate the -isms at ARHS
and I would like to make it as      the winner will be revealed.
realistic as possible,” said Mr.        This mock election is a way
Lepine.                             to get the ARHS community
   The mock election will be        involved with the actual elec-        By Caroline Spurgin                        “The first path we jumped on         students receive a larger percent-
held on the day of the national     tion, and to become famil-                Do you feel that the high school   was to look at the High School           age of disciplinary actions than
presidential election, November     iar with the election process.        still has some distance to go be-      Student Handbook from the point          their percentage of the popula-
4. The ballots will be distrib-     Since the mock election is be-        fore it can call itself unbiased,      of view of students and parents.         tion in the high school. “Unequal
uted at lunch, but students and     ing conducted in the most real-       non-discriminatory and equal? So       Did the Handbook meet our                distribution of discipline goes
faculty must be able to present     istic way possible, it will give      does RaDAR. “The mission [of           needs? Did it seem to be fair in         back to concerns the NAACP has
a form of photo identification      students a voting experience          RaDAR] has remained constant -         terms of how the policies would          raised in in the past… For several
to be able to vote. Students and    before they actually go out and       to identify and eliminate racism,      be used? Did anything need to be         years there has been a concern that
faculty members will have their     pull the lever.                       prejudice, and discrimination in       addressed? For example: parents          [specifically] black and Hispanic/
                                                                          activities, attitudes, policies and    said they were not informed in           Latino students receive more dis-
                                                                         procedures within the Amherst           a timely manner when their stu-          ciplinary actions than their percent
            In thIs Issue...                                             Regional school system… [and]
                                                                         to promote anti-racist, anti-preju-
                                                                                                                 dents were called on the carpet for
                                                                                                                 violation of rules. [There was] no
                                                                                                                                                          in the population,” said Ms. Wolf.
                                                                                                                                                              “People have wanted to discuss
 Garden Gnomes                                        Page 2             diced and anti-discriminatory ac-       clear policy about when parents          what we are doing about racism /
                                                                         tivities with particular attention to   should be notified. [RaDAR] put          discrimination in the high school.
                                                                         discipline,” said core group mem-       language into the handbook which         RaDAR as a group really holds the
 Spanish Exchange                                     Page 3             ber Jackie Wolf.                        addressed this problem with the          idea that it’s a question of being at-
                                                                             RaDAR, which stands for             help of Mr. Jackson,” said Wolf.         tentive. We want to be attentive to
 Water Bubbler Review                                 Page 4             “Race and Discipline, Action,
                                                                         Rights,” is a project that stems
                                                                                                                     Another main focus of RaDAR
                                                                                                                 is the issue of race discrimination
                                                                                                                                                          injustice… we don’t want to as-
                                                                                                                                                          sume its not happening. We would
                                                                         from the ARHS Parent Center and         in disciplinary practices. “Students     love people to feel that if they felt
 Pro-McCain Students                                  Page 5             Study Circles. According to the         came to us with the perception           racial injustice, they could come to
                                                                         RaDAR website, It was organized         that some students are treated less      a group like RaDAR for support.
                                                                         in spring 2005 in response to con-      harshly for minor infractions than       We are not accusers - we want to
 Religion as Belief                                   Page 6             cerns raised by ALANA (African,         other students. That’s something         be supportive; we want to be atten-
                                                                         African-American, Latino, Asian         RADAR would love to investi-             tive,” she said.
 Mr. Stauder Loves Art                                Page 7             and Asian-American and Native
                                                                         American) parents/guardians re-
                                                                                                                 gate. [It’s important first to deter-
                                                                                                                 mine] if it is happening, [then, if it
                                                                                                                                                              Wolf stresses the fact that what
                                                                                                                                                          RaDAR needs to be able to start
                                                                         garding issues of equity and jus-       is happening,] how prevalent is it?      tackling is the issue of unequal dis-
 Golf Team Goes to States                             Page 8             tice in discipline and education at     Why is it happening?” Statistics         cipline, and for students to come
                                                                         ARHS.                                   show a pattern in which minority         forward with their stories.