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      1    Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional, Latihan Soal, Semester dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi
      Bahasa ingris SMP soal ujian nasional 2005-2009, Latihan soal dan pembahasan

UN 2008/2009
Read the following text to answer question number 1                Dear Mira,
                                                                    I am sorry I have to tell you that I can’t come to
                                                                   your house to work on our project as we have
                                                                   planned before. Unexpected thing happens. My
                                                                   grandma must be hospitalized soon. I’ll tell you
                                                                    about our plan later.

                                                                 3. From the message above we know that …
                                                                   A. Dinda and Mira have to work together on their project.
                                                                   B. Dinda’s grandma involves in the project.
                                                                   C. Dinda and her grandma will meet Mira at the hospital.
                                                                   D. Dinda expects Mira to stay in the hospital with her.

                                                                 4. What is Dinda’s purpose to write such kind of message?
                                                                   A. To tell about her sick grandma.
Where do you usually find the sign above?                          B. To give information about the delay of an activity.
A. At railway station.                                             C. To ask Mira to work on their project.
B. At a bus station.                                               D. To persuade Mira to change the project.
C. At a station wagon.
                                                                 Read the text and answer questions 5 and 6
D. At a petrol station.

Read the text and answer question 2                                                Please join us
                                                                               as we celebrate our
 To: Ruth                                                                        40th Anniversary
                                                                              Paul and Opal Wright
 I’d like to congratulate                                                         Friday, May 7th
 you on passing your exam                                                     6.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.
 I do hope you are always successful.
                                                                              Our New Home
                  Love                                             Komplek TSI Durikosambi Cengkareng
                 Joshua                                                  (Dinner will be served)
                                                                              RSPV 54390186

2. Why does Joshua send the card? Because …
  A. he wants to tell Ruth about his exam.                       5. Paul is … husband.
  B. he wants to congratulate Ruth.                                A. Opal’s
  C. his exam is difficult to do.                                  B. Eliza’s
  D. he wants to be successful.                                    C. Elsa’s
                                                                   D. Natalia’s

                                                                 6. What is the purpose of the text above?
                                                                   A. To promote an everlasting relationship.
                                                                   B. To invite someone to join the party.
                                                                   C. To announce a wedding ceremony.
Read the text and answer questions 3 and 4                         D. To describe a certain party.

            2    Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional, Latihan Soal, Semester dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi
Bahasa ingris SMP soal ujian nasional 2005-2009, Latihan soal dan pembahasan

Read the announcement and answer questions 7 to 9                  friend, too.

 Holiday classis at learning centre for Nursery,                   10. Miko’s eyes are …
  Kindergarten and Primary School children                         A. black
                                                                   B. white
 Supervised reading programme                                      C. brown
    Creative writing                                               D. dark brown
    Poetry appreciation
    Art in action                                                  11. The writer got the pet from …
    Speech training                                                  A. his neighbor
    Grooming and etiquette                                           B. a pet shop
      - Qualified teachers                                           C. his friend
      - Friendly atmosphere                                          D. his mother
      - Two-hour class twice a week                                12. What is the text about?
                                                                     A. My lovely dog.
 Call 03-23860505                                                    B. My best friend.
                                                                     C. My pet shop.
7. Which of the following statements is Not Correct                  D. My neighbor’s pet.
according to the announcement above?
A. Classes are held twice a week.                                  Read the following text and answer
B. Each session will last for two hours.                           questions 13 to 15
C. Only kindergarten students can attend the class.
D. There are six programmers for the holiday classes.                  Hexa and I camped in the mountain last weekend. It
                                                                   was very beautiful and very quiet here. The air was
8. How many programs does the learning centre                      fresh. The location of our camp site was on the top of
offers?                                                            hill, so we could see the scenery around us. It was
A. One.                                                            amazing. It was green everywhere. It was also easy to
B. Three.                                                          get water as it was near a small river. You see the
C. Six.                                                            water is as clear as crystal. We brought a lot of food
D. Nine.                                                            from home. There were some noodles, cans of
                                                                   sardines, soft drink, and biscuits. Hexa brought
9. “Friendly atmosphere”                                           cooking utensils for cooking noodle.
What does the underlined word mean?                                    0n the first day, we spent our time setting up tent
A. Easy.                                                           and exploring the surrounding area. I was happy to
B. Helpful.                                                        find that there were many campers there. At night,
C. Pleasant.                                                       after we had dinner, we met other campers. We
D. Dull.                                                           chatted and played guitar. It was fun meeting people
                                                                   who had the same hobby. It was not frightening at all
Read the text to answer questions 10 to 12                         at night in the forest as it was very noisy that night.
                                                                   We laughed and sang, and some campers even
Most people in the world have a pet. I also have it. My            danced. We went to bed almost dawn. No wonder
pet is dog, named Miko. Its color is brown. It has                 we got up late the following day. We hiked with other
brown eyes, too. I got this pet from my friend at the              campers until afternoon. We did not realize that it
beginning of 2009. He bought it from a pet shop in his             was almost 5 in the afternoon and we had to go back
country. Once a week, my mother bathes him. He is                  home soon. It was really nice. I planned to go there
funny and smart. It often plays with my neighbor’s                 again on the next long holiday. I would ask other
dog. I love him very much because he can be my                     friends to join.

      3    Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional, Latihan Soal, Semester dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi
Bahasa ingris SMP soal ujian nasional 2005-2009, Latihan soal dan pembahasan

                                                                   while sleeping for eight hours. More calories are
13. What was amazing according to the writer of the                needed for different activities from 100 calories an
text?                                                              hour for reading or watching TV, to 350 calories an
  A. The location of the campsite.                                 hour for playing football.
  B. The fresh air of the mountain.                                        To calculate the number of calories needed
  C. The scenery around the campsite.                              per day for an everage person, first find out the
  D. The small river in the mountain.                              person’s ideal weight. Then multiply the weight by 40
                                                                   for a woman
14. What did the writer do on the second day of their              or 46 for a man. A 60 – kilo woman may need about
camping activity?                                                  2400 calories a day – more if she does heavy physical
  A. They chatted and played guitar.                               work and less if she is very inactive.
  B. They had a greet and meet activity.
  C. They hiked with the other champers.                           16. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the
  D. They laughed and sang songs together.                         text?
                                                                   a. To read something for an hour, a person needs 100
15. “… we spent our time setting up the tent and                   calories.
exploring the surrounding area.” (paragraph 2)                     b. A person needs 350 calories per hour to play
  What does the underlined word mean?                              football.
  A. Traveling through to learn about it.                          c. Inactive persons do not need calories at all.
  B. Going backward and forward to watch something.                d. Food is burnt by the body to get energy.
  C. Observing carefully to examine something.
  D. Looking for something in surrounding area.
                                                                   17. How many calories do we need? It depends on ....
UAN 2002/2003                                                      a. how old we are
15. A : Can you take my umbrella, please?                          b. how heavy we are
   B : There are four umbrellas here. … is yours?                  c. our weight and what we do
   A : The black one, please.                                      d. our age and our weight
a. What
b. Which                                                           18. The text mainly tells us about ....
c. What sort                                                       a. energy
d. Where                                                           b. calories
                                                                   c. protein
Read the following text and answer                                 d. minerals
questions 16 to 20
                                                                   19. A sportman will need ... a businessman.
        Your body needs energy, protein, minerals,                 a. as many calories as
vitamins, and fibre. In order to get all of these, it is           b. not so many calories as
important to have a varied and balanced diet, and to               c. more calories than
eat the right amount of food. Your body “burns” food               d. less calories than
to energy : the amount of energy provided by food is
measured in units called calories.                                 20. “ more if she does heavy physical work and less if
        How many calories do you need? This depends                she is very inactive.”
on your weight and on what you do. When you are                     The underlined word means ....
asleep, your body uses nearly one calorie an hour for              a. very active
every kilogram of weight. So a person who weights                  b. quite active
seventy kilos uses about 560 calories                              c. rather active
                                                                   d. not active

      4    Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional, Latihan Soal, Semester dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi
Bahasa ingris SMP soal ujian nasional 2005-2009, Latihan soal dan pembahasan

                                                                   24. “No age limit”
21.         Officer : Could I have your name, please?              What does it mean?
            Ali Topan : It’s Topan. Ali Topan.                     a. Aged man is not allowed.
            Officer : And ... are you, Mr. Topan?                  b. Those who are under age are forbidden.
            Ali Topan : I’m 25 years.                              c. Age will not be considered.
                                                                   d. Only those who are over sixteen years of age can
a. how old                                                         take part.
b. how tall
c. how big                                                         25. The announcement is about ….
d. how heavy                                                       a. a talent show
                                                                   b. family members
22.          Ida : May I go to the concert tonight, Father?        c. entering a contest
             Father : … You have to study for your final           d. residents of Green Park
             Ida : But I really want to.                           bacaan berikut untuk soal nomer 26-28
            Father : You can go next time.
a. Of course, you may.
b. Why not.                                                        Hi my name is Dian Wahyu Dinata. I’m the winner of an
c. Yes, please.                                                    Engllish Poetry Reading Competition in Sempu. I live in
d. It’s not a good idea.                                           Maron. I was very happy to meet Sue and Ayu 9 early
                                                                   February 2008 and I’m very comfortable speaking English
                                                                   with you. I have one question for Kang Guru when can I
                                                                   be invite KG to our school in SMP 1 Genteng.
                                                                   Dian Wahyu Dinata
 Do it with 2, 3 or 4 others (Relatives can join)                  Sempu, Banyuwangi
 No age limit.                                                     East Java
  Pick up a form from this Glory Supermarket counter.              26. Who is the winner of an English Poetry Reading
 . Complete the form.                                              Competion in Sempu?
 . Drop the completed form in the box labelled “TALENT               A. Sua and Ayu.
 SEARCH” at Glory Supermarket.                                       B. Dian Wahyu Dinata
 . Box will be removed a fort night after the date given             C. Dian’s friends
 below.                                                              D. Dian’s teacher
 READ THE RULES GIVEN AT THE BACK                                  27. When did Dian Wahyu Dinata meet Sue and Ayu ?
                                                                     A. Before an English Poetry Reading Competition.
            4 MAY 2001 RESIDENTS’ COMMITTEE                          B. When Dian invited Kang Guru.
                                 GREEN PARK                          C. Early February 2008.
                                                                     D. When Sue and Ayu came early February 2008.
23. Where would this announcement be put up?
a. In all schools                                                  28. Which statement is TRUE based on the letter
b. In all parks                                                    above?
c. At the shopping complex                                           A. Sue and Ayu have one question for Kang Guru.
d. At the Glory Supermarket                                          B. Sue and Ayu live in Maron.

        5    Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional, Latihan Soal, Semester dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi
Bahasa ingris SMP soal ujian nasional 2005-2009, Latihan soal dan pembahasan

   C. Dian Wahyu Dinata is not the winner of an                      32. Nita      :      “Have you met my new
    English Poetry Reading Competition.                                classmate, Idham?”
   D. The writer of the letter is Dian Wahyu Dinata.                   Aminah      :      “Yes, I have. He ………. Speak
                                                                       Japanese well.”
                                                                       Nita        :      “Really?”
                           Café & Resto                                Aminah      :      “Yes, He and his family have
                                                                       been in Okinawa for about 3 years.”
 New Romantic Garden Restaurant. The restaurant is                     a. Able
 located just outside the crowded centre, surrounded                   b. Ability
 by Sawahs, right behind Hyatt Hotel. We offer                         c. Can
 traditional Indonesian food for reasonable prices in a                d. Could
 romantic garden environment. Look for our complete
 menu at For reservation                      33. Beautiful – orchid – is – most – the – flower –
 please call phone/fax: 0274-866680.                                      1           2      3     4      5      6
 Mie Thai Casual Thai Restaurant provides authentic                    one – earth – on – of.
 Thailand cuisine. Open daily for lunch and dine.                       7     8       9 10
 Delivery service 0274-561486 or just visit us at Jl.                  The correct arrangement is ……..
 Gejayan CT X/22 Jogja. Steamboat Restaurant. The                      a. 1 – 2 – 3 – 7 – 10 – 5 – 4 – 6 – 9 – 8
 only Seafood Steamboat resto in Jogja. We also serve                  b. 7 – 10 – 5 – 4 – 6 – 9 – 8 – 3 – 2 – 1
                                                                       c. 1 – 2 – 9 – 8 – 3 – 5 – 4 – 6 – 7 – 10
 Chinese food. Baturetno, Banguntapan, Bantul. Ph.
                                                                       d. 2 – 3 – 7 – 10 – 5 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 9 – 8
 0274-7484947 or 0806682407.
                                                                   34. Reporter       : “Excuse me !”
29. According to the text, where can we find
                                                                                        “What is your opinion about flood
inexpensive traditional food?
                                                                                        in many parts of our country
  A. New Romantic Garden Restaurant.
  B. Mie Thai Casual Thai Restaurant.
                                                                       Expert         : “………… we have to stop illegal
  C. Steamboat Restaurant.
                                                                                        cutting of trees in the forest, and
  D. Hyatt Hotel.
                                                                                        punish whoever break the law.”
                                                                       a.      Sure
30. Which of the following statements is incorrect
                                                                       b.      In my point of view
based on the advertisement?
                                                                       c.      Are you kidding
    A. New Romantic Garden Restaurant provides a
                                                                       d.      I can agree for more
    romantic atmosphere.
    B. New Romantic Garden Restaurant is in the
    centre of town.
                                                                     35. Choose the right order of the following
    C. Mie Thai Casual Thai Restaurant can deliver
    customers order.
                                                                        1. It takes place within three or more days.
    D. We can eat Chinese food in Steamboat
                                                                        2. The more important the person who dies, the
                                                                       more bufalloes they kill.
                                                                        3. It is carried out in honour, of the dead person.
  31. “Mie Thai Casual Thai Restaurant provides
                                                                        4. One of the Torajan traditions is the funeral.
    authentic Thailand cuisine.”
                                                                        5. It is done by slaughtering a water buffalo.
    The word “cuisine” has the same meaning as …
                                                                     A. 2,5,4,3,1
    A. beverage
                                                                     B. 2,3,5,4,1
    B. drink
                                                                     C. 4,3,1,5,2
    C. food
                                                                     D. 4,3,5,2,1
    D. snack

      6    Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional, Latihan Soal, Semester dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi
Bahasa ingris SMP soal ujian nasional 2005-2009, Latihan soal dan pembahasan

36. Tourist       : “…………from here, please?”                          41.
    Receptionist : “It’s quite simple. You can go by
                     taxi. Take it in front of the post                       : “Does ……….home? Hello?”
                     office.”                                                 : “Oh, sorry. I didn’t hear your coming.
    a. Can I get to the museum ?                                                   Please come in.”
    b. How can I go to the museum ?                                    a. Some body             c. Some one
    c. Bring me tow the museum !                                       b. Any body              d. Every body
    d. Would you go to the museum ?

              No Litter
  The notice means ……
   a. throw your rubbish here
   b. Bring your own rubbish
   c. Don’t throw rubbish here.
   d. Don’t pick up the rubbish

         Last night my mother and I spent time together
   in the kitchen. She taught me how to cook spaghetti.
   She prepared a box of spaghetti, water and a jar of
   spaghetti sauce. First she boiled some water in a
   pot. Then she put the spaghetti into the boiling
   water. After fifteen minutes she turned of the stove
   and threw away the water. Finally she put the
   spaghetti on a plate and added spaghetti sauce on it.
   It plate of delicious spaghetti was ready to serve

   38. What does the topic of the text for !
    a. to inform how to serve spaghetti.
    b. To explain how to make spaghetti.
    c. To tell how to cook spaghetti
    d. to discuss how to make spaghetti sauce

    39. What does the word “it” in the last step refer
    a. Spaghetti              c. The stove
    b. The plate              d. Water

    40 . Mrs. Rita :             “I don’t see            your
                   prescription here, heny?”
    Heny        : “I …………it, Mom.”
    Mrs. Rita : “That’s good.”
    a. am going to take          c. are taking
    b. have taken d.             d. take

        7   Kumpulan Soal Ujian Nasional, Latihan Soal, Semester dan Masuk Perguruan Tinggi

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