Energy efficiency measures in the heating system at the by gvl14091


									   Energy efficiency measures in the heating system at the
  Republican Children’s Hospital Bishkek № 2 (Kyrgyzstan)

                 Implementation of the demo-project


Prepared by:
Demonstration Zone for Water and Energy Efficiency, Bishkek

Energy Audit of Buildings in Kyrgyzstan
“Implementation of the Demonstration energy efficiency project in the Republican Children’s Hospital №2"

Report title
Implementation of the Demo-project                               Project № 1           January 2004
Client                                                           Composed by
Ministry of Health
Republican Children’s Hospital                                   Natalia Sovkutsan
Number of pages/annexes                                          Approved by
7 pages, no annexes
                                                                 Shayhmetov Marat


1        Summary ……………………………………………………………………….                                                         3

2        Project description……………………………………………………………..                                                 3

3        ENCON measures……………………………………………………………..                                                      4

Demonstration Zone of Energy and Water Efficiency – Bishkek
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Republican Children’s Hospital no 2
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ENSI - Energy Saving International AS
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“Demonstration Zone of Energy and Water Efficiency” – 2004                                            2
Energy Audit of Buildings in Kyrgyzstan
“Implementation of the Demonstration energy efficiency project in the Republican Children’s Hospital №2"

1 Summary
The Norwegian-Kyrgyz co-operation demonstration project was initiated and developed
during the first training programme implemented as a part of the Norwegian - Kyrgyz
Capacity Building Programme for Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production. The
main content and direction of this programme is described at

The Combined Training and Project Development Programme was conducted in the
course of winter 2002 – spring 2003 on the subject “Energy Auditing of Buildings”. Dur-
ing this programme Kyrgyz specialist got the opportunity to learn and get training from
Norwegian consultants on Energy Auditing skills and to develop practical energy effi-
ciency project proposals at their own buildings. The project at the Republican Children
Hospital № 2 was selected for implementation, as the most suitable project for demon-
stration of profitable energy saving measures.

This short report presents the implemented energy efficiency measures of the Demo-
project. The project is partly financed by a loan from the existing Revolving Fund estab-
lished by Norwegian means within the “Demonstration Zone of Energy and Water Effi-
ciency” in Bishkek, later named Demozone. Repayments to the Revolving Fund will be
re-invested into other energy efficiency projects, thus making available loan capital for
other energy efficiency projects in Kyrgyzstan.

Having implemented the Demo-project, the Republican Children Hospital № 2 is expect-
ing to achieve significant savings, which will be analysed and reported after the end of
the heating season 2003-2004.

2 Project description
The Republican Children Hospital is located in the southern part of Bishkek city. The
hospital was built in 1995 and consists of four buildings. Total heated area is 12 150 m2.

During the above mentioned Training Programme, the Demozone conducted Scanning
and Energy Auditing of the Hospital. This revealed a profitable energy saving potential
as summarized in the following table:

•   Profitable energy savings                   667 200      kWh/year
•   Net savings                                16 70020      USD/year
•   Total investments                            30 200      USD
•   Total profitability                             1,8      years

The Energy Audit Report was submitted to the Building owner who expressed its inter-
est in implementation of the proposed measures. Demozone and the management of
the Children’s Hospital concluded a contract on implementing the energy efficiency pro-
ject at the hospital. The Demozone was assigned with the project management, plan-
ning, tendering, training, etc.

The main goal of the project was to reduce energy consumption by installing various
energy saving measures. Keeping in mind the public value of the building it was decided
to improve the indoor environment and comfort, as well as to reduce the manual control
over operation of equipment.
“Demonstration Zone of Energy and Water Efficiency” – 2004                                            3
Energy Audit of Buildings in Kyrgyzstan
“Implementation of the Demonstration energy efficiency project in the Republican Children’s Hospital №2"

3 ENCON measures
The energy saving measures which have been introduced at Children’s Hospital have
the following key figures:

 Energy conservation measures                Investment           Net savings             Payback
                                                [USD]        [kWh/yr]       [USD/yr]        [year]
1.Hot water supply (kitchen)                       9 400       230 850          5 770             1,6
  optimisation of washing routines
2. Operation and Maintenance                       2 830        89 910          2 250             1,3
   Manual, Energy Monitoring
3. Installation of a new automatic                11 700       262 612          6 570             2,0
   control system
4. Insulation of pipes in the                      1 870        25 520            650             3,1
   distribution of hot water supply
5. Hot water supply (bath), replacing              2 700        46 170          1 160             2,3
   of sanitary equipment
6. Insulation of pipes in the                      1 700        12 150            300             5,7
   distribution heating system
Total:                                            30 200      667 200         16 700              1,8

Most of the measures concern reduction of the hot water and heating which are the
main cost articles for the Hospital.

1. Optimization of the washing routine – In every room, after having a meal, each pa-
tient used to wash their own dishes. After the scanning of the building, it was decided to
establish one common dining room in each department of the hospital. Now, every de-
partment has appointed responsible personnel for washing the dishes. This measure
will save much of hot water during the year.

2. Temperature of hot water in Children’s Hospital should not be too high to avoid burn-
ing while using due to casual handling of the tabs. Moreover, the distribution system of
the hot water supply is rather long, causing high heat losses during the distribution of
hot water from the entrance to the taps. It was proposed to install an automatic regula-
tor. The water is mixed from the return pipe till it reaches the required temperature. This
brings substantial savings. Firstly, the volume of hot water coming to the building is re-
duced. This is especially noticeable during the coldest period of the heating season,
when the temperature of hot water reaches 85 C0 – 95 C0. This also reduces the cold
water consumption as there is no need to mix hot water with cold water at the tap, as it
is mixed at the valve from the return pipe. Furthermore, the losses in the hot water dis-
tribution system are reduced.

“Demonstration Zone of Energy and Water Efficiency” – 2004                                              4
Energy Audit of Buildings in Kyrgyzstan
“Implementation of the Demonstration energy efficiency project in the Republican Children’s Hospital №2"

Optimization the hot water consumption regime required small investments, and en-
abled more rational use of water in the hospital departments.

      Thermostatic liquid mixing valve                         Shared washing sink

Calculations made by the specialists of the Demozone indicated that heat supply to the
building is instable. At some periods the heat supply is too large than needed, at other –
too low. To avoid this situation and reduce the energy consumption, especially at the
start and end of the heating seasons, it was decided to install a new automatic control
system. The new automatic control system regulates the weather compensater, which
works together with the temperature regulating system.

To ensure good operation, hydraulic balancing of the heating system by installing throt-
tling valves was introduced.

     Heating sub-central before the project              Heating sub-central after the project

Another measure is introduction of the Energy Monitoring and application of the Opera-
tion and Maintenance Manual. The operation and maintenance personnel was given the
implementation scheme, including the design of the hot water supply system, heat me-
ters, shut valve and the places where the throttling valves are installed. This will enable
the personnel of the hospital to timely and properly perform the maintenance of the sys-
tem, incl. control of the pipes, heating devices, sanitary and engineering equipment and
stop valves.

“Demonstration Zone of Energy and Water Efficiency” – 2004                                            5
Energy Audit of Buildings in Kyrgyzstan
“Implementation of the Demonstration energy efficiency project in the Republican Children’s Hospital №2"

Not all the measures implemented were directed at energy savings. Some of them were
specially designed to improving the indoor environment and comfort in the building, like
the one related with hydraulic balancing of the heating distribution system. This gave
equal distribution of heat to all the departments of the hospital, and the indoor environ-
ment and comfort in the building was increased while the heat consumption remained at
the same level.

To ensure that the energy consumption remains permanently at a low level, it is impor-
tant to quickly detect possible deviations and failures. With that purpose, the Energy
Monitoring system has been introduced and the operational personnel trained in meas-
uring and analyzing the energy use against the target, as well as in performing quick
measures for adjusting wrong operation. Usually this is a simple but profitable measure,
and hopefully it will help keeping the energy consumption in the hospital at the right
level for several years.

Development and
implementation of the project: Spring - Autumn 2003
Client:                             Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital no 2
Project managed by:                 Demonstration Zone of Energy and Water Efficiency,
Manager:                            Natalia Sovkutsan
Partner:                            ENSI – Energy Saving International AS, a Norwegian
                                    Energy Efficiency consultancy

“Demonstration Zone of Energy and Water Efficiency” – 2004                                            6

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