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  Business Knowledge Series
 Activity Based Systems pro-         MEET THE COST MANAGEMENT GURU
 vide management with in-
 sights into the effectiveness
 and profitability of an or-
 ganization’s activities.

 Activity Based Costing (ABC)
 provides management visibil-
 ity into the profitability of an
 organization’s products.
                                    JAMES A. BRIMSON
 By attending this       course,    LIVE AND IN PERSON IN MALAYSIA
 delegates will learn;
                                    2 Days Comprehensive Course
 •   Key Process Concepts and
     their importance
                                    Dates:        August 07-08, 2006
 •   Activity Based Costing         Venue:        Ritz Carlton Hotel,
     (ABC) model components                       Kuala Lumpur
     and relationships              Time:         0900 - 1800 hours
 •   The role of activities in      Call:         +603-21622227
     cost determination of out-     Email: to register
     puts and outcomes
                                    Logon to:
 •   How to determine full
     costs of outputs for the
                                    for more information.
     goods and services pro-
 •   Challenges of implement-
     ing Activity Based Costing
Business Knowledge Series

James A. Brimson is President of Activity Based Management Institute (ABMI), USA.

Prior to ABMI, Mr. Brimson was Partner-in-Charge of Coopers & Lybrand, worldwide Activity
Based Cost Management Center of Excellence located in London, United Kingdom. His group
developed cost management methodologies and worked with clients worldwide. Mr. Brim-
son was director of CAM-I (an international consortium conducting research and develop-
ment in advanced manufacturing technology), where he originated the Cost Management
Project. The Cost Management Program was the original source of ABC as a management
tool. Mr. Brimson is internationally recognized as a Guru in Activity-Based Management and
has assisted numerous organizations in its successful implementation.

He is the author of Activity Accounting: An Activity-Based Costing Approach, and co-author
of Cost Management for Today's Manufacturing Environment, The CAM-I Conceptual
Model, and Activity Based Management for Service Industries, Government Entities and Non-
profit Organizations. Co-author of, Driving Value Through Activity Based      Budgeting. His
most recent book Handbook of Process Based       Accounting is published by the AICPA.

Mr. Brimson served on the Cost Accounting Standards Advisory Board (CASAB), which devel-
oped new cost accounting standards that apply to all US Governmental Agencies. He has
served on the National Manufacturing Studies Board. The CAMI book Cost Management for
Today's Manufacturing Environment won the 1990 “Notable Contribution to Management
Accounting Literature Award” by the Management Accounting Section of the American Ac-
counting Association.

 “There are so many benefits I have gained from this course including the opportunity to
 broaden my knowledge horizons by learning about Activity Based Costing with the foun-
 der of ABM institute and the recognized leader in cost management”

 Mr. Zakariya Al Yousef,
 Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Business Knowledge Series

The workshop objective is to enable delegates to develop and enhance skills to initiate, moni-
tor, and assess an Activity Based Costing system. Among the key objectives which will help to
attain that goal are:

•Development of analytical skills in process analysis
•Integration of modern operations practices with traditional finance/accounting practices
•Transitioning a traditional costing system to be activity-based

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be able to recognize the key cost drivers of
their organization’s processes, to continuously plan, measure and improve process perform-
ances, which will reap tangible returns ie. Increased profits for the organization.

Hands-on workshops will provide the necessary exposures to delegates by developing the man-
agement skills that are necessary to build an organization-wide system for pragmatic financial
planning and sophisticated cost analysis. The course also provides delegates with a toolkit
needed to achieve improved tangible financial results.

•   Cost Accountants
•   Budget Analysts
•   Financial Managers
•   Operations Managers
•   Senior Executives
•   ABC Managers
•   Performance Improvement Teams
Business Knowledge Series

Day 1

•   Overview
•   Issues driving the need for ABC
•   Introduction to processes and activities
•   Processes variation
•   Importance of ABC in sustainable competitive advantage
•   Activity Analysis
•   Activity analysis methodology
•   Use of activity dictionaries
•   Cross-functional cost analysis
•   Activity Output Measures
•   Activity Standard Cost

Day 2

•   ABC methodology
•   Root Cause Analysis
•   Process Variation Analysis
•   Value Added and Non-Value Added Analysis
•   Cost Benefit Analysis
•   Bill of activities
•   Tracing vs Allocations
•   Selecting major product groupings
•   Determining non-traceable activity rules
•   Activity Based Costing (ABC) Implementation
•   Feature Costing

Business Knowledge Series

The Business Knowledge Series provides in-depth course developed by industry experts. Each course is designed to
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