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					                          THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS

                          Information Resources

                         CLASSIFICATION OF DATA

The information belonging to the University of Texas at Dallas is an essential and vital
public resource that must be protected from unauthorized modification, deletion or
disclosure. Two classifications of information are defined which require special
protective precautions:

    Confidential information is information maintained by state agencies that is exempt
     from disclosure under the provisions of the Texas Open Records Act * or other state or
     federal law; and
    Sensitive information is information maintained by state agencies that requires
     special precautions to assure its accuracy and integrity. Examples of sensitive
     information are:
        Financial information. Failure to protect the integrity of financial information in
         state or university files could result in the state or university’s financial
         detriment, an individual’s unlawful financial benefit, denial of lawful benefits or
         other loss of money or resources.
        Operating information. Incomplete or inaccurate information concerning
         university operations may limit the ability of the agency to assure the integrity of
         its programs or may adversely affect the public’s health, welfare or safety.

As defined above, sensitive information may be either public or confidential and requires
a higher than normal assurance of accuracy and completeness. Likewise, confidential
information may also be considered sensitive, requiring special measures to ensure its
accuracy. Thus, the controlling factor for confidential information is dissemination,
while the controlling factor for sensitive information is that of integrity.

NOTE: Remember that the media on which information resides is not the deciding
factor for protection, i.e. information on paper is just as important as that in

* The Texas Open Records Act provides exemption from disclosure for the following
information :
    student records.
    constitutional and statutory rights.
    inter- and intra-agency memoranda.
    litigation .
    law enforcement.
    governmental purchasing and private competitive advantage.

Classification of Data                                                                 REV.
                                THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS

                                Information Resources

                              Confidential Data Classification
               NOTE: *** This information is sensitive unless employee requests confidentiality.
                         The term Student refers to past as well as present students.

    Data Element                                                    Data Element
    Employee SSN                                                    Family Contribution
    Employee Net Pay                                                Need After Family Contribution
    Employee Tax Sheltered Annuity Amounts                          Total Of Awards Per Award Year
    Employee Teacher Retirement System Amounts                      Financial Aid Transcript History
    Employee Optional Retirement Plan Amounts                       Original Award By Term
    Employee W-2                                                    Currently Awarded
    Employee Payroll Deductions                                     Amount Of Award Disbursed
*** Employee Address                                                Balance Due To Student
*** Employee Home Phone                                             Student Credit Card Numbers For Payments
    Disciplinary Memos (If Copy Sent To Human                       Alumni SSN
    Resources; Else Sensitive)
    Driver Ratings From MVRs                                        Donor SSN
    Employee Credit Card Numbers                                    Budget Preparation Information
    Employee Bank Account Numbers                                   Vendor Information (SSN’s)
    System Software                                                 Taxpayer Information (SSN’s)
    IA-Plus Student Information System Source Code &                Information In UTD Police Department ARMS System
    IA-Plus Financial Records System Source Code &
    IA-Plus Human Resource System Source Code &
    Card Entry Software & Documentation
    Computer Passwords
    Reports Designated Confidential
    Student SSN
    Staff Number (PIN Number)
    Admission Academic Status of Student
    Student Schedule
    Student Grades
    All Cumulative Data Screen
    Expected Family Financial Contribution
    Amount Of Loans
    Parent Income
    Parent Contribution
    Applicant Income
    Applicant Contribution
    Total Of All Other Awards For Applicant
    Amount Of Award Per Fund
    Total Of All Aid Originally Awarded
    Total Of All Aid Currently Awarded
    Fund Dispersment - Amount Per Student
    Total Budgeted Need
     Classification of Data                                                                      REV.
                           THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS

                           Information Resources

                           Sensitive Data Classification
NOTE: *** ALL student information (past or present) is to be treated as confidential if the
          student requests.
      ## Information is to be treated as confidential if employee or student requests.

       Data Element                                                  Data Element
##     Employee Address                                        ***   Dependent / Independent Indicator
       Employee Disability                                     ***   Disability / Handicap Indicator
       Employee Education Level                                ***   Financial Aid Indicator & Rating
       Employee Ethnicity                                      ***   Grade Option For Course
       Employee Gender                                         ***   H2 (Degree) Screen - If Degree Not Yet Granted
##     Employee Home Phone                                     ***   High School Graduation Date
       Employee Marital Status                                 ***   Housing Indicator
       Employee Premium Sharing Report                         ***   Leave Of Absence Reason / Dates
       Employee Salary                                         ***   Matriculation Date
       Employee Supplemental Pay Code                          ***   Name/Address Of Verification Letters Recipient
       Employee Unemployment Compensation                      ***   Number Of Semesters Of High School Subjects
       Insurance Report
       Employee Veteran Status                                 ***   Parent Information
       Employee Visa Information                               ***   Previous Name
       Employee Worker's Compensation Insurance                ***   Registration Information
       All Information On Employee Insurance                   ***   Residence & Tuition Status
       Legislative Appropriation Request Preparation           ***   Student Admission Status (Action)
       Tax Sheltered Annuity Carrier                           ***   Student Billing Address
       Tax Sheltered Annuity Date                              ***   Student Classification Code
       University Accident Report Data                         ***   Student Emergency Contact Information
       University Hazardous Waste                              ***   Student Ethnicity
       University Key Shop Database                            ***   Student Gender
       University Monthly Safety Reports                       ***   Student High School Class Rank
       University Radiation Safety Badge Data                  ***   Student Marital Status
##     Alumni Personal Data From Student                       ***   Student Work Phone Number
       Personal Information About Donors                       ***   Student's Career Plans
       Information About Donations                             ***   Student's Employer
       Information Contained On Budgeted Account               ***   Student-Related Comments (Transcript, Advising
       Screens                                                       Document)
       Information About Departmental Accounts                 ***   TASP Status
***    Add/Drop Information                                    ***   Term & Cumulative GPA
***    All Holds Data                                          ***   Transfer Hours & GPA
***    All Student Test Scores                                 ***   Transfer Institution
***    Checklist                                               ***   Tuition & Fees
***    Class Roster                                            ***   Tuition Deposit Date & Type
***    Coop Indicator, Interest, Program                       ***   Tuition Exemption & Exemption Term
***    Credit Hours Earned                                     ***   VA Number, Type, Certification Information
***    Current Credit Hours                                    ***   Withdrawal Date Of Applicant & Reason

Classification of Data                                                                              REV.