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                                        C. C. YOUNG

                              A FERMENTATION FLASK
                                     GEORGE E. THOMAS
                                 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

T HE fermenitation apparatus illustrated in side neck and the cotton plug reinserted. When
     Figure I (patent applied for) was devised thoroughly mixed with the media the tube is
to provide ani inexpensive and practical one again filled by inclining the flask.
which could be readily cleaned and would
occupy a small space in an incubator.
   The flask is approximately spherical, has a
flat base, an elongated neck and side opening as
shown, and contains a tube or gas receiver
beveled on one side of the open end which may
be calibrated or not as desired. The capacity of
the flask to the side opening is approximately
70 c.c. The dimensions of the apparatus are as
follows: height 4X2", diameter of bulb 2¼4",
including side neck 2 9/1¢"-
    When introducing the tube the flask should be
inverted, then gradually returned to the upright
position leaving the outlet of the tube inclined
to the edge of the base of the flask. Held
firmly in positioin with a cotton wad, the tube is               t    F/_ si,Y/z0-
inclined to the perpendicular to facilitate empty-
ing and filling it.
    The openings are closed with cotton in the
usual manner and a stopper may be inserted in
the neck of the flash as an additional precaution.
    In operation the nutrient medium (about 50
 c.c.) containing the sugar is introduced through
 the side neck. The flask and contents are then
 sterilized. Before inoculating the media with
 the material to be examined, the inside tube      The apparatus appears to have all the advan-
 should be emptied by tilting. The subject tages of devices now in use andl it eliminates
 under examination is introduced through the maniy disadvanitages.

                                     EMILE K. VENTRE, B.S.
            Bacteriologist, Lontisianta State Board of Health, N\ew Orleanls, Loutisiana

T HE FOLLOWING method is simple and                 man pinch clamp. In laboratories where only
    inexpensive as it uses ordinary Keidel tube     an occasional culture is made, it does away
 and only involves the extra expense of a Hoff-     with having two types of Keidel tubes. For use
                                   VITAL STATISTICS                                             175
                                                   outside of the laboratory or hospital, it simpli-
                                                   fies the amount of apparatus in the kit and
                                                   conserves the time of the worker. It also per-
                                                   mits varying the media as desired without
                                                   previous tubing.
                                                      The various kinds of liquid media desired are
                                                   placed in rubber capped vaccine bottles and
                                                   sterilized. Large diphtheria toxin-antitoxin
                                                   bottles may be used for this purpose.
                                                      The method of operation is as follows: After
                                                   selecting the bottle of media desired, sterilize
                                                   the cap of the bottle in the usual manner. Place
                                                   a Hoffman clamp over the Keidel tube as
                                                   shown, being careful to get it above the end
                                                   of the capillary glass tube to insure the best
                                                   operation of the clamp. Screw the clamp down
                    iW.                            tightly so as to seal the rubber tube. Then
                                                   break the capillary end of the Keidel tube in
                                                   the usual manner, having previously inserted
                                                   the needle through the rubber cap of the media
                                                   bottle. By loosening the clamp, the media will
                                                   be drawn into the Keidel tube and the amount
                                                    may be controlled by the clamp. When the de-
                                                    sired amount of media has been drawn into the
                                                    tube, the clamp is screwed down tight, and the
                                                    needle withdrawn from the media bottle is
                                                    wiped with alcohol. Blood is then drawn from
                                                    a vein with the usual technic, loosening the
                                                    clamp when in the vein and governing the
                                                    amount by the use of the clamp. The tube may
                                                    then be put in the vest pocket to start immediate
 Keidel Tube with IIoffman Clamp in position
      showing method of adding media to tube        incubation if desired before the laboratory is

                             VITAL STATISTICS
                                  Louis   I.   DUBLIN, PH.D.

T HE FIRST International Congressof Regis-         tration practices; and to facilitate the exchange
    trars of Vital Statistics met at Berne,        of communications between registrars in the
Switzerland, October 28-30, 1926. Registrars       different countries. The President is Mr.
were present from Germany, France, Switzer-        Bouscholt, Registrar of Rotterdam, the
land and the Netherlands in unofficial capacity,   Netherlands.
not having been delegated by their respective
governments. It was decided to form an Inter-        Appendicitis Record for 1925-An opera-
national Union of Registrars of Vital Statistics   tion for appendicitis has prolonged the lives of
and their Assistants (Union Internationale des     a large proportion of the American population
officieres et fonctionnaires de l'etat civil).     for many years. Nevertheless, the death rate
Article 3 of the provisional by-laws that were     from appendicitis is now almost 50 per cent
adopted enumerates the objectives of the           higher than it was 15 years ago. In a table
Union: To perfect the registration laws in the     showing the mortality from this disease in
various countries; to simplify and unify regis-    American cities, for an aggregate population of