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									Student Fee Advisory Committee
March 12, 2004
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Present: Nicki Croly, Ryan Christensen, Bob Metcalf, Paul Noble,
Jessica Howell, Gonzalo Torres, Nancy Guzman, Peter Ucovich
Guest: Tamara Trujillo

Book Replacement Fee

Jon Self introduced Tamara Trujillo from the Library who was
present to make an appeal for the continuation of the Book
Replacement Fee. Jon updated the committee by explaining that
last year’s annual fee audit recommended eliminating the fee
because fee revenue was not being used to purchase replacement
books. The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)
recommended the average amount expended in one year should be
transferred to the Campus Work Program fund and the remaining
balance revert to the General Fund also; the Library would need to
come before the committee and justify their need for the fee. The
President approved the recommendations but later amended the
first recommendation after the Library appealed. The Library will
be allowed to keep the fund balance for student assistant wages
under the amendment but are still required to justify their need for
the fee.

Ms. Trujillo explained the Book Replacement Fee is a fee imposed
on anyone who does not return a CSUS Library book/item to the
Library. The fee is $70.00. The $70.00 includes $50.00 for
replacement costs, no matter what the cost of the book; $10.00 in
processing fees per item; and $10.00 in overdue/late fines per item.

Tamara indicated the policies are very generous. When an item is
returned, the replacement and processing costs are dropped; the
only fine remaining is the overdue fee. The Library provides a
ample grace period for the borrower; they allow 2 weeks after the
due date before the overdue fine is imposed. Ms. Trujillo
explained the amounts in the Book Replacement fund contained
$16,386 in encumbrances and $9,550 in approved book orders.
The remaining amount was to fund student assistants. The Library
currently employs 40 FTE student assistants.

A motion was made by Bob Metcalf to allow the $70 Book
Replacement Fee to continue. The motion was seconded by
Jessica Howell. Peter Ucovich asked to make a friendly
amendment that in 2 years time (2005/2006) the fund would again
be reviewed by the committee. The committee all agreed in favor
of the friendly amendment and the motion passed and carried
unanimously in favor of the $70.00 Book Replacement Fee.

Approval of Minutes for February 9, 2004

Paul Noble moved to approve the minutes of February 9, 2004,
which were seconded by Peter Ucovich. The approval of the
minutes passed unanimously.

Credit Card Processing Fee

Jon Self stated he mentioned the possibility of credit card
processing fee proposal coming before the SFAC at the last
meeting. Jon explained that typically the University has absorbed
the processing fee for students when they use a credit card to pay
their fee and due to the high cost to the University, a proposal to
charge for this service was discussed. Jon indicated the proposal
had been abandoned. The University has decided not to handle
credit card processing and will allow a third party (Smart Pay) to
handle the payments. Students will be charged a 1 ½ percent
processing fee for this service and will only be able to pay for their
fees on campus through the web, phone or by Smart Pay.
Peter Ucovich asked how the company Smart Pay was selected.
Jon answered that only two companies provide this service they are
Veri Sign and Smart Pay. Jon indicated that since 14 other
campuses in the CSU system are using Smart Pay the University
felt Smart Pay was a better choice.

Residential Life Activity Fee
Jon stated that he had not received any notification from Cynthia
Cockrill concerning the Residential Life Activity Fee. Jon will
notify her about meeting with the SFAC to justify collection of the
Residential Life Activity fee, if she wants to continue to collect the

Our next meeting will be on April 2, 2004 in Sacramento Hall,
Room 150 at 2pm.

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