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					                              What are the two
 What is a species?             things that can                 What is an
                               cause variation                  adaptation?
                             within a population?

  What are three                  What are the
  factors that can            adaptations and the         What is biodiversity?
 make up a niche?              niche of a cactus?

                                                            Which of the three
  What is a fossil?             How are fossils             parts of Lamarck’s
                                   dated?                    hypothesis was
                                                             proven untrue?

   What ship did             What were the three              What does the
  Charles Darwin             ideas that influenced           theory of natural
 serve as naturalist           Darwin’s work on               selection state?
        on?                       evolution?

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  An inherited trait that 1. Beneficial mutations           Organisms that can
increases a population’s                                  interbreed and produce
   chance for survival.   2. Random crossing              healthy, fertile offspring.
                             over during meiosis.

     All the species         Adaptations – Needles        Amount of space, light,
     that make up a          and the ability to store     moisture, temperature,
 biological community.       water                        what the organism eats,
                                                               any predators
                             Niche – Desert

Individuals can acquire
  new characteristics                Through                Preserved remains of
during their lifetime and        carbon-14 dating.          an ancient organism
 pass them on to their

    Organisms with              Geology, artificial
  favorable traits are            selection, and                 The Beagle
  more likely to grow,          population control
survive, and reproduce.

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  How was Darwin
  influenced by the                 What is                       What is
finches he observed               gradualism?                   punctuated
  on the Galapagos                                              equilibrium?

                             If an organism dies
  What feature do            with 100g of carbon-
  many vertebrate            14, how long would                  What is a
  embryos have in            it take to reduce this             homologous
    common?                  amount to 12.5g?                    structure?

                             Hint – Half-life is 5600yrs

What is an example                 What is an              What is an example
 of a homologous                   analogous                of an analogous
     structure?                    structure?                  structure?

 What is a vestigial          What is an example
    structure?                  of a vestigial                    What is
                                 structure in                   speciation?

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   Populations remain         The evolution of a new         He observed that the
 genetically stable for           species as two             finches were similar
  long periods of time,        populations become           except for their beaks,
   then undergo brief          different over a long       and that they may have
periods of rapid change.           period of time.            come from a single

 A structure or function
  found in two different            Three years                  Gill pouches
 species that may have
   come from a shared

 Bird and insect wings       A characteristic that has     Human arm and whale
                             similar functions in two         fin or bat wing
                               species but different

The evolution of one or            The appendix
 more species from a                                       Characteristics that are
   single ancestor                                           unused and thus
                                                              reduced in size.

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     What are the              What is divergent                 What is
    two ways that                evolution?                     Convergent
    speciation can                                              evolution?

                                                             If there are 1000
                                                              total alleles in a
       What is                                                population, and
     coevolution?                What is a gene               300 are for blue
                                    pool?                    eyes, what is the
                                                             frequency of the
                                                              blue eye allele?

 Name three of the
  five conditions               What is genetic            What does a normal
required for genetic                drift?                  distribution graph
    equilibrium.                                                 look like?

    What does a                  What does a
      directional                  disruptive                    Free point
  distribution graph           distribution graph
       look like?                   look like?

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When unrelated species    When two or more                        Through
    evolve similar     populations of the same                 geographic and
   characteristics.        species become                   reproductive isolation.
                        increasingly different.

                                                           The changing of one or
                              The combined genetic           more species due to
           30%                  material of all the         their interactions with
                               members in a given                 each other.

                               A random change in           Random mating, no
                              allele frequencies in a      natural selection, no
                                 population due to        migration, no mutations,
                                  chance events.             and a very large

       Free point

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