Revue de presse hebdomadaire ANGLAIS Semaine du 08 au 14 octobre 2007

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					                        Revue de presse hebdomadaire ANGLAIS
                           Semaine du 08 au 14 octobre 2007
US News – October 8, 2007                                     The Economist – October 13th-
                                                              19th 2007

Nation and World
Supreme Court : revisiting the case of a sentencing double    United States
standard – justices consider disparities for powder and       Abortion : creative construction – The difficult task of
crack cocaine (p. 36-37)                                      building an abortion clinic (p. 53)

Special Report : Parental Liability                           Renewable energy in Alaska : steam and surf in the far
A host of trouble : more parents are being held criminally    north – Will the oil state ever support alternative
liable for their teen’s drinking parties (p. 47-50)           energy ? (p. 56)

Health, Money and Education                                   Business
Accountability : his and hers – Separate finances can help,   Outdoor advertising : visual pollution – Advertising
especially when boomers remarry (p. 51-53)                    firms fret over billboard bans (p. 78)

Higher Education : At the crossroads of history : America’s   Online music : the slow death of digital rights – records
best Black Colleges – Like other schools, they too now        labels wrestle with the internet (p. 79)
must compete for students (p. 60-62)
                                                              Briefing the Airbus A380 : the giant on the runaway –
Financial Times – October 13-14                               despite the difficult birth, Airbu’s new super-jumbo is
                                                              about to enter service. So begins the next stage in the
2007                                                          battle for the future of air travel (p. 81-83)

Gore prize transforms debate on climate (p.1 ; p.3)           Science and technology

Life and Arts                                                 Medecine : blood simple – Because they lack an
                                                              essential component, blood transfusions may be killing
Bordeaux, Burgundy…Yongning ? : the ma p of wine-             some of the people they are intended to save (p. 94-
producing countries has been dramatically redrawn. And,       95)
writes Jancis Robinson, co-author of the latest edition of
“The Wolrd Atlas of Wine”, global warming is just one         Human evolution : hidden charms – Lap dancers earn
factor adding new names to the list (p. 1-2)                  more when they are most fertile (p. 96)

A red alert, bot no green light : a new blood analysis is     Time – October 13th-19th 2007
able to take preventative medicine to a higher level. So
why aren’t the drug companies interested ? (p.2)

House and Home
Getting grandpa wired : cutting-edge technology is
helping a new generation of elderly people to “age in
place” (p. 2)

                                                              The Changing Face Of Breast Cancer Once a disease of
The Guardian Weekly – 12.10.07                                the Western world, breast cancer has become a global
                                                              concern. How women, doctors and communities are
International news                                            fighting back and bringing hope to those in need
Climate change disaster is here, warns US : emergency
relief chief calls for swift action (p. 5)                    Breast-Cancer Basics Diagnosis and treatment keep
                                                              changing. Here's what you need to know now
“Sea snakes” suck up wave energy : tubular devices that       Breast Cancer Around the World : Breast cancer is on
will make up the world’s first wavefarm are being towed       the rise worldwide. Here's a look at the incidence rate
out to sea from Portugal (p. 28-29)                           of breast cancer by country.
SCIENCE                                                        Death special: Back from the brink
Eco-Rebels - Few still doubt climate change is real, but       Death special: The skydiver's worst fear
now the skeptics are questioning the best way to deal          Death special: The funeral director
with it 'It's very, very alarming. It's a warning signal.'     Death special: Turning the dead
                                                               Death special: Ashes to art
HEALTH & MEDICINE                                            Death special: How does it feel to die?
When Yoga Hurts - Practicing it is supposed to make
you feel better, but doing it wrong is dangerous             Scientific American – October
SOCIETY                                                      2007
Fatherhood 2.0 - As dads have begun to act more like
moms, old notions of masculinity have come into

10 Questions for George Clooney - Yes, he's a
heartthrob, but he's also a serious Darfur activist who
knows what it's like to be different in high school. His
latest movie, Michael Clayton, opens Oct. 12. George
Clooney will now take your questions                         FEATURES
                                                             To the Moon and Beyond Humans are returning to the
                                                             moon. This time the plan is to stay a while
New Scientist – October 13th-
19th 2007                                                    5 Essential Things To Do In Space Planetary scientists
                                                             have articulated goals for exploring the solar system

                                                             The Future of Space Exploration The launch of the
                                                             Soviet Sputnik satellite half a century ago inaugurated
                                                             the Space Age. What comes next?

                                                             Big Lab on a Tiny Chip Squeezing a chemistry lab down
This Week                                                    to fingernail size could provide instant medical tests at
  Ebola evolves deadly new tricks                            home and on the battlefield
  Banked blood turns fatally stale
  Speeding up fat metabolism may prevent diabetes            DEBATE
  Saturn's satellites reveal their secrets                   How Does Consciousness Happen Two leading
  Ants have a sense of their own mortality                   neuroscientists, Christof Koch and Susan Greenfield,
                                                             disagree about the activity that takes place in the
                                                             brain during subjective experience.
Go nuclear for a third industrial revolution, says EC        MEDICINE
  UK changes position on animal-human hybrids                Experimental Drugs on Trial A controversial lawsuit
Inventors of 'knockout' mice scoop Nobel prize               challenges the FDA's system of controlling access to
Physics Nobel for discovery that led to iPods                experimental drugs and, some say, the scientific basis
                                                             of drug approval.
In Brief
Cancer drugs could fight autoimmune disease                  News
Chromosome caps may explain cell immortality       
Microbes can survive deep freeze for 100,000 years           D=sa006Saving Gas and Lives Can the U.S. improve fuel
Meditation really does reduce stress                         economy without sacrificing safety?

TECHNOLOGY                                                   Toxic Bulbs Recycling rules vary for mercury-containing
Game software could boost airport security                   fluorescents.
Forget rockets – go to Mars in a cosmic fruit bowl
  P2P growth creates battle for bandwidth                    Oceangoing Iron A venture to profit from a CO2-eating
                                                             algae bloom riles scientists.
  Time gains an extra dimension Will adding a second         Easing Hormone Anxiety For women just past
dimension to time lead to a "theory of everything"?          menopause, hormone pills seem safe.
Could it lead to time travel? Only time will tell

  Death special: Vital signs
Special report: Cheating death
  Death special: The problems of living longer
  Death special: The great taboo
  Death special: The bitter end