Stuffed Toys - Great Gifts For Grown-Ups- by toriola1


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     Toys with motors including motorized loungers make games speedy and engaging. Toys with very small parts
                   should be left for older children who know not to put the parts in their mouths.
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                                            Stuffed Toys - Great Gifts For Grown-Ups?
                                                                 By Iveta Volegna

   I recently had to find a birthday gift for a good friend of mine and was stumped for ideas. I was
looking for a gift that would seem personal and thoughtful, but I was also trying to stay within my
budget. I needed something that he would use and enjoy, but something expensive like a new
computer or cell phone just wasn’t in my price range. In order to find a good present, I started
searching the internet. There were so many choices that I felt overwhelmed. There were lots of fancy
electronic gizmos available that he might like, but I didn’t know for sure what he already had or would
be comfortable using. Since I am not overly savvy about current technology trends, I was reluctant to
splurge on something that might be quickly outdated or gather dust if he has something that serves the
same function.

 While I was searching the web for gift ideas, I ran across a blog about stuffed animals. At first, I
reasoned that he was too old for toys and searched onwards. But the idea of stuffed animals stuck in
my head as I continued to search unsuccessfully, so I began to mull it over more seriously.

 Who says that only kids should enjoy neat toys? A good stuffed animal can be not only nostalgic, but
also appropriate for adults in the same way that cartoons can appeal to all ages. Many current
animated TV shows, like King of the Hill, Family Guy, and The Simpsons are marketed for grown-ups.
The superhero genre is also now equally for adults. Not only big hit movies like Iron Man or The Dark
Knight, but the merchandise and toys based on these characters are widely collected by all ages. So
there is no reason why stuffed toys can’t be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age. Besides, age is
just a number.

 After thinking this through, I set out in search of the perfect plush animal for my friend. Since he
doesn’t have a collection of stuffed toys, I wanted to get him something relevant to his personality.
Fortunately, the number of plush animals available today is much greater than just the teddy bears that
once dominated the market. Toy versions of practically any animal that you can think of are currently
available, so I just had to pick the right animal for my friend. Thinking back over the time that we have
known each other soon provided inspiration.

 As kids, we used to watch the movie The Wizard of Oz together. My friend was such a big fan that he
auditioned and won the part of the Cowardly Lion in a school play. He is now a successful actor, so this
was an important first step in his career. That was it! I decided on a plush lion and began my search.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 There were a wide variety of lions in all sizes. I chose one that I thought he would like and gave it to
him with a card explaining the meaning behind the gift. He just loved it! The lion now lives happily on
his sofa, facing the TV where they can both enjoy my friend’s achievements whenever one of his ads
or movies is shown. I learned that stuffed animals can make a terrific gift for adults or children. So if
you are having trouble picking the right gift with a personal meaning for someone, you should consider
a stuffed animal.

To find a great collection of stuffed lions and many other plush toys, visit Follow
Iveta Volegna's steps to create a great gift for your friends!

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                                        Christmas Toys Are For The Kids... Right?
                                                          By "S. Mallon"

Toys for grown-ups pushing kids' toys out of Christmas most wanted list.

Christmas used to be a time for the kids but now the adults appear to be taking over. The top twelve
toys this Christmas as identified by the Toy Retailers Association contain a suspiciously high number of
toys aimed at bigger kids. This apparent paradigm shift in the toy market should come as no surprise –
a brief look around the internet reveals an entire market devoted to the taller toy consumer.

As UK toy stores prepare for the inevitable Christmas rush, their shelves are stocked not only with gifts
for children, but of stock on the wish list of an ever growing adult market. A brief look at the most
wanted list for this Christmas shows toys such as Robosapien V2, Roboraptor and the Doctor Who
Remote Control Dalek. It does not take an industry expert to surmise that these toys are aimed at a
demographic with full time jobs and high disposable income rather than a demographic that watches
Saturday morning television.

The rise of toys for grown ups has been an increasing trend in recent years and coincides with an
increase in retro culture that dominates the film and television industries. Remakes of films and
television series that appeal to an older audience mean that subsequent merchandising appeal to a
grown up audience who were fans of the series and films first time round – the conspicuous presence
of Star Wars toys and Doctor Who toys in UK toy store both online and offline reflect this.

The emergence of a two tier market catering for real kids and "big kids" is apparent and will be
particularly evident in the busiest period for the toy market. The market for the older demographic has
become increasingly sophisticated in recent years and had led to the specific targeting of the segment
particularly through the marketing of technology based toys such as the Robosapien V2 and
Roboraptor – toys with a limited appeal to those in short trousers. Increasingly, these toys permeate
the marketplace and toy stores looking to capitalise on the big kids market.

It seems that this market is set to grow over the forthcoming years, representative of a wider cultural
shift and impacting significantly on the toy market. Whilst the toy market is still dominated by kids toys,
it seems that Christmas toys are no longer just for the kids.

Steven is an independent cultural commentator who contributes to a wide range of journals and
magazines both online and offline Web - E-mail –
Phone – 0131 561 1791 Resources:

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