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                                         Sterilization Methods For Your Baby Items
                                                          By Christina Taylor

   Every parent should have knowledge on the varying ways of sterilization to ensure that their baby’s
feeding bottles are properly sterilized. The most important thing to think about is that your baby doesn’t
have the immune system of a 12-year old or an adult, therefore it is vital that all items that get in touch
with the baby’s mouth, especially feeding bottles and pacifiers, should be germ-free.

 After sterilizing baby feeding bottles and pacifiers, avoid leaving them out in the open for a long time
as bacteria in the air may accumulate and contaminating the battles. As much as possible, keep the
sterilized feeding bottles in a cabinet or any safe that are free from dust, insects, and other potential
factors that may harm the baby.

 Sterilization of baby items should not be limited to pacifiers and feeding bottles alone. Baby plates,
spoons and forks, sipping cups, and even toys should be as much as possible one hundred percent

 If you are in a situation where there is no electricity, say there was a major power interruption, making
heating water not possible then make use of cold water sterilization. Cold water sterilization makes use
of tablets for specific amount of water. This is very effective in cleansing bacteria out from your baby’s
feeding bottles, pacifiers, and other important items. However, unlike using hot water in sterilization,
this method may take you forty minutes of soaking items to ensure that the items are now safe for the
baby’s use. Nevertheless, this saves the day for situations where the need is of electricity is badly

 If you want some really quick way to sterilize, you may purchase microwave safe baby bottles. These
bottles only require a quick scrub and rinse and get heated in the microwave for ninety seconds only.
However, if you are quite doubtful about this method, you can always use the traditional ways of
sterilization which is making use of hot water.

 Another way to sterilize baby items is through the use of steam. However, you may need a steamer to
do this. This method is known to eradicate remaining smell and taste that sometimes stick in feeding
bottles. Make sure to dry them completely before putting some milk or baby formula or before storing

The most traditional way of sterilization is boiling. In this method, you bring to a boil generous amount

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of water in a spacious boiling pan. Soak baby items for at least ten minutes or to make sure the germs
are eliminated. However, make sure though that the feeding bottles you are using are BPA free as
there are studies that boiling baby feeding bottles with bisphenol content may leach on the baby’s milk
causing serious hazard.

 So with all these sterilization methods, pick one that you think will work well for you. However, if you
are unsure which works best, then try all of them and see which one goes in handy. One thing is very
important though always keep baby items germ-free!

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                      All About Baby Equipment - Give Your Baby The Best Start In Life!
                                                       By Tracie M. Loewe

 The first thing you realize when becoming a parent is that you need a separate house, just to keep all
the baby equipment in. For such tiny creatures, their material certainly takes up a great deal of space.
Going out to visit family and friends is a military exercise, and can't really be spontaneous. You have to
think ahead and decide what baby equipment will be needed. A lot of parents keep a bag ready and
packed with all the baby equipment they'll need. Going on vacation requires even more preparation

Baby equipment is also a costly business, and some parents buy used items or receive gifts from
relatives. Once you've bought for the first child, you can hand some things down to the next. The most
important thing is to buy products from trustworthy companies, with guarantees for safety and quality.

There are the day to day needs of the baby to consider, including baby equipment such as formula
bottles, sterilization units and bottlebrushes for cleaning the bottles. You can also get teat brushes for
cleaning the teats. A set of bibs, with convenient Velcro fastenings is also a good idea. If you are using
non disposable diapers, you'll need the pins for them. It's good to have a changing mat for baby to lie
on and such a delicate bottom will need lots of moistened baby wipes.

When shopping for the new arrival, it's easy to overlook the less clear items of baby equipment you'll
need, such as baby nail clippers and cotton tipped baby ear cleaners. The first thing baby will need
when arriving home is a good sleep, and you'll need a bed with a good mattress and bedclothes. A well
rested baby is a happy baby, with happy parents. A travel cot is also useful for overnight stays at
grandparents etc.

Safe transportation is very important when buying baby equipment. A good car seat is essential, and
most stores will supply a trained person to fit it in your vehicle. Of course, baby will also need a
pushchair. This can have accessories for different weather conditions. a sunshade to keep baby in the
shade and a rain cover to keep baby warm and dry.

As baby starts changing to a child, other baby equipment will be necessary to keep baby safe. A step
gate at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom will prevent accidents. Cooker guards stop baby
from pulling down cooking pots, and socket guards stop baby from poking curious fingers into where
they shouldn't go.

Baby equipment must keep up with the baby's development, as baby progresses from formula and
goes on to solid food and a variety of drinks. Then you'll need weening spoons and training cups.

Baby equipment can be fun too, with colorful swings, rocking cradles and playpens. A high chair can
be stenciled with cartoon characters. After a day's fun, you can lie them down for the night and listen
out on the baby monitor.

Tracie M. Loewe provides readers with up-to-date commentaries, articles, and reviews for as well as useful and
other related information.

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