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					                                                                                                 Case Study

                                    A business broker keeps itself and its clients moving forward
                                    with a communications network from AT&T.

About UBI Business Brokers                                       And because business was increasingly being conducted
UBI Business Brokers has been helping business owners sell       on the go, there was an equally urgent need for a reliable
their companies for more than 40 years. Lee Petsas was 19        wireless phone service. Recognizing that an up-to-date
years old when he began working at a franchised location of      communications network was necessary, John turned to
UBI in an entry-level position. In 1999, after nearly 20 years   AT&T for help.
with the company, Lee decided to take a leap of faith and
become the company’s top executive, determined to build his      Solution
predecessor’s success. Today, Lee has expanded his business      John was familiar with AT&T, and he trusted the communications
to unite buyers and sellers across a wide range industries—      company to have a suite of products that could meet all of
from food-and-beverage to manufacturing to service—in            UBI’s needs. After studying his options, John decided that the
five California counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San    Business Network for Small Business bundle from AT&T would
Bernardino and San Diego.                                        be the best choice to provide his company with local and
                                                                 long-distance calling, as well as Internet and wireless services.
Situation                                                        Not only was it cost-effective but it also offered the speed
Under the guidance of Lee and his younger brother, John,         and usability that UBI needed. In addition, AT&T helped John
the company’s vice president, UBI has created a solid
reputation based on high-quality customer service. In the
past, that was largely defined by prompt replies to inquiries,
which often stemmed from the company’s newspaper                                  UBI Business Broker Facts
advertisements. With the rise of digital communication, the
needs and preferences of UBI’s clientele quickly shifted, and
                                                                  • Business Needs
the brokerage firm soon found it necessary to upgrade its
                                                                    A dependable, easy-to-use and cost-efficient phone
marketing strategy as well as its communications network.
                                                                    and Internet system

When John began tracking UBI’s incoming inquiries in              • Networking Solutions
2005, he noticed a significant growth in sales resulting from       AT&T Business Network for Small Business
responses to online advertising and a simultaneous decline in     • Business Value
those from ads placed in the local paper three times a week.        AT&T phone and Web services allow staff to respond
“We were having to pay more for our newspaper ads, but we           to inquiries day or night and free up time to meet
were no longer getting a good response,” John says. At the          customers and search for new business
same time, clients began reporting with increased frequency       • Industry Focus
that email was their preferred method of communication.             Full-service business brokerage

The shift in the way UBI interacted with its customers created    • Size
an acute need for a user-friendly communications system             12 full-time agents
that the company’s 12 agents could access 24 hours a day.
Case Study - Dealmaker ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2

      find new ways to advertise the company’s services. Through                                       Closing the Deal
      a combination of research by John and his local AT&T field                                       Within months of implementing its new strategic online
      representative, UBI discovered five third-party Websites that                                    marketing campaign, UBI received a record number of
      provided the company with access to more than 90 targeted                                        business inquiries. What’s more, the company has enjoyed
      sites—for less than UBI spent on a single ad in the local                                        a superior return on the money spent on advertising. “Since
      Sunday paper.                                                                                    we redirected our ad dollars exclusively to the Internet, our
                                                                                                       inquiries have been up 35% over the past year, which is saying
                                                                                                       something in today’s tough economy,” notes John.

      “ We pride ourselves on our customer                                                             Additionally, the time UBI saves by doing business
        service, and AT&T has been vital in                                                            electronically has made the company far more efficient.
        keeping us up to speed.”                                                                       John estimates that 97% of UBI’s business is now done via
                                                                                                       email, which gives agents more time to go out into the field
        —John Pestas, Vice President, UBI Business Brokers, Orange, Calif.
                                                                                                       and meet customers, as well as to acquire new listings for
                                                                                                       businesses UBI can sell. “We’re no longer tied to our desks,”
                                                                                                       he says. “And we can respond to inquiries about our services
      AT&T also helped UBI Business Brokers renew its dedication                                       after business hours. Not everyone is a nine-to-fiver anymore.”
      to providing topnotch customer service. The simplicity of SBC
      Global high-speed Internet service, coupled with the office                                      Like many small business owners, John often conducts
      and mobile-phone service UBI receives from AT&T, lets UBI’s                                      business transactions around the clock, every day of the week.
      agents respond to their business’s needs anytime, anywhere.                                      “If I have appointments in the day, I can go back home, log on
      “The service we get from AT&T is extremely reliable and very                                     and get back in touch with my clients in the evening,” he says.
      user-friendly,” John says. “On top of that, we also get a strong                                 “We pride ourselves on our customer service, and AT&T has
      signal for our wireless connections.”                                                            been vital in keeping us up to speed.”

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