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    Living Eco-Smarter
      Energy-efficient, recycled and renewable products and services currently available
                    for use in your home. Brought to you by the experts at
Welcome to PlanIt Greener,
a touring exhibition bringing the rapidly evolving green movement to you. PlanIt Greener provides
you with down-to-earth tips and simple ways to make eco-smarter choices by showcasing energy
efficient, renewable and recycled products and services currently available for use in the home. Climate
change and other environment issues are being brought to the forefront by scientists, political leaders
and many more. Understanding the environment is important to our life on this planet and for the future
of our children, we at PlanIt Greener are committed to bringing eco-smarter choices into the
marketplace and into the home of concerned, caring people.

                       PlanIt Smarter:
                       If you walk or bike to work you will save money on gas and parking while improving
                       your cardiovascular health and reducing risk of obesity. If you live far from your office,
                       investigate the option of telecommuting one or more days a week. Rideshare or
                       carpooling with co-workers that live nearby is also another eco-smarter alternative.
                       Consider driving an efficient vehicle like a hybrid gasoline/electric or a biodiesel
                       vehicle. The PlanIt Greener exhibit is transported using a biodiesel vehicle!
                                                                                                 Recycling 2 cans saves the
                                                                                                 amount of energy it takes to
                                                                                                 power a PC for one work day.

Eco-Smarter Cabinets, Countertops and Backsplashes: Today, there is a wide variety of environmentally
friendly kitchen cabinets available for your home. Many of these options are made from rapidly renewable
resources and reclaimed materials. Wheatboard cabinets, for example, are covered with wood veneers.
Manufacturers offer these cabinets with ultra low VOC, water based adhesives and finishes for better indoor air
quality. You may find out more about this healthy and affordable option from Humabuilt Cabinets.
Bamboo is another quick growing renewable resource that is used for cabinets. You can contact a bamboo
cabinet manufacturer about special glue options for individuals with chemical sensitivities. Plyboo, Kirei and
Eco Supply Center are just three of the many companies that are innovating modern bamboo cabinetry.
Coutertops and backsplashes are going Green too. Paperstone is an attractive solid countertop made from
paper content and is hard like stone. Bamboo is another great choice for countertops. There are a number of
eco-friendly companies that make glass tiles out of recycled glass, which makes for stunning backsplashes.
Importantly, glass tiles do not give off emissions and won’t damage indoor air quality.

                                           PlanIt Healthier:
                                           Buy Local and Organic: Buying local keeps fuel usage to a minimum. It also supports
                                           local economy and encourages the family farm. Buying organic is the healthy choice, as
                                           these foods are produced without chemical pesticides and herbicides, as well as without
                                           antibiotics and hormones. Buying local and organic is healthier for you and the planet.
                                           Check out your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.
         PlanIt Greener:
         Consider an online service to find re-used furniture,
         appliances, and other items, rather than buying them
         new. Check out garage sales and thrift stores for
         clothing and other everyday items. Use your

         creativity in gift giving, including making
         homemade gifts, donating to a good cause, or even
                                                                 Energy efficient lighting can cut down on your utility
Flooring                                                         bills. Designing a kitchen with good natural lighting
                                                                 cuts down on the need to use electricity and passive
Eco-Smart Flooring: When resurfacing your floors                 solar home design will use less energy for heating
consider                                                         and cooling. Most standard fixtures are compatible
the many environmentally friendly options available in           with compact fluorescents (CFLs, which can save
today’s market.                                                  75% of the electricity that incandescent bulbs use.) In
Cork flooring is durable, comfortable under foot and is a        the past, some people stayed away from CFLs
terrific insulator for both sound and heat. Cork is also         because they didn’t like the sterile light they gave off,
hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.                     reminding them of older office lighting. Today CFLs
Marmoleum is a natural linoleum product. It is extremely         offer cool and warm light and are available in a wider
durable and is all naturally made from flax, wood flour and      range of wattage and lumens. Look for the Energy
rosins. No adhesives are required and it is non-toxic and        Star on the product as well. While the initial cost of
resistant to bacteria growth.                                    these bulbs is slightly higher, they last up to eight
Bamboo makes a beautiful, warm, environmentally friendly         times as long.
floor that can be enjoyed for many years.
                                                                          PlanIt Forever:
For more information, visit                           Consider buying wind and solar energy from your local
                                                                          utility company or purchasing renewable energy
                                                                          offsets, which offers our best hope for reducing
                                                                          greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a host of other
                                                                          pollutants. In some cases, “green energy” options can
                                                                          be cheaper than electricity from conventional sources.
                                                                          Explore your green energy options as they differ
                                                                          throughout the country.
       PlanIt For Life:
       Raising animals for food uses 1/3 of all fossil fuel &
       raw materials in our country. Additionally, 125,000
       sq. miles of rain forest are destroyed for raising

       animals for food each year. Reducing or
       eliminating meat from your diet is one of the most
       impactful things you can do for our environment and
       for the future of our planet!                            Indoor Air Quality: As the number of people who
                                                                suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities

Appliances                                                      increases, so does the need for hypoallergenic
                                                                building materials. Building or remodeling your
Energy Efficient Appliances: The refrigerator is one            kitchen can produce toxins that are harmful to indoor
of the home’s highest consumers of energy. Since July           air quality. To reduce this problem there are low-
of 2001, the national energy efficiency standards for           toxicity finishes and surfaces available on the
new refrigerators has required manufacturers to make            market. Look for products that have water based
more efficient models. Utility providers in some states         adhesives and finishes and ones that don’t have
offer rebates for homeowners who purchase models                synthetic formaldehyde resins. It’s all about making
that exceed the minimum standard. Looking for the               smarter choices.
Energy Star sticker on all your kitchen appliances is a         Low VOC Paints: Use paint with low-VOC or no-
great way of making your kitchen greener. Once you              VOC (volatile organic compounds). Even after
have your “eco-friendly appliances” make sure you               conventional paint dries and the initial smell is gone,
use the water and energy-saving setting on your                 it continues to off-gasses toxins for up to six years.
kitchen’s refrigerator and dishwasher as much as
possible.                                                               PlanIt for Keeps:
For more information, visit                          Here are just a few companies that manufacture low-
                                                                        VOC and no-VOC paints:
                                                                        YOLO Colorhouse
                                                                        Benjamin Moore & Co. - Pristine Eco-Spec
                                                                        BioShield Paints
                                                                        Lowe’s Olympic Brand
                                                                        Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company
                                                                        Sherwin-Williams- Harmony paints
       PlanIt Wiser:
       Use rechargeable batteries: Although they may
       cost more to buy, rechargeable batteries will save
       you 10 or 20 times the original cost (by not buying
       new batteries over and over again). Prolong the life
       of any batteries by using a cord (an AC adapter, if
       necessary) for radios and other appliances when

Contractors                                                   Fibers
                                                              Natural Fiber Furnishings, Beds and Bedding are
Green Contractors: Contractors that want to educate           a must for any eco- friendly home. Natural Fiber
themselves about Green construction can find out              furnishings that are organic and are created with
more information by visiting – the               non off-gassing materials add beauty and good
National Association of                                       indoor air quality to your home. Buying
Home Builders’ web site, where you can review                 mattresses and bedding made from organic
Model Green Home Building Guidelines. It’s                    materials like cotton, latex, bamboo, etc… will
important to educate yourself on the guidelines for           increase your family’s health, and will support a
Green home building, and provide your clients with a          sustainable, green economy.
wide variety of options that meet their requirements,         For more information, visit
preferences and budget.
For more information, visit

                                                                       PlanIt Healthier:
                                                                       Biodegradable Cleaning Products: Chemical
                                                                       sensitivity is linked to many illnesses. Conventional
                                                                       cleaning products are known to pollute our
                                                                       waterways and destroy wildlife. Biodegradable
                                                                       products break down naturally and are generally
                                                                       harmless to the user and to the environment.
PlanIt Smarter:
Change the thermostat setting and install
energy saving devices: Setting your
thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter
and a few degrees higher in the summer can
translate to substantial savings on your utility
                                                   Solar Energy
                                                   Solar Water Heating: This can save your household
bills, while conserving energy. Install low-
flow showerheads and take shorter showers to       up to 35% of its energy use and up to 80 TONs of
save water and the energy used to heat it.         carbon dioxide from entering our environment over
Consider installing a solar hot water heater on    the life of the system. There is a federal tax credit and
your property. Wash clothes in cold water          many states offer additional tax credits, as well as
whenever possible and use a drying rack or         Solar Water heating systems actually pay for
clothesline rather than the dryer.
                                                   themselves and then make money! Every day 5,000
                                                   times more energy shines down on Earth from the Sun,
                                                   than it takes to power the entire US!

 PlanIt Wiser:             Reduce the
 amount of disposables you use: Bottle
 water can be expensive and produces a lot
 of waste. Using triple-carbon block filters
 will remove the most contaminates and
 produce the cleanest drinking water.
                                                                      Anthony has been featured in national and international
                                                                      media including Dwell, Travel Channel, HDTV and Fine
                                                                      Living Network, among others. He moved his studio from
                                                                      Brooklyn, NY to Richmond, VA in 2003 where he is
PlanIt Greener is a collaborative effort linking together             dedicated full time to woodworking and life with his wife
prominent experts in the greening industry. Greening Director and     and two children.
PlanIt Greener PlanIt Greener PlanIt Greener Co-producer              PlanIt Greener partners recommend Green Floors, whose
Shar Olivier is an accredited LEED professional, through the US       product line features environmentally friendly flooring.
Green Building Council. As found of TOTALGreen                        Green Floors is committed to protecting the world’s natural
Development, Shar’s mission is to bring about global sustainable      resources through responsible craftsmanship. Green Floors
business growth and enterprise through building and eco lifestyle.    is an eco-smart choice. It can: last longer than conventional
Currently, she is part of a team developing a LEED gold certified     flooring; is recycled and reduces dependency on oil; meets
new housing development in Chapel Hill, NC, where she lives           government regulations for recycling; can save you time and
with her life and business partner.                                   money; and enhances the look and feel of your space!
PlanIt Greener is mutually supported by the environmentally
responsible Internet resource, The site is the         The PlanIt Greener Exhibit is transported from city to city
brainchild of Jill Fehrenbacher, as a way to catalog her endless      using a vehicle that runs on biodiesel. Biodiesel is a clean
search for new ways to improve the world through forward-             burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic,
thinking, high-tech, and environmentally conscious designs. Visit     renewable resources like soybean oil, and cuts our for additional tips – simply click on “Green            dependence on foreign fossil fuels. Biodiesel contains no
Building 101” for eco-smart building ideas.                           petroleum, but it can be blended at any level with petroleum
                                                                      diesel to create a biodiesel blend. It can be used in
PlanIt Greener is proud to exhibit the work of furniture maker        compression-ignition (diesel) engines with little or no
Anthony Brozna. Committed to building a product that is               modifications.
sustainable and environmentally accountable, Brozna owner of
Eco Supply Center has established himself within the furniture        PlanIt Greener is co-produced by TOTALGreen
business as a true artist and proficient craftsman. Each of his       Development and “15 Minutes” Inc.
highly designed pieces is constructed at a connoisseur level and is   For Information about booking this exhibit,
built for durability, function and enjoyment. His furnishings are     sponsorship, or media opportunities, please contact:
made from trees that have fallen due to sickness or storm, or         Pam Derderian at (610) 832-1515, or visit
salvaged from old buildings.                                
Power Shift
PlanIt Greener is proud to present POWER SHIFT,
the critically acclaimed PBS special, hosted and narrated
by Cameron Diaz, on display in our exhibit. This award-
winning program reveals the abundant possibilities of
clean, renewable energy, and its role in our world.
POWER SHIFT offers easy, practical steps that each of
us can take to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels –
and weaves together such topics as hybrid-electric cars,
solar energy, wind energy and green buildings.
              For more information, visit

                                                            Design e2

                                                            PlanIt Greener is also pleased to present the HD
                                                            multipart television series narrated by Brad Pitt titled,
                                                            DESIGN e2 – a six part series which aired on PBS –
                                                            on display in our exhibit. The series introduces
                                                            viewers to inventive leaders and technologies driving
                                                            sustainable practices in building. The series inspires
                                                            viewers to live smarter, live greener and live with the
                                                            future in mind.

                                                            For more information, visit
    45% of our landfills in the   Production of just a single
    US are comprised of waste     hamburger uses 2,500
    from new construction.        gallons of water!

Kirei End Tables

                                      Bamboo Chair
The World Is                                                                                       In Your Hands

        Embrace PlanIt Greener
           “As more and more people understand what's
          at stake, they become a part of the solution …”
                  – Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth

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