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									Hillsboro Elks Lodge #1862                                                        Office: 503-648-1862
21865 N.W. Quatama Road                                                           Fax: 503-640-8369
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124


Our goal is to make your event as special and memorable as possible. To enable us to achieve our goal a
minimum of 45 days advance notice of your desired event date works best. In this banquet package we
have covered most of the food and beverage services that we can provide for you. This by no means is all
encompassing. We would be happy to provide prices for any specialty food, beverages, or equipment needs
that you have. Please feel free to ask us if you find there is something special that we have not covered for


•An Elk member in good standing must be host and is responsible for the event
•The Elk member must be a member of Hillsboro Lodge #1862 or an associate member. A member from
another Elks Lodge may be accepted pending the House Committees approval.
•Events for companies are not allowed unless the hosting Elk is the owner or majority stockholder of the
•Except for an event for an Elks family, or for a qualifying company event, an Elk can have no more than 10
guests present per OLCC regulations.

                                         GENERAL INFORMATION

We can provide full catering and beverage service for your party of up to 250 people, depending on the date
and time of the event.

•The hosting Elk is responsible for their guests, including any children, and must be present as long as their
guests are using our facility.
•The hosting Elk and the parents and/or guardians of the children present are responsible for monitoring
the behavior of the children. If the hosting Elks and/or the parents of children involved in inappropriate
behavior fail to intervene and correct said behavior, the parents and the children involved will be asked to
leave the premises.
•All guests must sign the visitors logbook placed in the lobby by the main entrance to the Lodge. The
hosting Elk of any event that involves the rental or use of the banquet facilities must be present at the main
door of the Lodge in order to sign in all guests. By pre-approval of the House Committee, the hosting Elk
may designate alternate greeters.
•The hosting Elk member is responsible for payment of all services rendered. An invoice will be provided to
the hosting Elk.
•The hosting Elk member is responsible for the moment of silence of their guests during the 11th Hour Toast
at 11:00pm.
•Guests of the event are to remain within the confines of the rented room(s), except to use the restrooms,
or to exit the building to smoke in designated areas.
                                     GENERAL INFORMATION (cont)

•Only Hillsboro Elk Members and Visiting Elk Members are allowed to use the Members Only Lounge.
Visiting Elks are to show their membership card to the bartender on duty. Guests of Elk members must be
properly signed in, and accompanied by the member who signed them in to enter the Members Only
Lounge area.
• If a bartender is employed for your event, alcoholic beverages may only be purchased through that
•Alcoholic beverages are limited to the room(s) rented for the event. Alcoholic beverages are NOT to be
taken outside the building. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the deck area with prior approval. It
is illegal to bring opened alcoholic beverages into the Lodge. Special bottled wines and champagnes may be
purchased through the Lodge. Upon approval by the Banquet Coordinator, unopened bottles may be
brought into the Lodge, but only the bartender or an employee with a proper serving permit is allowed to
open and / or serve any alcohol. A corking fee of $5.00 per bottle is charged for this service.
• When alcoholic beverages are present, all minors must be in the constant supervision of an adult over the
age of 21. Any minor consuming alcohol will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Anyone involved
in a minor consuming alcohol will be asked to leave immediately. Consumption of alcohol by minors will
not be tolerated under any circumstances.
•All minors must vacate the premises no later than 10:00pm unless prior arrangements have been made
through the Banquet Coordinator.
•All guests must leave when the hosting Elk leaves.
•All guests are subject to the rules and regulations of Hillsboro Elks Lodge #1862. House Rule #11 states
“members and male guests upon entering the clubrooms must remove their hats”. With pre-approval of
the House Committee, hats may be worn in the rented rooms ONLY during the event period.

                                 STANDARD BANQUET INFORMATION

•An approximate cost of service will be provided at the time a completed list of services required is agreed
upon by the Banquet Coordinator and the Elk Member.
•All prices are subject to change, but are guaranteed upon signature of the contract by both parties.
•There is a fee for room rental. Rooms are rented in 4 (four) hour increments. Extension of that time must
be approved 14 days in advance of the event by the House Committee.
• A gratuity of 18% is added to the total price of all consumables.
•There is a cleaning fee of $50-$100. If there is damage done by guests attending the event, the hosting Elk
Member will be held responsible and will be charged accordingly.
•Any special request other than food must receive pre-approval by the House Committee.
•Linens are available for a nominal fee. If you wish to order a certain color, there are color swatches
available to choose from. Linens must be ordered no later than two weeks prior to the event. There are
additional charges if linens are ordered after that up to 48 hours prior to the event.
•The rented room(s) will be available for decorating two (2) hours prior to the starting time fo the event.
Any special circumstances must have prior authorization of the Banquet Coordinator.
•We do allow bakeries to come in and set up specialty cakes, such as wedding cakes.
•The Banquet Coordinator must be present during decorating and set-up.
•The renting parties may decorate rented rooms. However, decorations already in place by the Lodge MAY
NOT be removed under ANY circumstances.
•Starting and ending times of events are required.
•A guest list must be provided to the Banquet Coordinator 7 days prior to the event.
•Candles may be permitted, however they may only be lit if they are properly contained and meet safety
                              STANDARD BANQUET INFORMATION (cont)

•An approximate cost of service will be provided at the time a completed list of services required is agreed
upon by the Banquet Coordinator and the Elk Member.
•No outside catering is allowed.
•The Lodge can furnish tables for the guest book, gifts, seating, silverware, and cake serving utensils.
•The Lodge will furnish complete set up and clean up.
•The Lodge will not furnish candelabra, nuts, mints, guest book, flowers, cake, imprinted napkins, or vases.
•No outside food may be brought in for consumption with the exception of prepackaged cakes, candies,
chips, and nuts. These items must be pre-approved.
•The Lodge reserves the right and option to have their own entertainment and use of the dance floor area
on Friday and Saturday evenings beginning at 7:30pm. If external music is desired for your event, prior
approval from the House Committee is required, and there will be limits to size and times that will be
available for your event.
•If a band or DJ is desired for your event, and you need to use the area where the Lodges hired band is set
up, there will be an additional charge for take down and re-set up of the band equipment.
•Left over contracted food remains the property of the contracting party. Should you wish, Hillsboro Lodge
#1862 will dispose of the food for you. If you wish to take the food with you, the following procedures
apply: 1) you must sign a waiver of liability. Once the food has left our control, we cannot assume any
liability for its use or care. 2) you must supply adequate containers for transport, or if you wish, the Lodge
will supply Styrofoam or aluminum foil containers at a cost of $25.00. The food will be available as soon as
possible after the conclusion of your event.
•Any changes to the contract will be made at the discretion of the Banquet Coordinator with approval of the
House Committee.

                                        FOOD SERVICES AVAILABLE
•Hors d’oeuvres
•Buffet dinners
•Served dinners
•Breakfast, brunch, and luncheons

                                              PAYMENT TERMS

•$200 is due at booking to hold room(s) for the requested time and date
•50% of the total estimated bill is due two (2) weeks prior to the event
•The remaining balance is due twenty four (24) hours prior to the start of the event
•A guaranteed count of guests is due two (2) weeks prior to the event. All parties must sign the contract by
this time.



•A 100% refund of all monies paid will be made if cancellation is 90 days or more prior to the event.
•There will be a $100 charge if cancellation is made 89-15 days prior to the event.
•A $200 charge plus all incurred expenses if cancellation occurs within two weeks of the event, unless the
Lodge is able to book the facilities for another function. Incurred expenses may include orders for food,
alcohol, linens, scheduled labor, etc. The only exception to this policy is the unforeseen circumstances, such
as death, or illness, and must have approval of the House Committee.

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