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					          How 2 Make a Real Bone Nec

                                                What I do.
Ok I have been seeing a lot of really noob guides lately and I am just sick of it. First I will
tell you about my necromancer.
Right now after 3 long days of playing I am lvl 71. I do about 3.3k with bone spear, and
almost 4k with bone spirit. And I am still getting more damage.
Equipment I use. If u are pretty decent at this game u can get this stuff.

Wep-White Runeword (2 soc NEC wand with dol, Io in it, only wepon you will need)
Arm- Any decent + skills armor. Right now I am using a 912 deffence ViperMagi, soc’ed
with a Um rune. DO NOT USE TRANG ARMOR. No reason to.
Helm- Um’ed Shako
Glove-Trang both pieces give you 15% faster mana regeneration, which is nice.
Boots- ONLY USE MARROWWALK! Its kind of gliched and give bone prison +33, so
a lot more damage is good.
Rings-Use manald or dwaft till you can get BulKathos or SoJ.
Ammy- +3 to PnB ammy.
Shield. Homonclulus or any thing that give + 2 or more skills to PnB

My stats with my equipment are the following
Str. 135
Dex.74(didn’t put 1 point into it)
Vit. 242(After you got Str to 135 All your points go into it. In hell it is Very useful.
Energy. 47 (don’t put any into it)

                                           How To Start
Have a friend help you Transfer in full Sigon, 2 manald, and a Eye of the Etlyich ammy.
Every time you level up, put all your stats into str so you can use Sig as fast as you can.
After that raise up your life till about 200 or so.

                                      What to put skills into.
This is very controversial. But ONLY put points into things that add damage to
bonespear ( the attack I recommend). Put all you skill points into teeth till level
12(besides the one from Den quest, but it into bone armor). Then when you are level 12,
put it into bone wall, this adds more damage to teeth than what you would get by just
putting points into teeth. Then when you level 18 put all you points into Bone Spear, till
it is maxed. Then place your points into Bone Spirit, max it. Then max teeth,then bone
wall, then bone armor. No points into prison, I repear NO POINTS INTO PRISION or
the marrow walk glitch will not work.

                                     How to level.
Do den, BR, and Cain. You will be around level 6 when you finish these. The do Trist
runs till 15. Kill Andy, then Kill Radament. Don’t do sewer runs no use to. Kill stuff in
Far Oasis, Lost City, and Arcane till level 21, then you can do cows. Some people say
you can do cow runs at lvl 20, they are wrong, you get little xp at 20, do it at lvl 21. Join
a cow game in which there is a high lvl character for normal, 60 or above. Do runs till
24.Get rushed, and after you finish ancients you will be level 25, this is when u get xp
from norm baal. Do norm baal till level 40, then get rushed in Nightmare. Do NM baal
runs till 70. Then get rushed in Hell, ect.

        If you have Any Question, email me at .

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