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What is Pranayama?

Pranayama literally means to expand Pran(vital force).In the 49th Sutra of Sadhanapada
of Patanjala Yogasutra,the great Rishi Patanjali has defined Pranayam as a process in
which respiration is interrupted and Pran,that is the bio-energy is controlled and

In this world of utter chaos when we have materialism in the dominance everywhere,each
and everybody needs vitality in the form of pranashakti. Prana energy or vital energy is
something which everybody needs today's life. What we see the decline today is in the
form of each and everybody is living a life full of artificial means adopted in day to day
and in this way who so ever is living, he is living a life of more and more sick person. We
are seeing as such the increase in the separate each word life span of the person. But the
increase in life span is not with the increase in the betterment of the health, as has been
defined by WHO as better social, physical, mental and spiritual well-being in reality, this
is the basis of the pranayam.

Prayanam means the exercise of the prana-shakti in such a way that you start imbibing
the fourth and fifth dimension of this cosmic universe.Prano ka vyayam hee pranayam.
What we do is that the physical exercise which we are doing everyday, we are not doing
exercise of the prana-shakti, stirring of the prana-shakti.


   A. When we stir the milk, we get butter. When we stir the butter,we get basically the
      purest form of butter which in Hindi we call ghee, which is used in various yagna
      process and which is being used in various medicinal plants preparation and
      which is the most important ingredient in our cooking process. So milk in its
      crude form has given rise to butter, and this butter which has come out in the
      purest form is there.
   B. Similarily, we have the varities of the qualities in flowers.Those qualities ,those
      things which are there in the flower are being harnessed by honey bee and honey
      bee ultimately digest in itself everything and it makes honey out of it. That honey
      has lot of qualities of that particular flower.
   C. Similarly, prana-shakti when it is stirred inside the body through ida and pingla,
      sympathetic and parasympathetic system in our serpentine fire i.e.kundalini
      sushumma, then through that pranayam we inhale that part of prana-shakti which
      gives us ojas, tejas, varchas or aura for which we are taking today the of
      moisturisers, various sorts of masks, various sorts of makeups.


For a better prabhamandal, for a better aurapersonality, for a better health, physically and
mentally and for the mental integration of the faculties, we need pranayam. Pranayam is
necessary for keeping our not only better personality but for the better health also from
the point of view of the inhaled air which we do in the form of deep breathing. Deep
breathing when you do, you inhale oxygen, you inhale various ingredients present in the
atmosphere and you exhale carbon dioxide. This process is occurring in each and
everybody. Learning to do it deeply is something which athlete does or a swimmer
does.But learning to do it in such a way that you start stiring your spiritual process means
stirring your kundalini, is something which is known as pranayam. So, one has to
understand that inhalation and exhalation is the first stage. Deep breathing is the second
stage.Pranayam is the third stage which is the exercise of the pranashakti inside the
human kundalini and right from the top that is our sahastrar chakra separate words lying
in the activaiting system in the brain up to the bottom i.e.mooladhar that is the bottom
plexus, the coronus medullaries, the lower plexus.Right from there to this level when you
do the stirring through right and left nostrils, you will start seeing that you start
developing your pranamayakosh.Your pran shakti starts increasing.Your immunity starts
increasing. When immunity gets inhanced, you overcome more and more adversities
whatever you are facing, you are more and more resistant to those.You will not be
catching normal ailments which everybody is catching today in this world of pollution, in
this world full of stresses, in this world full of strains and varities of ups and downs in the
society and economical disorders. We need pranayam to lead a healthy and happy
everyday life.


The pranayam is done by inhaling prana-shakti separate words in a clean atmosphere,
near area where you have more and more negatively charged ions.You will ask, where
are the negatively charged ions? Negativily charged ions are found mainly near the
fountains, near the streams, in the nature, near the woods, near the plants, specifically
near the plant of Tulsi,Neem, Peepal, all these scientific plants. At least you can have
Tulsi or the holy vessel in your house, near that or near internally decorated our indoor
fountains, we can do that pranayam and this pranayam if you are able to do , you are able
to purify your inner spiritual system for which we never get time.Unfortunately,for the
outer cleanliness everybody has enough time.I think western world and today's mordern
world they spend more than an hour in taking bath, cleaning each and every part of the
body.But for inside cleaning we never have any time. If we are able to devote atleast five
to ten minutes everyday for the pranayam, our nostrils will be clean, our sinuses will be
clean, our lungs will be cleaner. Oxygen will be reaching in the maximum amount,
maximum percentage, maximum concentration to each and every part of the body and
with oxygen will go the 4th and 5th dimension i.e.prana-shakti, charged ions, spiritually
charged ions and they will reach that part of the body which has not been clicked yet. The
moment the clicking occurs, you will start realising that you have opened some centres
inside your body. These centres have been lying hidden just silent and the moment you
start stimulating them gradually you will realise that you are gaining more and more

power, more and more charged energy. Even if one does 5 to 10 minutes per day two or
three pranayams with inhalation from the left nostril, meditating simultaneously on the
solar consciousness, then retaining it for a while. For a while means about recited Gayatri
Mantra mentally 3 times or you can take it 5 seconds just counting it mentally. Then
exhaling it for twice the time what you did for inhalation. Slowly exhaling from the right
nostril, remain breathless for sometime, then inhale from the right nostril.Remain one
word taking any breath for sometime by closing both the nostrils and exhale from the left
side again taking double the time what you took for the inhalation from the right side.Left
to right, right to left, left to right, right to left , this breathing pattern should be maintained
so that nasobrain cycle is formed.Once the naso-brain cycle is formed, then you will see
that stimulation of the brain is very easy to occur. Pranayam will start building up your
mood any time because your clicking has started. Naso-brain cycle has been formed and
moreover the left brain which is the motor brain in a right handed person and right brain
which is the parietal brain, the cortical brain which is the religious brain, artistic brain,
spiritual brain both of them get united together through this naso-brain cycle. Ultimately
your all the potentials and faculities get multiplied and you start awakening those centres
which in normal persons is only 8% to 13% of the brain. You are awakening more than
13%. Ultimately you start getting better intellect, you start getting better memory, you
start learning more and more discriminating intelligence. You start learning those things
which may make you a better artist, which may make you a better architecture, may make
you a better doctor, better engineer and not only that you may become a man full of many
variated potentials, if you do pranayam regularly everyday.


Pranayam isnot merely inhaling or exhaling air. Pranayam is not a process of awakening
kundalini. Pranayam is not merely a ritual, a karmakanda.Pranayam is a process which
triggers the process of prana-shakti to be stirred inside. Once you learn it and do it
regularly, I think you will start realising the importance of this pranayam which is the
need of time today and basically everybody has forgotten this ancient science, traditional
science of awakening of pranayam kosh and this pranayam which I explain to you is-
Suryabhedan Lom-Vilom pranayam. Lom means 'from left to right' , vilom means from
'right to left' just reverse. Suryabhedan means concentrating, meditating on solar
consciousness. You get more and more solar power for cleaning yourself and each time
you have a feeling. Pranayam done with meditation is very helpful. How much breath
you hold? How much time you must hold is immaterial. You may hold it for 2 seconds,
you may hold it for 5 seconds, you may hold it for 30 seconds. You may hold it for 60
seconds. Many people they can hold it for 2 to 3 minutes or 5 minutes. But this totally
depends on the capacity with which you can hold the breath so that more and more
stirring occurs inside,more and more manthan occurs inside. More and more process of
the consciousness being reverberated constantly inside it occurs and ultimately it leads to
pran-shakti being not only vaporised from your body, it starts coming out in the form
electrical energy. Whosoever you talk to, you are able to deliver through your message,
through your speech only that thing which is affecting him. Not only affecting him it is
giving him more and more positive impression and positive message. Whosoever you
look to, you can mesmerize him, you can hypnotise him for the positive work, not for the

wrong things. By inhaling more and more pran-shakti not only you can influence others,
you can ask them to do whatever you want them to do. You can even read the aura of the
people and you can enhance youe own aura like anything. Pranayam has got immense
potential and varieties of pranayams are there. Pranakarshan- pranayam, Nadishodhan-
pranayam and Lom-vilom Suryabhedan-pranayam, these are spiritual pranayams. You
can do Shitali pranayam, You can do varieties of other physical Hathyog pranayam, but I
am explaining you the spiritual pranayam which takes only 5 to 10 minutes per day. This
will definitely enhance your all faculities. It will give you vigour, vitality, virility. Whole
day you will feel full of energy and charged. This charging is necessary for a person who
is deprived of the electrical process which the man is made of.

Man is made of electrical connections. All our synapses, all our inner fibres, they make
our body like a power house. This power house is just lying silent for one reason that it is
not being stimulated everyday. If you are able to do it 5 to 15 minutes in the morning, 5
to 15 minutes in the evening, many of the disorders will not occur to you. Many of the
adversities in the weather will not affect you. Many of the problems which you are facing
in day to day life because of the emotional upheavals, emotional ups and downs,
economical ups and downs or stresses in the society will not disturb you. Pranayam
makes you more and more tranquil, more and more composed, more and more closer to
your ultimate deity that is God. Do pranayam everyday.


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