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									                    PARIS PROGRAM SCHEDULE 2007

Friday, June 1             French fellows leave for Berlin
Meeting point: Paris Orly, Terminal Sud, Easy Jet check-in counter,
    14h20 – 16h00         Flight to Berlin

Saturday, June 2 to
     Tuesday, June 5 Opening Session in Berlin

Wednesday, June 6          France team leaves for Paris
Meeting point: bus shuttle, 10h15
    12h50 – 14h35         Flight to Paris
    evening               Meet host families

Thursday, June 7     The History and Memory of Slavery
Meeting point: HIA Office, 89 rue du Fbg. St. Antoine 75011
(staircase D, first floor)
    morning               "Introduction", Anne-Lorraine Bujon
    morning               Presentations by French fellows
    14h – 16h             "The commemoration of slavery", Michel

Friday, June 8               The History and Memory of the Empire
Meeting point: HIA Office,   89 rue du Fbg. St. Antoine 75011
    morning                 Presentations by French fellows
    15h – 17h               "Is there a continuity between colonial
     times and today ?",
                             Emmanuelle Saada

Saturday, June 9     Free Day

Sunday, June 10      Visit of Paris Neighborhoods
Meeting point:

Monday, June 11      Ethnicity and Republican Institutions
Meeting point: HIA Office, 89 rue du Fbg. St. Antoine 75011
    9h30 – 11h                 "The issue of police violence",
     Fabien Jobard
    11h30 – 13h                "Minority (mis)representation in
                           politics", Eros Sana
    Afternoon             Roundtable discussion with the HALDE,
                           Autorité de Lutte Contre les
                           Discriminations et pour L'Egalité"

Tuesday, June 12     Ethnicity and Republican Institutions (cont’d)
                     The Suburbs : Youth and Authority
Meeting point:
    9h30 – 11h            "Is anti-semitism on the rise in
     France?", Johan Weisz
Meeting point: Gare de Lyon, 12h30 – to Melun/ Dammarie les Lys
    14h – 17h             "Sensitive neighborhoods: youth and the
                           roundtable discussion with M. Vogler
                           (Commissaire de Police de Dammarie les
                           Lys), Ghislaine Hudson (Proviseur du
                           Lycée Joliot Curie, et M. le Procureur du
                           Tribunal de Melun.

Wednesday, June 13         Vichy and the Jews of France
Meeting point: Memorial de la Shoah, 17 rue Geoffroy-l'Asnier 75004
    10h15 – 12h30         Tour of exhibition and memorial
    14h15 – 15h15         "Can we learn lessons from the past?", Q
     & A with
                           Fabrice Techer
    15h30 – 17h                A survivor's testimony

Thursday, June 14         Discrimination and Employment
Meeting point:
    morning              "Is diversity an issue for
     corporations?", roundtable
                          discussion with Publicis Groupe

Meeting point: Institut Montaigne, 38 rue Jean Mermoz 75008
    afternoon             "Discrimination in the workplace",
    afternoon             "The French social 'model' ", roundtable

Friday, June 15      Human Rights Activism in France
Meeting point:
    14h30 – 16h                "Humanitarian emotions, humanitarian
                          Seeing the world through humanitarian
                          lenses", Johanna Siméant

Saturday, June 16         Free day

Sunday, June 17      Free day

Monday, June 18      Immigration
    morning              Research groups announced

Meeting point: Cité Nationale de l'Histoire de l'Immigration, Palais
de la Porte Dorée,
293 avenue Daumesnil 75012
    15h – 15h30                Welcome
    15h30 – 16h30         Visit of the museum
    16h30 – 17h                "The Colonial Exhibition of 1931",
     17h – 17h45               "History and memory, and the use of
      photo archives",
                           Marianne Amar
     17h45 – 18h30        Q & A

Tuesday, June 19      French Secularism
Meeting point:
    9h – 11h              "Laïcité today", Patrick Weil
    13h30 – 15h                "Islam as display ? The social and
                           experience of young people from a North
                           African Immigration", Nancy Venel

Wednesday, June 20 to
     Saturday, June 30     Research Period

     Wednesday, June 20        Final paper topics set
     Friday, June 22      Outlines due, 17h00
     Thursday, June 28         Final report due, 17h00
     Friday, June 29      Fellows day off; staff read reports

Meeting Point:
    Saturday, June 30          Presentations

Sunday 1 July              Paris team leaves for Berlin
Meeting point: Paris Charles de Gaulle 2 (last stop on RER B),
Terminal D, Air France check-in counter, 11h30
    13h15 – 15h                Flight to Berlin

Monday July 2 to
     Wednesday, July 4     Closing Session in Berlin

Thursday, July 5      Fellows return to Paris/ US
    16h20 – 18h10         Flight to Paris

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