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Domain decomposition for a singularly perturbed problem with                7
parabolic layers
Igor Boglaev, Vic Duoba

Applications Wavelets in Industry - Patenting Trends                       13
Mei Kobayashi

Algebraic condition for integrable numerical algorithms                    19
Toshiaki Itoh

Monotone Iterative Method and Adaptive Finite Volume Method for            25
Parallel Numerical Simulation of Submicron MOSFET Devices
Yiming Li, Cheng-Kai Chen, Pu Chen

Models Encompassing Hydraulic Jumps in Radial Flows Over a                 31
Horizontal Plate
A. J. Roberts, D. V. Strunin

The strong law of large numbers for pairwise negatively dependent          37
random variables
Hamid Reza Nili Sani, Abolghassem Bozorgnia

An automatic integration of infinite range integrals involving Bessel      43
Feng Su, Takemitsu Hasegawa, Avram Sidi

Evaluation of ZCZ sets on inter-cell interference for cellular AS-CDMA     49
Shinya Matsufuji, Kenji Takatsukasa, Noriyoshi Kuroyanagi, Suehiro Naoki

Spectral Theory for Systems of Matrices                                    55
Brian Jefferies

Periodic Sequences Derived from Self-Orthogonal Finite-Length              60
Yoshihiro Tanada
Matrix computations for detecting and visualizing outlier clusters          66
Masaki Aono, Hironori Takeuchi, Hikaru Samukawa, Mei Kobayashi

Wavelet based noise detection and filtering                                 72
D. S. Bormane, T. R. Sontakke

Exact controllability of Klein-Gordon systems with a time-varying           76
Iwan Pranoto

Holistic discretisation illuminates and enhances the numerical modelling    81
of differential equations
A. J. Roberts

A Complex Lyapunov Theory-based Adaptive Algorithm For Complex              90
Signal Processing
Kah Phooi Seng, Zhihong Man, H. R. Wu

Binary distillation control by decoupling controller                        94
Sutanto Hadisupadmo, R.J.Widodo, Tatang Hernas Soerawijaya, Harijono A.

New method for constructing polyphase ZCZ sequence sets                    100
Hideyuki Torii, Makoto Nakamura, Naoki Suehiro

A New Analysis of the AVL Tree Insertion Algorithm                         105
Ningping Sun, Ryozo Nakamura, Wenling Sun, Hongbing Zhu, Akio Tada

An Analysis of Two Open Problems of AVL Tree Insertion Algorithm           111
Ningping Sun, Ryozo Nakamura, Wenling Sun, Akio Tada

On the independent set of de Bruijn graphs                                 117
Yosuke Kikuchi, Yukio Shibata

Stability analysis of discrete time fuzzy systems based on piecewise       123
Lyapunov functions
Louis Wang, Gang Feng
Controller synthesis of discrete time fuzzy systems based on piecewise      129
Lyapunov functions
Louis Wang, Gang Feng

Discrete Sliding-Mode Adaptive Algorithm For Adaptive Filtering             135
Kah Phooi Seng, Zhihong Man, H. R. Wu

Construction of alpha-valuations of special classes of 2-regular graphs     139
Kourosh Eshghi, Michael Carter

On the problem of distributing objects in cells with different capacities   155
Ahmad Khonsari, Hamid Sarbazi-Azad

How bad a pairing heap might be                                             158
Amr Elmasry

An Algebraic Analysis of Linear Hybrid Systems                              164
Zhenyu Yang

A fast scheduling algorithm in AND-OR graphs                                170
George M. Adelson-Velsky, Alexander Gelbukh, Eugene Levner

Modification and Efficient Implementation of the SKHNE Algorithm for        176
Adaptive Data Protection
Mairtin O’ Droma, Ivan Ganchev

Modelling and analysis of push caching                                      180
Rohan De Silva

A new proof for the sequential access theorem for splay trees               187
Amr Elmasry

An improved nearest neighbour search algorithm based on LAESA               192
Kazuaki Yamaguchi, Yoichi Kondo

Neural-MOS Threshold Gate as a Way to Design On-Chip Learning               197
Neuron Structures
Rafail Lashevsky
Multi-level Halftone Image Generation with Genetic Algorithms             202
Tomoya Umemura, Hernan Aguirre, Kiyoshi Tanaka

The Q method for the Second Order Cone Programming                        208
Farid Alizadeh Yu Xia

Estimating 3D fibre process anisotropy                                    214
Marcela Hlawiczkova, Petr Ponizil, Ivan Saxl

Simulation Studies of Waiting Time Approximation for the Multi            220
Priority Dual Queue (MPDQ) with Finite Waiting Room and Non-
Preemptive Scheduling
Anthony Bedford Panlop Zeephongsekul

Simulation Studies on the Performance Characteristics of Multi Priority   226
Dual Queue (MPDQ) with Finite Waiting Room and Non-Preemptive
Anthony Bedford, Panlop Zeephongsekul

Quantum cohomology ring for hermitian symmetric spaces of type DIII       232
Yasunori Nishimori, Yoshihiro Ohnita

Multilattices via Multisemilattices                                       238
J. Martνnez, G. Gutiιrrez, I. P. De Guzman, P. Cordero

Regular Filter Space                                                      249
Nandita Rath

An efficient satellite CAS using password-based protocol                  255
Youngsoo Kim, Jungchan Na, Seungwon Sohn

A secure method for transferring active packets                           259
Youngsoo Kim, Jungchan Na, Seungwon Sohn

Optimising Student Learning Through Effective Use of Technology           263
Julie Saunders, Bill Blyth
Innovations in On-Line Mathematics Education                             269
Graham Clarke

The security system for response within the border router of the local   274
network that the attacker belongs to
Minho Han, Jungchan Na, Sungwon Sohn

A Geometry Curriculum Featuring the Use of Dynamic Computer              277
Zhonghong Jiang, Azita Manouchehri, Mary Enderson

Applied programming on web-based environment                             287
Alexander Vazhenin, Dmitry Vazhenin

Source Selection in a Distributed Search System                          293
Vitaliy Kluev

An experimental study on the use of computers in schools                 299
Alfredo Mendez, Carmen Ortiz

A comparison of two teaching methods                                     303
Alfredo Mendez, Nieves Garcia

Intelligent Multi-Agent System for Power System Restoration              307
G. Lambert-Torres, L. E. Borges da Silva, M. A. B. Sobral

A Novel Approach for Radionuclide Transport in Inhomogeneous             313
Crystalline Rocks using Wavelet Galerkin Method
Hesham Nasif, Atsushi Neyama, Hiroyuki Umeki, Atsuyuki Suzuki

Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of wavelet Galerkin Approach to    319
solve radionuclide transport in inhomogeneous crystalline rocks
Atsushi Neyama, Hesham Nasif, Hiroyuki Umeki, Atsuyuki Suzuki