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									                  What is communication? Communication is a
                  process of transferring information from one entity
                  to another. It is commonly defined as the imparting
                  or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information
                  by speech, writing or signs. It is perceived better as
 a two-way process, in which there is an exchange of progression of
 thoughts, feelings or ideas. Good communication tips are most
 helpful to have successful communication.

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Communication is the fastest way to accomplish what you want. For
example; in reaching your goals, in learning something and in
teaching something; communication is there. Whatever you do in life,
you live to communicate. Communication requires that all parties
have an area of communicative commonality.

Having a good communication ensures that the other person
understands you and you in turn understand them. It can help in
resolving conflict since you can tell your needs abd be aware of the
needs of others.

During a conversation, stop doing something else because this shows
that you are not interested. Avoid things or happenings that may
distract you from your meeting. And if your attention is drifting, bring
it back to the conversation. Take note of the things that you hear
during the conversation. Most importantly, listen very well so that
you’ll understand the details of the topic. You must think before you
speak, it is advantageous to become conscious of what you say.
Consider anticipated response of the listener, including possible
concerns or objections. Word choice, tone and body language shape
your message. Being more conscious helps you to be a better listener,

Lastly, always ask and clarify things to make sure that your listener
understood what you said. Don’t make assumptions of your listener’s
knowledge or interest in the subject. Give out common examples to
aid in understanding the message. Watch for emotional ‘flooding’ and
take a time-out if needed. Try something different if what you are
doing doesn’t work.

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