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									Private Criminal Defense Resources                          First Judicial Circuit Public Defender
   Appeals Unlimited Site List - A one-stop                 Corporation (of West Virginia) - Public
    location for a host of useful information for            defenders site; easy to browse.
    California appellate lawyers doing criminal             Indiana Public Defender Council - Includes
    defense work.                                            links to courts and other defense resources.
   Capital Defense Weekly - Formerly "Capital              Department of Public Advocacy - Kentucky -
    Defender's Toolbox" this site is very current -          Resource includes articles of interest to the
    updated weekly - and provides many useful                criminal defense bar and capital defense
    links for defender resources.                            litigation in particular.
   The Other Side of the Wall - Resource for               Los Angeles County Public Defender -
    capital litigation, maintained by Deputy State           Maintains useful wiretap information.
    Public Defender Arnold Erickson.                        County Of Marin: Public Defender - Problem
   Kim Kruglic's Forensic Resource & Criminal               Solving Courts / Marin County Public Defender
    Law Search Site - Northern California lawyer             - Maintained by Frank Cox, Chief Deputy
    has developed useful site for forensic issues            Public Defender of Marin County ; useful links.
    that particularly relate to California defense          Michigan State Appellate Defender's Office -
    practitioners.                                           Check out Bulletins & News for U.S. cases,
                                                             current Criminal Defense Newsletter editions,
                                                             and recent legislation.
         Resources -Miscellaneous
                                                            NACDL Death Penalty Defense Resources &
   Capital Punishment Handbook - Published by
                                                             Assistance - National Association of Criminal
    the U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit.
                                                             Defense Lawyers site includes links to recent
   Underneath Their Robes – News, gossip and                articles from The Champion.
    colorful commentary about the Federal
                                                            National Legal Aid & Defender Association
                                                             (NLADA) - Includes training materials and
   Gavel2Gavel – A comprehensive legal
                                                             other articles of interest in criminal defense
    information website with a fun “Legal Humor”
                                                             field ; some capital defense issues.
                                                            New York State Defender's Association -
   Jurist – A legal news website “powered by a
                                                             Provides current site for national hot topics,
    team of over 20 law student reporters, editors
                                                             defense news, NY Captial Defense, and
    and web developers led by law professor
                                                             resource links.
    Bernard Hibbitts at the University of Pittsburg
                                                            TnCrimLaw - Articles & links relating to capital
    School of Law.
                                                             defense. Includes brief bank materials
   The Constitution Project – Is based at
                                                             (password protected).
    Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute.
                                                            Washington Defender Association - Contact
   The National Center for State Courts – (NCSC)
                                                             them if you want to use the password
    Through original research, consulting services,
                                                             protected features which are useful.
    publications, and national educational
                                                            Web Cites for Federal Defenders - Maintained
    programs, NCSC offers solutions that enhance
                                                             by Paul M. Rashkind Chief of Appeals Office
    court operations with the latest technology.
                                                             of the Federal Public Defender, Southern
   Capitol Litigators – This website has links to           District of Florida. Includes Federal Public
    information regarding incarceration and capitol
                                                             Defender Newsletter.
    punishment that you may find useful.
                                                            Find an wisconsin state public defender, this
   Defending mentally ill clients – This website
                                                             free service links to wisconsin state public
    addresses they key steps defense counsel
                                                             defenders - Wisconsin State Public Defender
    need to take to effectively represent clients with
                                                             Links - Includes access to other state public
    mental illnesses.
                                                             defender offices, courts, law libraries, etc.
                                                            Defender Blogs - links of various blogs and
      Public Defender Resources                              internet searches related to public defenders,
   Electric Lawyer - Includes current case                  criminal defense, sentencing, and capital
    summaries maintained by San Francisco                    defense.
    Deputy Public Defender Grace Suarez.
                                                                    Forensics Library
                                                            NLADA: Defender Legal Services -
                                                             Forensic Science Resources-

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