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cotton waste

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									Tender Document No:-………………………..

                        BID DOCUMENT
                           MANDI SSA.

                     O/O GMTD, MANDI
          TENDER NO:- GMTD –MND/Glow Sign Board/08-09/04 dated 24- 05-2008
             (Visit us on website-
                  Cost of Tender Document Rs. 565/-

                                                      Issued to ___________________



                                                  Sub Divisional Engineer ( Coml.)
                                                   % GMTD Mandi (HP)

                                        1                                     Signature of Bidder
                         Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
Office of the General Manager (BSNL) Telecom. Distt. Mandi-175001 (HP)

TENDER NOTICE NO: - GMTD/MND/Glow Sign Board/08-09/04 dated 24-05-2008

1.       On behalf of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, The General Manager Telecom. Distt. Mandi invites superscribed wax
sealed tenders with supporting documents from the Manufacturers/authorized Distributors/Stockiest/Dealers for supply of
“Glow Sign Board for Providing at STD/ISD PCO” for the period of “ONE YEAR”. The approximate estimated cost of tender
will be Rs. 6, 34,000-00(Rs. Six lacs thirty four thousand only)

 2        Sale of tender document:-

        At Office of SDE (Coml) O/O GMTD Mandi, between 1100 hrs. to 1300 hrs. on or before 17-06-2008 on all working
days. Tender document could be purchased by paying cost of bid document of Rs. 565-00(Rs. Five hundred sixty five only)
(non refundable) in shape of cash receipt or crossed demand draft issued by a scheduled bank drawn in the favour of
A.O.(Cash) O/O GMTD Mandi (HP).

     3.       For more details, please log on to Website: -

                                                              GMTD Mandi (HP)

                                                                2                                   Signature of Bidder
           Office of the General Manager, Telecom Distt. Mandi (HP)-175001

 Description / Specification of Item:                                             Quantity Required (Approx

      As per technical details and specification of tender at Annexure I
 A.   Bid Security @ 2.5% approx. : Rs. 15850-00(Rs. Fifteen thousand eight hundred fifty only)
 B.   Security Deposit to be 10% of total cost of tender to be worked out later on basis of bids.

 C.      Cost of tender document : Rs565/- (Rs. Five hundred sixty five only)
 D.     Approximated Estimated cost: Rs.6, 34,000-00(Rs. Six lacs thirty four thousand only)
                                               (25% work can be increase or decrease)
      1.   Last date and time for issue of tender form up to 13:00. Hrs. on 17-06-2008

      2.   Last date and time for acceptance of tender up to 15:00. Hrs. on 18-06-2008

      3.   Date and time of opening of tender.                 15:30 Hrs. on. 18-06-2008

      4.   Place of Opening of tender:                         Chamber of SDE(COML) % GMTD MANDI ( HP)

                                                                       3                                              Signature of Bidder
1. The rates quoted should be strictly according to the specification(s) inclussive of all taxes for "Free
   Delivery" at required place/places within jurisdiction of Mandi Telecom District. The tender offer
   should remain open for acceptance up to 5 months from the date of opening of tender.
2. The Tender should be submitted in super wax sealed cover duly addressed by name to S.DE
   (COML), BSNL, Mandi Telecom District, MANDI, HP-175001 & mentioned tender No. and
   name of Item on top of envelop.
3. The tenderer should produce Attested photo copy of: -
   a) Sales Tax Registration.
   b) Latest Income return.
   c) Letter of Authorization.
   d) Latest current financial experience certificate for supply of glow sign boards minimum of
           rupees two lacs issued not less than DE. Rank or equivelent.
   e) EPF number registered with registration authority in original or in duplicate.
   f) The tenderer should submit tender documents intact, without detaching any page or pages, duly
        filled and signed on each of page of tender form. Only schedule of requirement & price
        schedule is required to be cut from the original bid documents and required to be put in
        financial bid cover.
   g) Non-submission/incomplete submission of any of the required documents shall disqualify the
       tender. If the any of above document is not submitted or found invalid by TOC the tender shall
4. The tenderer may be required to produce documentary evidence in token of their ownership or
   partnership or authority to sign on behalf of registered firm.
5. The tenderer should give the name of Manufacturer(s), Brand(s) and Catalogue of Article(s) with
   Manufacturer(s) "Printed Price List".
6. No revision of rates or escalation of price due to any reason(s) will be accepted after tenders are
   opened. The successful tenderer will have to supply the materials at the accepted rates only during
   the contract / Rate Running Contract period.
7. Original copy of documents as mentioned in Col. No. 3 from the company should be brought /
   Furnished at the time of opening of tenders for verification and same will be returned.
8. The rates quoted by the tenderer should be firm & valid up to Rate Running Contract period.

                                                    4                                    Signature of Bidder
9. The tenderer should indicate in which capacity, the tender offer is signed and full name & address
      should indicate in Block Letters.
10. The tenderer will have to indicate whether the stock of each item(s) is ready in full quantity for
11.   The rates should be quoted in the enclosed "RATE SHEET" in English figures & words without any over- writing,
      corrections, errors, omission etc. If there is a discrepancy in rates between figure & words, the rate quoted in words
      will be taken as correct for the proper of evaluation.
12.   The tender offer and other particulars / information’s should be on the firms letterhead only.
13.   The tender document is not exchangeable to any other party.
14.   The "DECLARATION" enclosed herewith should be signed and stamped by the tenderer and should be enclosed
      with the tender offer.
15.   Conditional tender such as increase in market rates, taxes or duties on manufacturer's rates etc. will be charged extra
      will stand disqualified and will not be accepted.

16.   The tender having condition(s) that the rates are valid up to particular period/date and there after subject to
      confirmation etc. will also stand Disqualified, and will not be accepted.
17.   Tender offer submitted by post or courier will not be accepted.
18.   Warranty / Guarantee: One year against any manufacturing defect, ONE year from the date of supply / delivery.
19.   Increase & decrease of taxes & duties will not affect the price during delivery period.
20.   Tender will be valid for ONE YEAR and may be extended by GMTD if required.
21.   Bid security payable with this tender, is to be paid in the form of Cash or Demand draft to AO (Cash) BSNL %
      GMTD MANDI (H.P). The original receipt of cash payment of Demand Draft/Pay Slip should invariably be attached
      with tender offer, Bid Security against any other tender(s) will not be adjusted toward this tender and hence fresh Bid
      Security is required to be paid against this tender. The tender received without Bid security or received by
      Cheque/Currency Notes etc., enclosed with the tender will not be accepted. Bid security receipt should be kept in the
      envelope of” prequalification bid”
22.   Parties who are registered with "National Small Scale Industries Corporation" D.G.S & D should furnish the certified
      copy of certificate.
23.   No guarantee can be given to actual quantity. The quantity mentioned in the tender is tentative, May increase/decrease
      subject to actual requirement by GMTD.
24.   GMTD Mandi may appoint more than one tenderer(s) if so desired, in order to maintain the delivery schedules.
25.   An amount equivalent to 10% of the total cost of tender towards Security Deposit is to be paid by successful tenderer
      within TEN days on receipt of Provisional Acceptance Letter for fulfillment of the contract. Bid Security / Security
      Deposit will bear no interest while in custody of this office. Bid Security will be converted into the S.D. after the
      finalization of tender. Security Deposit will be returned after expiry of warranty / Guarantee period.
26.   Bid Security/ Security Deposit is liable to be "FORFEITTED" as the case may be, if the tenderer: -

                                                               5                                           Signature of Bidder
          a)     Withdraws tender offer before finalization of the same.
          b) Fails to accept the tender offer, if his/their tender is accepted.
          c)     Fails to pay Security Deposit within stipulated time limit.
          d) Fails to execute the agreement within stipulated time limit.
          e)     Fails to carry out the work within the specified time limit.
27.    (a) The contract can be terminated by General Manager Telecom District, Mandi at any time without assigning
      any reason and without any notice.
      (b) If the party fails to supply the item within the specified time, the party may be banned / blacklist for one or more
      than one year with the forfeiture of the S/D and item may be purchased from any vender at the risk & cost of the party.
28.   If accepted tenderer, fails to supply the full quantity of the materials ordered of approved quality at the accepted rates
      as per specified period on the receipt of firm order liquidated Damages at the rate of half percent per week or part
      thereof will be levied on the total value of delayed supplies inclusive of excise duty, sale tax etc. for first 10 week and
      thereafter @ 0.7 % per week or part there of for next 10 week. Subject to maximum of 12 % of the total value of
      stores delivered late and the same can be deducted from the Security deposit or from any bill(s) payable to the
      contractor in such case, it will also be open for the department to go in for the purchase of the materials from any
      other sources and excess amount paid to the other party (s), if any will be deducted from the security deposit or from
      what-so-ever sources available to the government including bills pending for payment.
         If any amount becomes recoverable from the contractor out of this contract the same will be set off from amount
      payable to contractor from BSNL.
29.   The payment of bill(s) be made at the earliest and hence no other conditions for payment will be accepted.
30.   Any attempt of negotiations direct or indirect on the part of the tenderer with the authority to whom he has submitted
      his tender offer or the authority which is competent finally to accept it after he has submitted his tender offer or any
      endeavor to secure any interest for an actual or prospective tenderer will render the tender liable to exclusion from
31.   Submission of tender in response to this tender notice along with acceptance thereof by the department will form
      "VALID CONTRACT" and the conditions mentioned in tender notice will be binding on the accepted tender.
32.   GMTD Mandi reserves the rights to accept or reject any or all the tender(s) in whole or in a part without assigning any
      reason(s) what so ever.
33.   The tender offer in WAX SEALED COVER super scribed with Tender Notice No., year and Name of items(s)
      addressed to S.DE (Coml), % GMTD MANDI (H.P) should reach him on or before scheduled date of opening of
      tender(s) up to 15.00 Hrs. The tender will be opened in the presence of attending tenderers.
34.   The representative of the tenderer should produce a letter of authority for attending tender opening.
35.   In future correspondence, Tender Notice Number and date may be quoted failing which correspondence will be
36.   The tender(s) received after due date and time will not be considered.
          a.      Seal and marking of bids:- The bid should be submitted in 2(two) covers.The first cover will contain
                 documents establishing bidders eligibility and conditions , alongwith tender document in original duly sign all

                                                                  6                                         Signature of Bidder
              pages by the bidder. marked as “prequalification bid” .The second cover shall contain schedule of
              requirement and price schedule and will be marked as “Financial Bid”.Both the covers should be wax sealed
              separately. Both the sealed cover shall be packed in a larger cloth pasted/good quality paper wax sealed cover
              and shall be addressed to S.D.E. (Coml) O/O GMTD ,BSNL ,MANDI (HP)-175001
37.   The inner and outer envelops shall indicate the name and address of the bidder to enable the bid to be returned
      unopened in case it is received LATE and REJECTED.
38.   In case the inner envelops are not sealed and marked as required, the bid shall be rejected.

                                                                                       GMTD MANDI (H.P)

                                                              7                                         Signature of Bidder
                                                 Annexure I
                                     Technical Details and Specification of

                                           GLOW SIGN BOARDS

(i)      Size: (60 x 35 x 15) cms.
(ii)     White +flexed printed sheet in front side.
(iii)    Box made up of tin of gauge 26 – size (60 x 35 x 15) cms painted inside brilliant white.
(iv)     Three holder hooks with sturdy chain of rust proof material.
(v)      Tube light of brand Surya/ Philips of 60 cm. With choke, fittings & starter etc.
(vi)     Flexible good quality insulation wire of 5Mtr length for extension of supply with ISI standard switch (5
(vii)    Fitting of Glow Sign Board at subscriber premises and connection to power supply at licensees’
(viii)   As per sample design (Colour & Writing) on flexed printed sheet with proportionate Size & colour.
(ix).    Warranty: The contractor should give minimum 12 months warranty against deceleration &
         manufacturing defects.

                                                        8                                       Signature of Bidder
                                        "D E C L A R A T I O N"

                "I / We hereby declared that I / We have carefully gone through the terms & conditions of Bid
        invited vide letter No. _______________________________________________________ in detail &
        agreed to the rates submitted by me / us in the above Rate Sheet and I / We agreed in full ".

1) Signature of the Party: ____________________________________________________
(Full Name (in Block Letters)

Capacity in which the offer is signed: _______________________________________
(Rubber Stamp is required)

2) Full Address:        ______________________________________________________




Telephone No (O) ________________

(R)             _____________________


Bid Security:
                   Receipt No.____________________of Book No._______________________________
Dtd.________________for          Rs._____________/-     or      DD      No.____________________________
Dtd._______________for Rs._________________                  of _________________ _________________ Bank
_________________________ Branch.

                                                       9                                    Signature of Bidder
                                        To be filled by the tenderer

From: _________________________



        The SDE (COML)
        % GMTD MANDI (H.P)


SUBJECT: Rates Quoted for supply of "Glow Sign Board for Providing at STD/PCO"

        REFERENCE: GMTD –MND/Glow Sign Board/08-09/04 dated 24-05-2008

I / We quote rates with reference to above mentioned No. _______________

S.No.   Name of the item             Quantity      Net Rates.(inclusive of all the taxes, duties, levies and
                                                   transportation along with fitting charges of each
                                                   In figures.               In words.
1       Size: (L x H x T) 60Cm x     919 Nos.
        35Cm x 15 Cm                 Glow sign
        for single side display.     Board

                                                            Signature of Authorized signatory & Seal

                                                       10                                      Signature of Bidder
                                         "BIO-DATA OF THE PARTY”

1) I) Name & Address of Firm/Party:_______________________________________________



                                      Telephone no(O):_____________________



    II) Whether it is a proprietorship or
       Partnership Concerned.____________________________________________________

    III) Full Name(s) of proprietor or partners:___________________________________
              (Attested copy of partnership deed
              invariably be attached )

    IV) Signature of the Party :           _________________________________
            (I signatory party other than proprietor/
            partner should enclosed authority letter
            from Proprietor )

2) Sales Tax Registration Number of the Firm/Party                :__________________

3) Reference number of Tender offer of the Firm / Party           :__________________

4) The party should indicate specifically whether they have supplied such type of the materials in BSNL at other stations,
   if yes, they should submit the approved rate & period of contract.

                                                Signature of Tenderer: __________________
                                                With seal.

                                                           11                                         Signature of Bidder

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