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									How to make money on the Internet ?
     How to make money on the Internet is a question thousands of people ask every day.
      Many are drawn to niche marketing which is radically promoted as a way to make real
      money online. Is it true or is it just a concept that does not work but has been hyped
      up to con us all? Is it different from bricks and mortar niche marketing? Is it easier,
      more profitable, less risky?

      It is not empty hype: it is true that there are always people wanting to buy specific
      products for which there are no established markets. It is also true that big businesses
      are not interested in catering to those people because they do not believe they can
      make enough money to justify what they have to outlay to attract the customers.

      In a bricks and mortar case scenario, niche marketing can be very risky, because the
      owner has costly overheads – rent, shop fittings, telephone, salaries, advertising etc. –
      and in any particular physical area there may not be a large enough concentration of
      potential customers to draw from, because the product is unusual.

      But in the online scenario, there are very few overheads. An e-commerce website can
      be set up for the cost of hosting the domain (good hosts provide excellent website
      building tools free with a contract); products do not have to be displayed, and websites
      can be promoted for free. Customers can be drawn from around the world, and
      because they are actively looking for what they want, the potential size of the market
      can be accurately researched.

      So the risk of setting up an online niche marketing business is practically zero and the
      capacity to draw customers is excellent. It is a very good recipe for success. There are
      many products that can assist in establishing this kind of online business. For
      information about one of them.

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