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					       MB4 and MB1 Supports Structure. MoU IHEP/CMS

        Memorandum of Understanding

                          between the





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         MB4 and MB1 Supports Structure. MoU IHEP/CMS

1.1 Introduction

    This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) defines the partnership
    between IHEP, Beijing, and the CMS Muon Subdetector Collaboration,
    hereinafter referred to as CMS-MSC, in the material procurement,
    manufacture, packaging and shipping of the MB1 and MB4 supports. The
    detector is described in the CMS Technical Proposal, December 15, 1994,
    the Technical Design Reports, and subsequent technical documents
    elaborating that design.
             This MOU is an agreement under the MOU between European
    Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Chinese Academy of
    Sciences (CAS) and other funding agencies concerning the CMS
    Collaboration, which in turn is under the umbrella agreement titled:"Co-
    operation Agreement Concerning the Further Development of Scientific
    and Technical Co-operation in the Research Projects of CERN" signed by
    CERN and the Chinese Government of the People's Republic of China,
    represented by its State Science and Technology Commission (now the
    Ministry of Sciences and Technology of China), in 1992.
    This MoU is designed to explicitly describe the mutual responsibilities and
    contributions between IHEP and the CMS-MSC and covers the time
    period from 1999 through 2004, in accordance with the overall
    construction schedule of the CMS detector, cf. Annex 7 of the CERN-
    China MoU.
    It does not constitute a legal, contractual obligation on the part of any of
    the parties to this MoU. It reflects an arrangement that is satisfactory to the
    parties, which also agree that this arrangement is not contradictory to or
    exceeding the respective obligations defined in the CERN-China MoU

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             MB4 and MB1 Supports Structure. MoU IHEP/CMS

2 Mutual Responsibilities between IHEP and CMS-MSC.

2.1   Responsabilities of CMS-MSC

       The Parties agree that CMS-MSC shall be responsible for the design, and
       final specifications of the Supports, described in Technical specifications.

       The CMS-MSC shall cover the cost of:
          raw material for the MB1 Support Structures;
          Custom fees and taxes outside China, if applicable.

2.2   Responsabilities of IHEP

       The Parties agree that IHEP shall be responsible for:
          the material procurement for MB1 and the MB4 Support Structures;
          the manufacture of the MB1 and MB4 Support Structures following
            the Technical Specification CMS-MSC………….., dated …………,
            which forms an integral part of this MoU;
          packaging according to the Technical Specification;
          shipping and insurance costs of MB1 and MB4 Support Structures
            from the production site to the final destination. Shipping conditions
            should comply with the requirements to guarantee safe delivery of
            the materials;
          the timely delivery at CERN P5 (Cessy-Prevessin, France), of the
            specified quantity of MB4 and MB1 Supports, according to the
            schedule agreed in the Technical Specification.

       The Parties agree that IHEP shall pay for:
          Cost of materials for MB4 Supports Structures as described in the
            Technical Specifications and in the related drawings;
          costs of manufacture of the MB1 and MB4 Support Structures
            following the Technical Specification;
          costs of packaging of the MB4 and MB1 Support Structures
            according to the Technical Specification;
          shipping and insurance costs for the delivery to the final destination,
            as well as local Custom fees and taxes, when applicable.

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          MB4 and MB1 Supports Structure. MoU IHEP/CMS

3 Amendments.

     Following the completion of the Technical Specification for production in
     accordance with IHEP, the CMS-MSC Project Manager, on
     recommendation of his technical representatives and in agreement with
     IHEP, may propose to amend the Technical Specification.
     In particular, the manufacture of MB1 Supports Structures are susceptible
     of complements and/or amendments on the basis of mutual agreement
     between the two parties.
     The drawings in Appendix B, MB1 Supports Structures, may need
     adjustments as a result of the integration process.

     The Parties agree that the assignment of the production of the MB1
     Supports Structures is subordinated to:
        the availability of stainless steel profiles in the Chinese market and
          the related costs;
        the availability, in the workshop which will be in charge of the
          manufacturing of the MB1 Supports Structures, of adequate
          technologies and skills in order to produce the MB1 Support
          Structures fulfilling the required Technical Specification.

4 Total value of the supports

     The value of the China contribution in the CMS Muon DT for the
     fabrication of the Support Structures is estimated as follows:
         200 kCHF for the fabbrication of the MB4 Support Structure;
         150 kCHF for the fabbrication of the MB1 Support Structure.

5 Schedule
     An agreed tentative schedule, covering items 2.1 of this MoU is provided
     in Appendix A and B. It is based on the current overall CMS General
     Assembly Planning .

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            MB4 and MB1 Supports Structure. MoU IHEP/CMS
6 Management

6.1   CMS Muon Subdetector Management

       For the purpose of this MoU the CMS Muon Subdetector Management has
       chosen to take residence at CERN. The CMS Muon Subdetector Managers
       have appointed appropriate Subdetector Co-ordinators responsible to them
       for subsystems. IHEP collaborates with the CMS Muon Subdetector
       Collaboration through the involvement in the Barrel Muon.

       The appointed co-ordinators in the Barrel Muon System are the muon
       technical co-ordinator, the muon chambers co-ordinator, the muon
       resources manager. The CMS Muon Subdetector contact person, in
       matters concerning this MoU, for the IHEP-Beijing is Domenico Dattola

6.2   China CMS management for the execution of this MoU

       IHEP contact person:        ………………………………………………..

6.3   Reporting

       The progress of the Supports manufacture at IHEP will be reported
       monthly by the IHEP contact person to the CMS Muon Subdetector
       contact person.

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         MB4 and MB1 Supports Structure. MoU IHEP/CMS

7 Makers and Concurrence

    The following persons concur in the terms of this Memorandum of
    Understanding. These terms will be updated as appropriate in
    Amendments of this Memorandum.


         For CMS Muon Detector                      for IHEP Beijing

    __________________________                 _________________________

    Fabrizio Gasparini
    CMS-Muon Project Leader                         ………………………...

    __________________________                 _________________________

    Domenico Dattola
    Project Responsible                             ………………………...

                       Copy sent to:

    Michel Della Negra
    CMS Spokesperson


    Diether Blechschmidt
    CMS Resource Manager


    Cristiana Peroni
    CMS-Muon Resources Manager

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