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									ISHS 2002
Day Three
Friday July 5th
                                    8.45 Sala Iacopo da Bertinoro
                                         Plenary Number 4

                                          Larry Ventis
                          College of William and Mary, Virginia, USA
                                Using Humour to Counter Fear
                                      Chair: Peter Derks
                                             Coffee break
           Humour and            Humour and           Narrative Humour       Computational             Sala Rossa
         Spoken Discourse         Terrorism           in Modernity and          Humour                Humour and
         Chair: Jodi Nelms     Chair: Paul Lewis       Post-modernity        Chair: Salvatore            Health
                                                     Chair: Sylvia Mittler      Attardo               Chair: Yuri
           Elisa E. Everts      Christie Davies                                                        Olshansky
            Georgetown           University of         Martin Halliwell        Anton Nijholt
             University,            Reading,             University of         University of        Giovannantonio
                USA                    UK            Leicester, Kinoulton,        Twente,              Forabosco
          ‘You’re Ugly and      British Jokes and             UK               Netherlands          Dipartimento di
            your Mother          Humours after        The Comic Role of        Do Embodied          Salute Mentale,
          Obviously Dresses      September 11th              Idiocy           Conversational         Azienda USL,
           you’ Exploring                                                    Agents Know When           Ravenna
              Functions                                                          to Smile?               Italy
                                                                                                      Humor and
                                   Paul Lewis            Sylvia Mittler
 10,00                             Boston State           University of
                                   University,             Toronto at        Graeme Ritchie
  to       Helga Kotthoff                                Scarborough,         University of
                                Chestnut Hill, MA
 11.00      University of             USA                   Canada             Edinburgh,            Joyce Saltman
             Freiburg,            Domesticating        Nikos Tsiforos and           UK             Southern State CT
             Germany           Terror: The Taliban   the Liberating Comic:      Towards a              University,
           Conversational      on Broadway;Taking      Pastiche, Carnival        Structural               USA
           Mocking and the     Osama to the Movies       and Revisionist     Definition of Puns      Take my Uterus
          Processing of New                              Historiography                                 Please!”

                                  Larry Mintz
                                  University of                                                       Hugo Stuer
                                   Maryland,                                                          University of
                                   Maryland,                                                           Antwerp,
                                     USA                                                               Belgium
                                  This Time is                                                     Oh What a Beautiful
                                   Different?                                                          Mourning

  to                                                 Coffee break
            Humour and           Humour and           Narrative Humour       Sala Affrescata      Humour and Health
          Spoken Discourse        Terrorism           in Modernity and       Advances in the           (cont.)
               (cont.)              (cont.)            Post-modernity          Science of            Chair: Yuri
          Chair: Jodi Nelms    Chair: Paul Lewis     Chair: Sylvia Mittler    Humour and             Olshansky
 11.15   Janet Bing & Dana        Alleen Nilsen       Sachiko Kitazume       Chair: Willibald         Don Baird
                 Heller           Arizona State       Kindai University           Ruch              Panic/Anxiety
  to        Old Dominion            University,      The Fantasy World of                          Recovery Center,
 12.45        University,              USA               Harry Potter        Sven Svebak &         Chicago, Illinois,
                Canada         Through the Eyes of a                         Rod A. Martin              USA
         How Many Lesbians         Child: Media                              The Norwegian          The Humour of
         does it Take to Screw      Allusions to                              University of       Muhammed Ali: From
           in a Light Bulb?    Children’s Literature                          Science and          Words to Magic--
                                  in Response to       Sahar A. Abbass        Technology          Humour and Identity

                                    September 11         Helwan University,         Trondheim,             Continuity
                                                                Cairo,              Norway; The
                                                                Egypt               University of
                                                            Humour and                 Western
         Claudia Bubel &                                 Undertones in Jean            Ontario,
             Alice Spitz           Victor Raskin              Anouilh's           Ontario, Canada      Waleed A. Salameh
              Saarland           Purdue University,      Becket, or the Honor     The Prevalence of   Director of Humour
             University,          West Laffayette,              of God            Sense of Humour     and Health Institute,
            Saarbrücken,              Indiana,                                       in a County            San Diego,
              Germany                   USA                                          Population:               USA
           One of the Last       Does Humour Ever                                  Relations with       The Transformative
         Vestiges of Gender      Influence Politics?                                Age, Sex and      Power of Humourous
               Bias: the                                    Lydia B. Amir            Some Body          Teaching Stories in
         Characterization of                               College of Media          Complaints        Triggering Personal
         Women through the                                 Studies,Tel Aviv,                             Change Using the
        Telling of Dirty Jokes                                  Israel                                Emotional Skills Self-
           in Ally Macbeal          Delia Chiaro              Nietzsche’s                              Improvement System
                                       Dept. of             Sanctification of                                (ESSIS)
                                  Interdisciplinary            Laughter            Rod A. Martin,
                                      Studies in                                  Patricia Puhlik-
                                     Translation,                                   Doris, Gwen
                                   Languages and                                   Larsen, Elisha
                                 Cultures, University                                Jamieson &         Yuki Ikeda and
          Ulrike Günther             of Bologna,                                      Teri-Ellen       Fumiko Kobayashi
           University of                Italy                                          Haddy           College of Nursing
             Freiburg,                                                            The University of         Tsu City,
             Germany             The Localization of a                                 Western                Japan
               What’s in a          Global War:                                        Ontario,         Humourous Story
              laugh? Jokes         Translating Bin                                Ontario, Canada      Telling Sessions for
             and Humour in          Laden Jokes.                                   Distinguishing            Nurses
                   the                                                                Potentially
             Conversational                                                         Beneficial and
               Part of the                                                           Deleterious
            British National                                                          Aspects of
                 Corpus             Humour and                                    Humour: Further
                                   Terrorism Open                                 Research with the
                                     Discussion                                    Humour Styles

                                                                                   F.A.Rodden, B.
                                                                                  Wild, W. Ruch,
                                                                                     W. Grodd
                                                                                    University of
                                                                                    University of
                                                                                  An fMRI Study of
                                                                                  Activation during
                                                                                  the Perception of
                                                                                  Humourous- vs.
13.00                                                   LUNCH BREAK
           Humour and            Intervention Studies     Italian Connexions                              Computational
         Spoken Discourse             of Humour              Chair: Lorene          Workshop                 Humour
              (cont.)            Chair: Sven Svebak              Birden               III                  Round table
         Chair: Janet Bing                                                                                Chair: Salvatore
                                 German Payo Losa           Anna Wegener                                     Attardo
15.00   Josianne Boutonnet        Colegio Antonio        Virginia Woolf and the    Yury Olshansky
 to        University of             Machado,              Value of Laughter       General Director        Victor Raskin
16.30     Wolverhampon,             Salamanca,                                     Soccorso Clown             Purdue
                UK                     Spain                                         Clown Aid            University, West
           Centering and         Humour and Conflict                                      &                Lafayette, IN,
         Humour in English           Resolution                                    Vincenzo D'Arista           USA
                                                          Tamara Vaserstein
                                                             Mansfield            Meyer Hospital of

                                                         University, USA         Florence,
                                                          Literary Noses:          Italy
                                                       Tragedy and Triumph
            Christian F.       Sharron Orovan &                                                   Oliviero Stock
           Hempelmann            Cheryl Webb
        Purdue University,     East Region Mental
          West Laffayette,      Health Services,
              Indiana,                USA                 Junichiro Sano
                                                                              The funny bone
                USA            Humour Techniques         Soka University,        revolution       Anton Nijholt
          Tout n’est-ce Pas     Used in Cognitive              Tokio          Soccorso Clown-     University of
              Purdue –         Behaviour Therapy               Japan           professionals of     Twente,
        Permissible Distance         Groups              Twain's Humour       the“ Medicine of     Enschede,
         and Recoverability                             Sublating Pessimism      Laughter”        Netherlands
          in Paranomastic                                  and Optimism

                               Leonor Lopez Fraga                                                 Graeme Ritchie
                                  & Juan Concha                                                    University Of
                                 Project Children,                                                  Edinburgh
                                  Clowning and                                                         UK
                               Resilience, N.G.O. El
                                Circo del Mundo,
                                Humour Stimulation
                                in Early Childhood

 to                                                    Coffee break

           Humour and          Humour and Gender        Patterns of Asian                            Humour in the
         Spoken Discourse        Chair: Regina              Humour                                      Media
              (cont.)              Barecca             Chair: John Parkin                            Chair: Laraine
         Chair: Janet Bing                                                                              Porter
                               Patricia A. Turner          Joel Cohn
        Marie–Jet Bekkers        University of           University of                               Grazia Sumeli
        Cardiff University,    California, Davis,           Hawaii,                                     Weinberg
                 UK                   USA                     USA                                    Department of
        Critical Moments in       We Laughs all         Farce, Chaos and                                Romance
        Casual Intercultural      the Time: Love,        Transcendence                                 Languages,
             Discourse-           Laughter and                                Workshop             University of South
          conversational          African-                                                               Africa,
         Humour Used to           American                                      III                   South Africa
         Mitigate Negative        Quilters                                                          Humour and Pulp
        Stereotyping of Self                             Chao-chih Liao                            Fiction: the Case of
             and other.                                     Feng Chia                                   Aldo Nove
                                                         University, Tai      Yury Olshansky
                                                             Chung,           General Director
                                                             Taiwan           Soccorso Clown
                                                       Universality, Humour     Clown Aid
        Diane M. Martin &        Linda A. Morris           and Hua-chi               &                 Eric Weitz
        John W. Schouten           University of                              Vincenzo D'Arista    University College
           University of         California, Davis,                           Meyer Hospital        Dublin, Trinity
            Portland,                CA, USA                                                        College Dublin,
16.45                                                                          of Florence,
              USA              Aging and Humour: a                                                  Gaiety School of
                                                       Gabriella Eichinger         Italy
 to      The Economics of       Literary Perspective                                                     Acting,
                                                            Ferro-Luzzi                                   Eire
18.15        Humour:
                                                        Istituto Orientale,
          Questioning the                                                                             Humour and
                                                              Napoli,                              Contemporary Irish
         Assumptions of a
                                                               Italy                               Performance from
         Commodity Model                                                      The funny bone
                                                        Comic Foolish and                            Inside and Out
                                                       Clever Characters in     revolution
                                                          Tamil Folktales      Soccorso Clown-
                                                                                professionals of
                                                                               the“ Medicine of

                                                                                                     Robin Jaeckle
                                                                                                       Institute for
                                                                                                   Travesty, Comedy,
                                                                                                      and Humour
                                                                                                       Humour and
                                                                                                   Comedic Restoration
                                                                                                    of Balance in The
                                                                                                    Whales of August

 to                                                    Coffee break
                           18. 30 Sala Iacopo da Bertinoro
                                    Plenary No. 5
                                Patrick Zabalbeascoa
                     Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain
        From Ha Ha to Boohoo. Humour and Translation Studies and Interdiscipline
                                 Chair: Delia Chiaro
                                             Gala Dinner
                                    La Roccia: Dante’s Balcony


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