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					                       Information about art. 13 del Decreto Legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196
                                     “Code concerning protection of personal data”

Dear Client,

the company "Metaltecnica Produzioni Srl", as manager of personal information, informs that the personal data obtained b y business
relations will be treated in accordance with the policy privacy "Code concerning protection of personal data" (d.lgs.196/2003 , art.13 "Codice
in materia di trattamento dei dati personali"). In accordance
to the Italian code, the treatment will respect the principles of correctness, legality and transparency, protecting the client’s privacy. The
person in charge in treatment of client’s personal information, uses only the necessary personal data and carries out all ope rations in
respect of writing instructions.

The personal information collected are:

* identity data (company name, company office, telephone number, fax number, e mail, fiscal data, etc..);
* data concerning economic and trade activity (orders, economic availability, banking, accounting and fiscal data, etc..)

These data can be supplied directly by the client or indirectly by autonomous entities (our agents and representative for dat a concerning
contracts and orders or commercial information societies, registers, lists or databases for data concerning economic availability, etc..).

The company "Metaltecnica Produzioni Srl" uses the client’s data for the following purposes:

* execution of contracts stipulated with the client and of the connected commitment;
* execution of law obligations, connected to the contract;
* management of the contract (for example relations with our agents and representatives);
* protection of contractual rights;
* statistic analysis;
* marketing activities (delivery of promotional and publicity material concerning the items or the services connected to the contract);
 * information concerning the economic availability.

The conferring and the relative treatment of data which are necessary for contractual and legal executions, are obligatory. T he possible
refusal to communicate the data necessary for contractual and legal executions, could determinate the impossibility to procee d with the
contractual relations and the legal obligations.

The conferring and the relative treatment of data which are useful for the realization of statistic analysis, the marketing activity and
information concerning the economic availability are optional.

The personal data will be treated by paper, computer and web ways.
They will be placed in appropriate database (clients, suppliers, administration, agents), so these data can be known by the employees of
commercial, production, accounting, administrative, security and maintenance departments.

The client’s data collected for the contractual execution, could be transmitted to the following entities:

* transport agencies and couriers concerning the goods’ delivery and customs formalities;
* banks concerning payments and takings management;
* financial administrations or public entities in accordance with the law;
* lawyer offices concerning the defence of contractual rights;
* self employed person concerning the administrative and accounting executions.

The client’s data could be transmitted to agents and representatives who work for "Metaltecnica Produzioni Srl" company or to contractors
and autonomous workers to permit the management of the contract.
For the elaboration of statistic analysis the client’s personal data could be transmitted only in united and anonymous way.
For the marketing activity generally the client’s personal data aren’t communicated to third entities; this communication is possible only to
agents and representatives who work for "Metaltecnica Produzioni Srl" and who work as independent holders of client’s data.

The company "Metaltecnica Produzioni Srl" could communicate the client’s data to commercial information agencies.

The client’s personal information will not be diffused.
The client’s e-mail will be used to send our updated offers, thanks publicity communications. The client has the access to his data and has
the right to ask the elimination, the modification, the updating or the block of illegal and illegitimated data. The client can send a similar
request to postal address "Metaltecnica Produzioni Srl"-via Vivaldi,13- 47814 Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)Italy or an e-mail to: info@metal- or a fax to: 0039.0541.347660. The person in charge in the treatment of personal informations is Mrs Isora Baschetti. We
suggest you to read all our privacy policy, to know the complete list of persons in charge of data treatment.

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