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									        How to Earn Money on Twitter

Did you know you can get paid to tweet?


Well you can with Sponsored Tweets.

Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with

Advertisers can create sponsored conversations on Twitter.. and Tweeters can earn
money for spreading the word.

Let me show you how!


First of all you need to sign-up to Sponsored Tweets..

Allow Sponsored Tweets to connect with your Twitter account,

Next, fill out all the relevant details.

You will also notice the suggested price to be charged to advertisers per tweet.. this is
automatically worked out based on your Twitter metrics including number of followers,

You can change it to whatever you want.. but my suggestion is to leave it as the default..
in time as your Twitter followers grow so will this price..

I also recommend being notified via email (rather than Direct Message).. I personally
tend to reside more in my email inbox than my Twitter inbox.

When you have finished click on <register as a tweeter>,


You have successfully signed-up.

Now the ball is in the advertiser’s court.. if an advertiser wants you to send out a tweet
promoting their product, they will contact you,

Accepting an Offer

When an advertiser offers you the opportunity to advertise their product, you will receive
an email notification.

This email will show the offered price,

You have 3 days to accept this offer, otherwise it will expire.

To accept the offer login to your account.

Once you have logged in, you will see that you have an open opportunity.

The first thing I normally do is click on the Destination Link to see the actual product you
will be advertising,

In this particular case, this advertiser wants me to advertise their new iPhone application,


You have to disclose that this tweet is sponsored or is an ad.

Select a disclosure method from the drop-down menu,

Once you have chosen a disclosure method, then next thing to do is write your tweet.

Click on <write my tweet>,

The tweet field will be pre-populated with the disclosure type you selected earlier, and a
shortened link to the product you will be advertising,

Your job now is to fill in the body of the tweet.. basically promoting the product..
something along the lines of “Hey check this out“..

If you remove the disclosure from the tweet.. you will see a message saying Missing
disclosure: Interject?.. which is telling you that the disclosure is mandatory,

Submit Tweet for Approval

Once you have written your tweet promoting the product and included the disclosure..
click on <tweet this>,

This tweet goes into a pending status awaiting the advertiser to either accept or reject
your tweet,

Clicking on the Pending tab will display the pending tweet that is awaiting the advertiser’s

If you need to you can edit this by clicking on the <edit – oops, I need to fix something>

You will also receive an email advising that your tweet has been submitted for approval,

Advertiser Requesting a Change

Occasionally the advertiser will request you make a change to the tweet you have
submitted for their review.

Usually this is because the tweet you have written (promoting their product) isn’t quite

If this is the case, you will receive an email advising a change has been requested,

Once you have logged back into Sponsored Tweets you will notice the Change Request

The change requested will be clearly displayed,

Update your tweet to meet the change request requirements.. then click on <resubmit

This newly updated tweet once again goes into a pending status, for the advertiser to


If the advertiser is happy with your tweet, it will be approved and you will be sent an
email notification of this,

You don’t need to do anything.. except for sit back and put your feet up.

The advertiser will tweet this out shortly,

Good News! You Just Got Paid for Tweeting

Every time someone clicks on your tweet you will be paid.

You will also receive an email notification advising that you have just been paid,

Sponsor Me

If you are an advertiser and would like me to advertise your product.. let’s get the ball


Sponsored Tweets is a great way to earn some extra money using Twitter.

In time as your Twitter followers grow, so too will your authority.. which means
advertisers will offer you more and more money to advertise their product.

What are you waiting for, sign-up and start getting paid!

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