Improvement Plans should be S-M-A-R-T

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					Disability Services Team (DST) Review Action Plan 2007/08

Service          Improvement Activity          Importance   Responsibility      Resources                  Comments
Outcome                                                     Start Date
                                                            End Date
1          To    To improve recording and data High         Lynda Hughes        Manager’s           time. (Based on a stable
increase the     quality    to     ensure   reflect         July 2007 March     Performance team and population of 112790)
number      of   accurately the service activity,           2008                staff (training needs as
people           through all staff recording                                    required)
helped      to   information on RAISE, and
live at home     ensure       that     assessment
from 3.2% to     commissioned by Adult Services
3.4%     from    are captured and recorded
361 to 384 by    To publicise the function of Med           Lynda Hughes        Cost     of     printing   Also relates to outcome
April    2008    disability services to disabled            and        Team     estimated at £1,500.       3 on going activity. No
and to 3.6%      adults under 65 by means of                managers       to   Increased cost of care     data available to support
by      2009;    leaflets distributed at council            have information    packages estimated to      the effectiveness of this.
3.8% by 2009     building and health centres, plus          by    December      be £150 per person
(KPI C29)        improved internet page.                    07- on going        per week gross.            This is dependent upon
                                                                                                           increased resources for
                                                                                                           care packages within the

                Redesign referral and allocation Med   Team Managers Staff time             This will also reduce the
                process to manage increased            July 2007 –                          waiting list to agreed
                referral rate by utilising existing    review February                      targets set in June 07
                enquiry officers to redirect people    08                                   (written in months). Deaf
                with low risk to alternative                                                16-4; blind 14-4 Phys dis
                services      (e.g.    day     time                                         low 8-3 Phys dis Med 6-
                opportunities) and give more                                                1; Mobility 3-1 Daily
                decision-making responsibility to                                           living 6-1
                duty officers.
                To review contracts (e.g. Bury Med     Lynda Hughes   Staff time            Links with reviewing the
                Society for the Blind) to identify     November 2007-                       core functions of DST.
                roles and activities which can be      April 2008                           Needs      to    establish
                re assigned to these providers to                                           baseline figures.
                increase numbers of 18-65 years
                disabled people receiving a
2      To re-   To review the core function of High    Lynda Hughes Managers and other Requires     change      of
assess the      disability Services in line with       and        Team staff time.     culture     to      deliver
financial re-   statutory and policy guidelines in     managers                        services in different way
quirements      order to determine whether             including legal
of       the.   specific    services     can     be    and      contract
Service.        outsourced to the third sector or      staff.    August
                private providers through a            2007 – April
                tendering process.                     2009

To improve Review at Seedfield contacts.           High   Lynda Hughes 32 hours £10,000               Currently 4th post filled
efficiency                                                /Barbara Hutton                             by relief staff
capacity in                                               June          07
the service.                                              December 08      £4,000                   Saved through review of
              Reduce Sickness absence from         High   Management                                To monitor quarterly.
              22.43 FTE days (06/07) to 10.8              Team                                      Will provide a reduction
              FTE days (07/08).                                                                     in cost.
              Review processes across the          Med    Kath Hodgkiss £12,000          –     blue Further efficiencies will
              service including blue badge                June 07 review badgets.                   be identified.
              scheme.                                     December 07
              To produce a strategy for DST        High   Lynda Hughes                                Following
              including a three year plan for             December 07 –                               recommendations         of
              development to integrate with               April 2010                                  review.
              other services e.g. PCT to give a                                                       Links back to increase
              clear direction for the service                                                         number of C29
              Review roles and responsibilities    High   Lynda Hughes      Staff time. Reconfigure To       identify Gershon
              of staff and reallocate resources           team managers     current resources.        savings to be re invested
              as appropriate in order to realign          and       staff                             in    the     service   to
              with proposed strategy                      August 2007 –                               maximise       assessment
                                                          November 2007                               time for young disabled
3 To improve To      standardise  customer Medium         Kath Hodgkiss     Staff       time      for Comments will inform
customer     feedback mechanisms across the               September 07 –    distribution         and service developments
satisfaction service.                                     December 07       collation and reporting

To introduce self-assessment HIGH     Lynda Hughes Managers time and         Will also reduce waiting
tools and processes to reduce         August 2007 – staff time and support   list    and      improve
assessment waiting times and          January 2008  services                 customer     satisfaction
empower users and contribute to                     Printing, training of    and contribute towards
the prevention strategy.                            staff and system to      C29
                                                    process      completed
                                                    assessment. Cost to
                                                    be determined.
To respond to complaints and High     All managers  Staff time
compliments within target time
scales by more delegation as
appropriate      and       giving
complaints a high priority
To review existing packages of High   Lynda Hughes    Staff time             May result in a range of
people to ensure assessed                                                    options to enable people
needs continue to be met.                                                    to be in control of their


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