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									         “Soon,” Mr. Squeakers thought to himself. “Soon I shall rule the world.”
         “You're sure you're okay with leaving him behind?” asked Devon.
         “I trust Kevin. I'm sure the two will get along well,” replied the Wanderer.
         “Fine, I'll be more direct. You're absolutely certain you want to go?”
         “If I don't and someone gets killed, I'll never be able to forgive myself.”
         “I guess we'd better get to the airport, then. We don't want to miss our flight.”
         The two departed, leaving Mr. Squeakers alone in his cage. There was a loud click as they
locked the door. Within seconds, Mr. Squeakers had forced the cage door open. “The fools,” he
mused, “They forgot to turn off the television.” He quickly scurried to the living room, where he found
the large glowing rectangle turned to a news station. A silly-looking female human in a nice suit was
ranting about the usual political garbage, and a box on the screen declared, “This just in: Area senator
found in bed with own wife.” Mr. Squeakers sighed and turned the power off.
         “So, I've got two weeks to myself. I should call up some friends. Then the fun can really begin.
Oh, that reminds me, I need to write a note.” He found a pencil tip and quickly scratched out a note on
a piece of paper that read, “Hey Kev! Sorry about the misunderstanding, seems Devon already hired a
sitter for the mouse. I'll still get you the money. Thanks!” He left the note by the cage for Kevin to
         Having finished that task, Mr. Squeakers set about planning the rest of his vacation. Whiskers
bristling with excitement, he drew up plans for his latest doomsday device. Not the most useful of
toys, but always fun to design. He had a few hundred gathering dust in the basement. He considered
for a moment finding a better hiding spot, but decided against it. It was too much effort to move them,
and it wasn't likely anyone was going to find them anyway.
         About halfway through his sketch, Mr. Squeakers heard the sound of shattering glass. He
sighed. So much for a peaceful vacation. He went to investigate. In the kitchen, he found the source
of the noise. Apparently, a thief had broken the window and was currently busy trying to climb through
it. However, he was having trouble, as his chicken suit was caught on some of the broken shards.
Chicken suit? Mr. Squeakers laughed evilly. This was going to be fun.

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