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									Financial Management Checklist
                      #                                       Checklist Item                                      Required   Comments
                          1 Service-focused Financial analysis
                              Is there mechanism for calculating costs for the provisioning of each service,
                              itemized by cost types (e.g. licenses, material, labor) which includes direct and
                              indirect costs?
                              Are trends in the provisioning costs for services taken into consideration?

                              Is there tracking for variable cost dynamics?
                              (Estimates of how costs will change in the case of increasing/descreasing
                              service demand, Thresholds of service demand which require the service
                              provider to make significant investments)

                              Is there Service Value Potential analysis?
                              (Competing alternatives and their prices, Value of the service provider’s
                              comparative advantages (e.g. unique knowledge of the customers’ business
                              processes, security concerns), Costs for switching to competing service
 Financial Analysis

                              Profitability (actual revenues and profit margins for each service)
                              Is there Identification of financially unviable services? (no longer efficiently
                              provided service, provided at financial loss, unprofitable service risk due to
                              declining demand)
                          2 Do we consider Customer profitability
                            (Actual revenues from each customer, Profits from each customer)
                          3 Is there asset valuation analysis?
                            (Values of tangible service assets (infrastructure components), Estimates of the
                            values of intangible assets (e.g. technical expertise, knowledge of the customers’
                            business processes))
                          4 Is there Post-Program Return on Investment Analysis: Assessment if financial
                            objectives of past investments have been met for following:
                              1. Investment/ project

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Financial Management Checklist
                      #                                        Checklist Item                   Required   Comments
                          1  2. Business case
                             3. Budget spent
                             4. Expected benefits
                             5. Realized benefits
                          5 Are there other activities to be added ? (If yes, please specify)
 Financial Analysis

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