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					                                         INTERNATIONAL OFFICE
                       Undergraduate Visiting Student Programme 2008- 2009
                  Information for Students applying through the Erasmus Scheme

Many thanks for your interest in studying at The University of York as part of the Visiting Student Programme
through the Erasmus Scheme. We hope that the information below will aid the processes surrounding your
decision to choose The University of York, and the rapid turn around of the submission of your application.

The following information will act as valuable tools in researching The University of York.

Term dates for the academic year 2008/2009 are as follows:

                       Autumn Term: 13th October – 19th December 2008
                       Spring Term:         12th January – 20th March 2009
                       Summer Term:         27th April– 3rd July 2009
                       (Accommodation is available on the Sunday prior to the start of each new term)

The University of York website is:
Visiting Students information can be viewed at
Accommodation information can be viewed at
International Student Support information can be viewed at:

Many students applying through the Erasmus Scheme are pre-selected to enter the University of York by their
home institution, in liaison with the Departmental Erasmus Coordinators here at the University of York. Although
this may be the case it is necessary to follow the steps as detailed below in order to guarantee prompt processing
of applications.

  All Erasmus students must submit a University of York Visiting Student Programme application form.
Please note a home institution Erasmus application form is not sufficient for our administrative purposes.

Please follow the steps below for the successful completion of a Visiting Student application:

1) Before completing application materials, please carefully read the instructions on how to make an application
   for the Visiting Student Programme. Details can be viewed at the following link:

2) Please download the following application form from the following link, and complete the form in full:

       Please note the following must be submitted alongside your application form:
          a) Your official transcript, examination or seminar certificates or other official records showing:   *
              Title of qualification working towards
              * Declared / intended major/principle subject of study
              * Courses taken so far showing credits and grades achieved
              * Overall level of achievement

           b) Academic reference enclosed in a sealed envelope
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                 c) Language certificates where applicable
                 d) List of preliminary module choices (other than those required by your home university as stated
                 e) English literary critical essay of 1500 words for candidates applying to the Dept. of English

Please note: As an Erasmus student you are entering The University of York through a Bilateral
Agreement which is held between the host and the home institution. This means that you are expected to
study courses for the subject areas as outlined within this agreement. On occasion Erasmus students do
request to study a minor part of a major/minor study combination within other subject areas. If you wish to
do so then this must be indicated within the Visiting Student application form. You must be must be aware
however that acceptance in to other subject areas is at the discretion of individual departments and this
can not be guaranteed.

3) Return your completed application form, alongside all requested documents to The University of York
   International Office C/O The Study Abroad Coordinator, either by fax or the postal service as per the details
   below, by the designated deadline:

                              For Autumn Term entry:                    30th June 2008
                              For Spring Term entry:                    31st October 2008
                              For Summer Term entry:                    31st January 2009

For information, the International Office adhere to processing all applications as quickly as possible, alongside
keeping the applicant informed at all stages of the application via email correspondence.

The processes surrounding your application are as follows:
            On receipt of an application the International Office will deal with the necessary administrative processes
            – student will receive an email to acknowledge receipt of application.
            The application will be sent to the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator for approval.
            The application will be returned to the International Office. The Study Abroad Coordinator will collate an
            offer letter and information pack – student will receive an email to confirm acceptance.
              The applicant will receive the offer letter and information pack, including accommodation materials, via the
              postal service. All acceptance materials should be returned to the International Office by the designated
              deadline, as stated within the official offer letter.
              On receipt of acceptance materials within the International Office, the applicant will be officially welcomed
              as a Visiting Student – student will receive this welcome via email correspondence.
            Visiting Students who have accepted their place will be sent information via the postal service one month
            prior to their arrival at York, including details on what to do on arrival, enrolment, and orientation – student
            will also receive this information via email correspondence.
            Visiting Students (providing they have returned the accommodation form by the designated deadline) will
            receive information surrounding their accommodation allocation directly from the Accommodation Office,
            which student generally receive two to four weeks prior to the arrival date.

If you should have any questions or queries surrounding an application or the Visiting Student Programme, please
do not hesitate to the Study Abroad Coordinator at or (+44) 1904 432846

Study Abroad Team                                                              Tel:         +44 1904 432846
International Office                                                           Fax:         +44 1904 434268
University of York                                                             Email:
York, YO10 5DD, UK

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