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					Tuscans are joyful and happy people and, their gaiety was already famous in
ancient times.
In fact every town in Tuscany organises games and famous festivities and
they are well known all over the world.

In Florence , the seat of Tuscany government , the game of soccer was born,
at the end of 1400. Still today , every year Florentines play a game called
“soccer in custom” because players wear old medieval customs, and follow
the same rules of those times.
Before the game starts there is a parade with tambourine, buglers and
players of flageolet.
In Florence the most important festivity is Saint Giovanni (Saint John), is the
Patron Saint, on the 24th of June, at night there are beautiful fireworks.

Siena is famous for the Palio. Which is taken twice in a year on 2nd of July
and 16th of August it consists of a running of horses each of them represent a
district of the town.

Viareggio, a city in Lucca’s province, is known all over the word for his
famous carnival, this festivity lasts approximately a month and every Sunday
you can assist to an amusing parade of allegorical wagons and it’s a beautiful
seaside on the Tirreno sea.

In July Pistoia is animated by a particular festivity called “the bear’s
tournament”, the district of the city participate here to this tournament
covering a track at a gallop, the knight hits a target supported by the legs of a
bear wins .

Arezzo is famous for the “Saracino’s tournament”, also during this festivity ,
after a historical corteo in colourful customs , the districts of the city compete
with their knights who must hit a target “the Saracino” with their laurels.

As you see Tuscany in the centuries was animated by frequent festivities; for
Tuscan people festivities were a duty they thought it was a pleasure living
together so they created the occasion to let people meet in the squares and
make fun together.

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