Checklist for International by fionan


									Pre-Departure Checklist
INSTRUCTIONS: Please review the Pre-Departure Checklist to ensure that you have made all the
key preparations prior to departure on your international co-op work term. You may keep this Pre-
Departure Checklist for your personal reference.

Emergency Procedures:
1. Carry the Emergency Card in your wallet at all times (and other SFU Co-op phone numbers):
        a. For hospitalizations, arrests, personal safety issues, etc use the SFU Emergency Card
        b. For concerns related to your international co-op work term, contact your Faculty Co-op
            Coordinator or the International Co-op Coordinator
1. Obtained a Passport.
2. Obtained required Visa (s).
3. Submitted your Co-op Placement Form to your Faculty Co-op Office.
4. Left a photocopy of all of your important travel documentation (passport, visa, credit cards, etc) with a
   family member/ friend.
5. Allocated Power of Attorney where necessary.
6. Exempted from the UPASS card for the time you are away (check your fees first, if you have been
   charged follow up with your Faculty Co-op Coordinator).
7. Arranged your SFU course registration and payment of your registration (and other) fee (s).
8. Optional—Obtained an International driver’s license / International Driving Permit (IDP).
9. Optional— Obtained an International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

Submitted to SFU International Co-op Office (Burnaby Campus, MBC 1150):
1. The Risk and Responsibilities Form
2. The Pre-departure Information Form
3. Duplicate photocopies of:
             Passport
             Visa/ Work Permit
             Airline ticket or travel itinerary
             Employment Contract/ Co-op Placement Form
             International Co-op Award Application (if applicable).

1. Applied for awards and bursaries.
2. Adequate local currency to cover off taxi/ transportation needs and unexpected expenses.
3. Ensure adequate financial resources for your international co-op work term and access to your finances
    while you are overseas (i.e. online banking, etc).
4. Set aside some emergency funds.
5. Cleared any debt with the University.
6. Completed student loan forms to indicate continuing student status.
7. Bring a credit card in case of emergency.

Transportation and Accommodation
1. Arranged the travel to your host country and specific destination (flights, trains).
2. Arranged your accommodations.

                                        SFU International Co-op, email:, phone 778.782.2189
3.   Confirm the address and phone numbers of where you will be staying or phone numbers of the
     person(s) who will be picking you up.

Medical and Health
1. Obtained your medical examinations, inoculations, and vaccines.
2. Have copies of medical records, prescriptions, and health certificate(s) as your country may need
   verification of your dental/ doctor checkups. Be sure you are comfortable if the doctor in your host
   country has no medical or dental history on you.
3. Confirm prescriptions and checked DFAIT website as to what drugs you can bring into your host


1.   Check with I have a Plan for the extent of medical coverage.
2.   Check with MSP regarding medical coverage while you are away and whether MSP will be active
     upon your return.
3.   Obtain Emergency/ Extended Medical insurance as required (know the details about the insurance
     company, policy, and overseas contact number).
4.   Check Travel Insurance coverage (for example, home owner policy, credit cards).
5.   Obtain Travel Insurance as required (know the details of the insurance company, policy, overseas
     contact number).

                                       SFU International Co-op, email:, phone 778.782.2189

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