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                                                  Nanotechnologies: Competitiveness & innovation for industrial growth

               Instructions and Template for Abstracts Submission at Nanotec2009.it

                                             Author A *, author B**.,....
                             * name of the organisation of author A, address, author email
                             ** name of the organisation of author B address, author email

General participation rules                                    Carefully check contents and format of your article
                                                               before submitting (it will appear in the published
This page provides guidelines for submitting an
                                                               document in exactly the same form).
extendend abstract for oral or poster presentation at
                                                               Only manuscript compliant with the format indicated in
The text is itself an example of the layout and style
                                                               this template will be considered.
required for the 2-page (maximum) abstract that will be
published in the Nanotec2009.it book of abstract.

Only manuscript compliant with the format indicated in         Paper layout
the next pages will be considered.                             Text should be produced in two columns within the
                                                               dimensions shown on these pages (columns 8.1cm wide
Abstracts are expected to be in English. Presentations         and 0,8cm spaced), using an A4-Letter paper size.
can be in Italian or English. Simultaneous translation
will be available.                                             Text format
                                                               The title should be in boldface letters centered across the
Deadlines                                                      top of the first page using 12-point type. First letter
Applications must be forwarded to info@nanotec2009.it          capitals only for the title. Insert a blank line after the
by December 22nd 2008.                                         title, followed by Author Name(s) and Affiliation(s),
                                                               centered and in 12 point non-bold type.
Please indicate in the accompanying email text preferred
type of presentation:                                          Fonts and spacing
     Poster or oral presentation                              Times or Times Roman is the recommended typeface for
     Only oral presentation                                   all the text (main text , section and subsection headings,
     Only poster presentation                                 caption, etc) using 10-point type. The smallest allowed
                                                               type size for all text and within figures is 9-points.
                                                               Single (1.0) line spacing is recommended.
Papers selection
Contributes will be selected by the Scientific Committee       Page numbers, footers and headers
of the Conference, acceptance and type of presentation         Do not put numbers, running footers or headers on
(oral or poster) will be notified to the author by January     pages.
30th 2009.
                                                               Section and sub-section headings
Only original material dealing with R&D are accepted.          Section headings should be 10 point boldface letters, left
Commercial and promotional material will not be                justification. Sub-section headings should be 10 point
considered.                                                    italic letters. All headings are not numbered.
Priority will be given to relevant case of nanotechnology
commercialisation, technology transfer, research
activities at advanced stage of development with an high
potential of application .

Authors are expected to be present at the conference.
Those notified of the acceptance of the paper will be
asked to register (at least one) by February 12th 2009.

Word file preparation
Documents must be submitted in electronic format as a
Microsoft Word file. PDF file should be also submittted
when complex table and figures are present in the text.
                                                  Nanotechnologies: Competitiveness & innovation for industrial growth
Tables and Figures
The abstract text must not contain photographs and
Tables and figures can appear within columns or span
both columns. They should have a caption and be center
justified. Figures must be at least 300 dpi resolution or
equivalent. All lettering should be 10-point type. Figures
must not extend into the margins.

             Figure 1 Airi/NanotecIT Logo

References should be collected at the end of the paper.
When referring to them in the text, type the
corresponding reference number in square brackets as in
this example [1].

[3] Author, "Title (optional)," Journal, Volume, Pages,

Detail of the author presenting the paper could be added
to the text (maximum 100 words).

Indication of the email/phone of at least one author is

                                                               Maximum lenght is 2 pages
Nanotechnologies: Competitiveness & innovation for industrial growth

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