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					                                        ProTon Europe Training School
                                      Managing the University–Industry Interface
                                             3rd – 4th October 2005, Cadiz Spain

    The Cadiz Training School marks the fourth event in ProTon Europe‟s
    Training Programme. The School is designed to deliver basic concepts in the
    management of knowledge and the transfer between Universities and Industry.
    The hallmark of ProTon Europe’s programmes is that they deliver high quality,
    practical training. Experienced KT practitioners, specialists in their field, lead the
    courses. They share their expertise and knowledge through interactive workshops,
    delivering a mix of presentations, group discussion, case study work, use of tools
    and practical exercises.
    The Cadiz Training School opens with plenary sessions planned to identify the
    challenges KT professionals face and to provide a KT Framework within which to
    orient the areas of activity in which they engage. The second half of the morning
    moves to KT Policy Development and includes the first of the „learning by doing‟
    workshops. The programme then provides for a series of workshops covering:
        “The Management of Innovation”
        - Setting Up and Running Spin-Off Companies
        - Licensing: Dissecting a Standard Agreement
        - Understanding IP & Policies Necessary for its Exploitation
        “The Management of Transfer Offices”
        - KT Practices: Working in the TO
        - Marketing Research: from the Lab to the Market Place
        - KT Resources: Building and Developing a Team of Experts
    Delegates can follow a single stream or pick-and-mix workshops (for this
    purpose some workshops will be repeated twice).
    The Cadiz Training School contributes to ProTon Europe’s mission to raise
    the professional competence of knowledge transfer practitioners by facilitating
    an on-going programme of training and staff exchange, and by disseminating
    models, tools and examples of good practice.

Location   Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad de Cadiz, Cadiz, Spain

Who        Individuals representing institutions in the process of making policy decisions
Should     on the establishment a dedicated knowledge transfer offices.
           Individuals from TOs who are new entrants to the profession or who are new
           to the areas of implementing polices and procedures for managing the
           University – Commercial interface.

Price      The course fee, to include tuition, all materials, refreshments, lunches and the
           dinner on Monday evening is €450 for ProTon members residing in the EU-15
           countries. For ProTon members resident in new member states there is a
           discounted price of €200.
           Application for membership (free in 2005) is via Fees
           for non-members are double those given above.
           You are free to book your own accommodation, although you may wish to take
           advantage of a special deal made with the Cadiz Parador (€83 per night inc. breakfast).
Timetable           Monday 3 October 2005

                    08:30 – 09:00 Registration
Day One of Course   09:00 – 10:00 Plenary: Knowledge Transfer Challenges
                    10.00 – 10:45 Plenary: KT Framework Guide
                    10.45 – 11:15 Plenary: KT Policy Development in Institutions
                    11.15 – 11:30 Tea/Coffee & Networking
                    11:30 – 12:30 Workshop Groups: Exercises KT Policy Design
                    12:30 – 14:00 Lunch & Networking
                    14:00 – 17:15     Parallel Workshops
                                         Session 1 Setting up and running Spin-Off
                                         Session 2 KT Practices: Working in the TO
                                         Session 3 Understanding IP & Policies Necessary for
                                                   its Exploitation
                    15:30 – 15:45     Tea/Coffee mid-session
                    17:15 – 20:00     Free Time
                    20:00 till late   Event hosted by ProTon Europe

                    Tuesday 4 October 2005

                    9:00 – 12:15      Parallel Sessions
Day Two of Course                        Session 4 Licensing: Dissecting a Standard
                                         Session 5 Marketing Research: from the Lab to the
                                                   Market Place
                                         Session 6 KT Practices: Working in the TO
                                                     (repeat of session 2)
                    10:30 – 10:45     Tea/Coffee mid-session
                    12:15 – 13:30     Lunch & Networking
                    13:30 – 16:45     Parallel Sessions
                                         Session 7 Understanding IP & Policies Necessary for
                                                   its Exploitation (repeat of session 3)
                                         Session 8 KT Resources: Building and Developing a
                                                   Team of Experts
                                         Session 9 Marketing Research: from the Lab to the
                                                   Market Place (repeat of session 5)
                    15:00 – 15:15     Tea/Coffee mid-session
                    16:45 – 17:15     Plenary Session Conclusion and Delegate Feedback
                    17:15                           Close

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