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									Mind over


              Telepathy: Almost everyone knows an instance of the so-called sixth sense, yet
              be aware of someone else's thoughts does not exist as it has no physical basis. T
              used it as a survival mechanism. It involves mind to mind contact - communicatio
Sedgwick      beyond the normal or ordinary – beyond the frequencies of the five physical sense
              Telepathy often involves people connecting into the same frequency therefore sen
              perceptive or projective. Some people are better receivers while others are bette
              before the phone rings--then you are a good receiver. The caller thinks of you
              'instinct' in humanity that creates the ability that we call telepathy, clairvoyance,
              have how to rely on our basic instincts, which is intuition, because of our reliance

Electrical    When we are in 'trouble' we revert back to our natural survival instincts - in which
              of telepathic communication in families - often in specific families as the DNA
Phenomena     through the female line. Mothers seem the most intuitive with telepathy, femini
              side) of the brain.

              As a 'Psychic Sensitive' I am naturally gifted to send and receive messages. Th
              DNA opening at an early age. I am the member of my family who is more percep
              uncanny accuracy. When you are a psychic - you open the intuitive side of your br
Trance        Natural empathy is a very rare gift, but I must acknowledge I do not always see it a
              accept this ability and even now there are times when it feels more like curse. Em
Work          makes me „experience or feel‟ someone else‟s emotions and pain as if it was my o
              by someone else‟s pain, grief, anger etc.

              Being telepathic allows me to, hear a person‟s thoughts in my head as if it were m
Levitation    thoughts simultaneously. At worst, I become very sensitive to everyone and every
              to physical illness. It was hard but I have managed to a certain degree to gain lim
              am now able to close it off and shut myself down in meditation. it will never be fu
              bit of control. I can filter emotions from people, so that I am not „flooded‟ or „overw

              I still don‟t always see my empathy or telepathy as a gift to help others, when I get
Healing       „cursed‟ with it but that feeling fades quickly when I use the ability to truly help som

              There are those who believe that a true 'Healer' is born. They are very much huma
              and many times they -discover- it the first time they are hurt. I can relate very we
              hurt was when I was slapped across the face by a parent, I still do not remember w
              distinctly being so shocked that I left my physical body until the pain eased, I have
              still very sensitive to emotionally charged situations, cannot abide any form of viol
              cope with this earthly realm.
What is
Aura?         Most healers are gifted with other abilities, I have the ability to see into the future
              clairvoyance. Although I must stress that I believe that we create our future throu
              can be changed. Although destiny plays a role, we are what we believe.

              The ability to 'touch' the mind, used mostly to help and soothe is truly amazing,, as
              mind of a terrible experiences, or heal the mind of that which is harmful has been
              the 'Healer' is able to restore life and vitality to things such as plants and other no
Identifying   Now add to this gifts of mediumship, clairvoyance, telepathy and empathy and he
with a
Specific      Sedgwick Experiments
              Telepathy is direct transference of thought from one person (sender or agent) to
              using the usual sensory channels of communication, hence a form of extrasenso
              of telepathy has not yet been proved, some Para-psychological research studies
              such techniques as card guessing with a special deck of five sets of five cards. T
              order of the five card symbols while the percipient tries to think of the order on
              general ESP test the sender concentrates on the face of one card at a time while
Colour        Subjects are, separated by a screen or some greater obstacle or distance.
              extremely rare, particularly as testing methods have become more rigorous.
Ailment       Professor and Mrs Sedgwick
              A number of eminent scientists thereupon founded the Society of Psychical Re
              names are found on the roster of its membership; among them are Henry Sedgw
              Barrett, Balfour Steward, Edmund Gurney, Frederic W.H. Myers, Oliver Lodge, Wi
              Russell Wallace. Similar societies were established in America (1884) and othe
              residue of fact which seemed to prove definitely the existence of clairvoyanc
              investigation was placed on an experimental basis. Here, too, the result was posit
              but very many were still skeptical. Sedgwick, in particular, felt it was essential
              discover a firm empirical foundation for belief, he married Arthur Balfour's sister
What is       in her own right and became deeply involved in the group's researches.
colour?       The first testing was simple.A sender in one room would try to transmit a two dig
              receiver in another room. The French physiologist Charles Richet introduced mat
              discovered that telepathy occurred independent of hypnotism. Telepathy se
             emotional state. This is true of both the sender and receiver. Most women were
             one possible explanation is that women are more in touch with their emotions
Colour       believe that the results of the Brighton Experiments conducted by Professor a
             between the sender and receiver due mainly to a lack of confidence of the sende
Mental &     Looking at differences between sender and receiver. The most important dis
             someone,who does not believe in their own capacity to become aware of sublim
Emotional    professes to have had no personal experience of this sort of consciousness, is
Imbalance    other hand, a person who has frequented an atmosphere in which such things
             learn to hit the objective much more readily.

             During his 1930 ESP experiments J. B. Rhine made some discoveries concer
             determine whether information was communicated through telepathy, clairvo
             concluded that telepathy and clairvoyance were the same psychic function manife
             that telepathy is not affected by distance or obstacles between the sender and re
             that the emotional state of the percipient can affect experimental results.
Affects of
Sound &      A telepathic experiment conducted during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 proved dis
Music        not authorized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), no
             completed. Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell conducted the experiment with four recipien
             concentrated on sequences of twenty-five random numbers. He completed 200 seque
             chance. Two of the recipients guessed 51 correctly. This far exceeded Mitchell's ex

             Electrical Phenomena

             Mind Over Matter
             The most common and easily understood view of our physical world is the "macro
             we observe around us. We can directly observe what goes on by using our senses
             touch. It is a concrete view of what we observe and interact with in the laboratory.
             easiest to accept and understand because it is touchable and solid

             We must also be able to imagine the world that is unseen, the world of the atom a
             view is essential to truly understand what happens in the macroscopic world.

             Chemistry is defined as an organised body of knowledge concerning the composit
             and changes . Matter can be defined as anything that possesses the properties of
             measure of a portion of matter's ability to resist a change in movement or directio
             Volume is the three dimensional space occupied by matter. It is a universal axiom
             occupy the same space simultaneously. All matter is composed of basic particles
What are atoms? Atoms are particles that are composed of three sub-atomic particles. The

       proton, (The proton is a positively charged particle that has the mass approximatel
   reside in the nucleus or centre of the atom).
       neutron, (The neutron is a neutrally charged particle that is approximately the mass
   electrical charge, but it also resides in the nucleus. The particles of the nucleus are calle
       electron.( The electron is a negatively charged particle of negligible but fini
   the atom).

Modern physics tells us that material things, like rocks and trees, are not quite the
seem to be. Each object is made of molecules and atoms, and in turn the atoms
aren't quite particles. Instead, the sub-atomic 'particles' are quantum elements in
radiating energy. As a result, material objects are made up of complex energy patt
These patterns, which we see as separate objects, are in actual fact interconnecte
of energy fluctuations that make up the patterns and the interaction between them

The universe is made of living energy, which moves backwards and forwards and
our own bodies and the outside world, we can perceive this natural energy. This liv
looking out at its external forms and controlling them, through our material bodies
only be known contemplatively, through a reflective listening that harmonises our
themselves. But subtle energy is being measured and controlled by material instr
as a result they only give us an uncertain and discontinuous knowledge of the wor
observe a more delicately definite order and continuity. On the other hand, from t
traditional concepts of living energy can seem vague and unscientific.

Electrical patterns govern all life on this planet. We are all connected together thro
associated magnetic fields. All living things embody this energy in nerve-pulse firin
universe has its own wave length, or frequency of vibration, whether it is a cell in o
exact nature of consciousness though is unknown it is widely agreed that neurolo
these impulses involve electrical currents in the neurons, which are thought to pro

Bioelectric Phenomena is related to release from one's body an abnormal quantity
unpleasant psychic events at random; performed unconsciously and unavoidably;
wire to any person or object that touches him or her; this body chemistry is inborn
alleviate this effect.

What are 'electric people'?

There are the notable similarities in their psychic abilities related to the basic elec
phenomenon of „electric people‟ would have explanation according to the ideas in
fairies, spirits, animal magnetism, physical science. The most consistent view of e
possessed by elementals or spirits. The modern version is that they are the focus
poltergeist attack, the first explanation according to the Spiritualists and the seco
Both electric people and poltergeists exhibit remarkably similar phenomena. But w
poltergeist-like activities among „electric people‟, it is much harder to find electric
Poltergeist theories suggest that poltergeists are mass forms of energy that a livin
through a form of passive psychokinesis resulting from severe physical or psychic
poltergeists have been linked to demons.

This is almost certainly because many investigators of poltergeists did not know w
they found. But there is no doubt that electric girls and poltergeists are alike in the
over gravitation, in the teleportation of objects and living creatures through solid w
reaction, and other Psi effects not affected by space or time.

Strange Electric People. In 1846, when Angelique Cottin of La Perriere, France, w
still some 30 years in the future. For 10 weeks in all, Cottin appeared to be “charg
flying across the room, those around her could not grasp any object she held, and
madly. Sometimes the young girl‟s powerful seizures brought her to the edge of co
first indication of an attack. Cottin, whose case was reported by French physicist
historical figures known as electric people, victims of something called “high-volta
related to the alleged psychokinetic powers of certain subjects now being studied
and other countries.

It has long been known, of course, that humans do generate electricity. Tiny elec
one cell to the next in the brain, and the electroencephalograph, which measures
measuring various kinds of activity in the brain. Massive electric shocks to the bra
are still used as treatment in certain cases involving severe mental depression, al
understood . Near-fatal accidental doses of electric shock, as well, have produced
1906, for example, French astronomer Camille Flammarion reported on a paralys
lightning, “gradually and permanently recovered the use of his limbs. A weakness
the invalid could write without spectacles. On the other hand, he became deaf.” In
woman who had been paralysed for 38 years “recovered the use of her legs after

We must also consider the many theories by eminent scientists about the bioelec
Foremost among these is the embryologist Professor Harold Burr, whose book Blu
discovery of subtle electrodynamic „force fields‟ surrounding living organisms. Bur
„moulds‟ or models for the developing organism. It was this idea that helped Dr. R
formative causation. This explains the forms found in the animate and inanimate
and memory, in terms of an entirely new kind of biological field that acts on the ph

People who exhibit the ability to produce electric voltage from their bodies are rec
that can disrupt electrical appliances, devices, and even street lights. Some carry
cannot be touched or must avoid all metal surfaces. Most often this unusual talen
control it and some have even made a career using this power to enthral audience
evident and is often attributed to the spiritual world.

Another consideration of the strange phenomena may be linked to the Electro-Ma
associated with electric charge in motion. There is a theory that a high amount of
poltergeist activity, but also a theory that these same high energy levels attract sp
the strange phenomena.

                         Deep Trance Work
                       An ectoplasmic face can be seen excluding from the neck
   C, who according to her belongs to an entity named "Estelle". This experimen
                     Prof. Schrenck-Notzing as observers, was performed 30th D

What is Trance? It is when a Medium is in an altered state of consciousness and s
to use the Medium's forms of expression and communication, to link the two world
away, the more the Trance Control can deliver his/her message with the least inte

Trance Channelling is first and primarily a means of communication, and is very m
of as telepathy The medium through which Trance Channelled communications br
communication is simultaneous regardless of the apparent distance across space
dimensions. Currently accepted ideas about quantum physics suggest that atomi
atomic particles are doing, so to speak, simultaneously regardless of distance.

When people shift into trance, whether it is negative or positive, they shift to a lev
cognitive and closer to the core self. This shift in a state of consciousness is a nat
experience when we daydream. Trance Channelling occurs when a person, the Tr
self step aside, or in some cases leave the body as in an out-of-body experience o
one of various sources to then project its consciousness in such a way that the Tra
usually will involve speech and some level of movement by the body.

Mediums are people who exhibit psychic abilities when aided by a non physical sp
chakras of the medium directly, by melding with the medium and causing psychic
healing, production of ectoplasm, etc... This is why they are called Mediums or cha
passive vehicles for spirit entities to affect or communicate with the physical world

Helen Duncan: Here we see ectoplasm emerging from the nostril of one of Scotlan
mediums ever, Helen Duncan As can be clearly seen below, her feet were tied up
sitters. The materialisation clears shows an attempt to materialise a baby. The bl
which the flashlight could cause to the eyes of the medium who is extremely sens
phenomena.) Mrs Duncan gave innumerable séances throughout her life, and the
world, until the lethal police raid at her last séance which was to bring a prematur
shock caused by the Nottingham police raid. Therefore it is essential that the han
work should be cautious, sensitive and at all costs anything that may cause shock
trance state early and suddenly should be avoided in an effort to minimise at best


Levitation is a phenomenon of psychokinesis (PK) in which objects, people, and an
visible physical means, and float or fly about. The phenomenon has been said to h
shamanism, trances, mystical rapture, etc. Some cases of levitation appear to be
mystical adepts are said to be able to control it consciously.

There seems to be several general characteristics about levitation:

       The duration of the phenomenon may last from a few seconds to hours.
       Generally it requires a great amount of concentration or being in a state of
   been touched during levitation usually fall back to a surface.
       Levitations of saints usually are accompanied by a luminous glow around t
       Some physical mediums claimed to have experienced levitations. The mos
   reportedly did it over a forty-year period. In 1868 he was witnessed levitating o
   floated back into the building through another window. When levitating Home
   conscious and later described his feelings during the experiences once he des
   in his feet. His arms became rigid and were drawn over his head, as though he
   was lifting him. He also levitated furniture and other objects.

Controlled experiments involving levitation are rare. During the 1960s and 1970s
levitating tables under controlled conditions. The Soviet PK medium Nina Kulagina
small object between her hands. Skeptics of levitation have come up with severa
hallucination, hypnosis, or fraud.

Christian history's main levitator was Joseph of Copertino (1603-1663). He had be
ground during his devotions, breaking other peoples' concentration on their own d
to do his devotions only in private. He was also ordered to stop leading worship be
flying over the altar (which made him instantly famous). He accepted these orders
restrictions on gifts. Because he was mentally handicapped, he may not have bee
deep in prayer. With his mind's assistance, he was able to toss around heavy ston
construction. All he was trying to do was to give the work crews an ordinary hand,
                                   From: David Blaine Street Magic

Street Magician: David Blaine was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 4, 1973. En
he became a master of magic. When he was 16, he LEVITATED for his doctor who
Theosophical writers such as H.P. Blavatsky, W.Q. Judge, have highlighted the link
electromagnetism, along with the bipolar nature of gravity. They posit that ”there i
sense, but only magnetic attraction and repulsion; . . . it is by their magnetism tha
have their motions regulated in their respective orbits by the still more powerful m
weight or gravitation and that gravitation . . . depends entirely on electrical law, an
The earth is a magnetic body, It is charged with one form of positive electricity
which evolves continuously by spontaneous action, in its interior or centre of moti
other forms of matter, are charged with the opposite form of negative electricity.
if left to themselves will constantly and involuntarily charge themselves with, and
that of the earth itself. There is an attraction between our planet and the organism
surface of the ground. But the law of gravitation has been counteracted in many in
inanimate objects.

Levitation the act of ascending into the air and floating in apparent defiance of gra
our will which can produce a change of electrical polarity from negative to positive
earth-magnet would then have become repellent, and 'gravity' would have ceased
repellent force had exhausted itself. The altitude of levitation would be measured
positive electricity. Until gravitation is understood to be simply magnetic attractio
magnetism itself in the endless correlations of forces in the ether of space it is ne
Einstein‟s famous formula „E = mc2‟, proves that matter and energy are interchang
energy which we call „God‟ is still creating our ever-expanding universe from nothi
these terms as mankind tapping into the forgotten eternal source of knowledge an
these occurrences which cannot be truly understand by scientific theory.

Blavatsky says that the flight of birds and swimming of fishes, including the rapid
polarity and gravity not yet admitted by science. Animals can do this instinctively,
Mainstream scientists have occasionally speculated on whether the 'gravitational
periods of time, but no conclusive evidence of a gradual increase or decrease has
It has also been suggested that levitation is possible due to molecules becoming r
changing onto a lighter plane. Energy level increases have been suggested to rais
bodies and make levitation possible.
People who exhibit the ability to produce electric voltage from their bodies are rec
evident and is often attributed to the spiritual world.

                                                         H EA L I NG -

             Healing: I understand healing in the following terms. The body was d
 we use it in ways it was never intended does it cease to accomplish this perfecti
everything we have done. Disease is always a blockage of the electro-magnetic e
  this flow becomes blocked, it comes out in some unhealthy way. Energy does n
when it comes out in unnatural ways, it is seen as disease. Types of healing are H

Healing is considered medicine for the soul. Healing of any kind means laying one
either by receiving or giving. This universal source is the very life we breathe, it is t
thing. The practice of these types of healing has been used for centuries, even the
importance of sound, some of the great pyramids are known to have amazing aco
they may have been used for healing through the use of incantations.

Our aura is made up of many beautiful colour vibrations forming an egg shape aro
                     the aura reflect or physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual

The vital energy from light rays, with its seven component colours, provides us wit
in perfect health. However, if the vital life-giving force embodied in the seven heal
imbalances of energy occur. When this happens certain colour energies build up i
called chakras, while others become depleted of energy. Problems in any of these
the shapes of the aura, and energy distortions show up there, too. Eventually our
imbalances as physical illness and manifests a whole array of difficult symptoms.

Our physical form cannot exist in isolation from our mental, emotional, and spiritu
are constantly interacting with one another. Many of our physical feelings are alte
Building our mental strength and tuning into our intuition influences the colours in
expectations into positive ones.

The Colour of Auras
The aura is a field of energy (electromagnetic and other finer energies) surrounding all liv
and inanimate. Technology now enables us to measure and observe these energy
interaction with each other and with our environments.      The more prolonged or int
affect on the aura. The residue of auric interactions is what imprints places and things

We are already aware of others' auras, though most of this awareness takes place
drained by some people, others energise us. Some people we feel in harmony with
close to or shares our energetic vibration we are likely to feel attracted to. Someon
feel uneasy around.

In a healthy body, each layer of the aura is brightly colored, vibrant, full of energy,
becomes imbalanced, stagnant, or blocked, the aura can have the appearance of
dented. The chakras in a healthy body should also appear clear, vibrant, and full o
appearance and rotating in a clockwise direction. When afflicted, the chakras can
alignment with each other. If there is an imbalance in one of the layers of the aura
direct effect of the information processed which in turn can lead to disease.

Chakra Healing is when the healer will looks directly at the aura and chakras. He o
blockages found in the different layers of the aura. The healer may also sew rips a
flowing again. While clearing the aura and chakras, the healer may also describe
energy may appear as a colour, a feeling, or a picture. By communicating this info
has a conscious understanding of what energy he or she is holding on to. This new
release the stagnant energy and give them permission to make positive changes i

Reiki is a combination of energy work and hands on techniques that one can use
while maintaining balance in the mind, body and spirit. It is a healing modality tha

As with all healing techniques, the healer can only assist in restoring balance to th
to release stagnant energy in order to experience its effects on physical, emotiona
energy that allows the healing process to begin.
MASSAGE: The Touch That Heals Both Body And Soul! Before pain killers, heating
treated their aches and pains the old fashioned way...with massage. When someo
When they had a pain in their temples, they rubbed them. And when they ate too m
rubbed it!

Touching your body where it hurts is a basic instinct, like running from danger or e
specialists say that massage, no matter how simple it may seem, can be a powerf
believe that it offers other benefits such as, improved blood circulation, better dig
mobility in joints, relief from chronic pain and reduced swelling and inflammation.

REFLEXOLOGY: is a lot more than just a foot rub! Reflexologists believe that certa
to other body parts, including muscles, bones, organs and more.working these spo
natural balance and giving it a chance to heal.The idea is that pressure applied to
beneficial response throughout the body, providing a break from stress.


Commonly confused with ACUPUNCTURE, this form of massage is applied with fin
It's goal is to stimulate what Chinese medical practitioners call CHI.But acupressure c
for relieving common complaints such as, headaches, backaches, sinus pain, neck pain
also reduce the pain of ulcers, help heal sports injuries, relieve insomnia, constipation


I would have to say that purple or the higher harmonic of ultra-violet, an invisible l
of angels and other light beings. This is the colour which I identify with the for the
which I see when I close my eyes, it is the colour that I relate to the when I am in n
colour that appears and disappears when I am given spiritual guidance and insigh
attainment, divine connection, mystical understanding and cosmic consciousness
transformation, in other words regeneration. It is soothing to all systems, particula
in terms of a seed which transforms itself into life.

From that seed we can develop the different stages of life we all strive to create an
        The Egg Stage when everything is still in its initial stage just a thought or an

        The Larva Stage: Do I need to make a decision?

        The Cocoon Stage: Am I developing and doing something to make my idea

        Birth stage: Am I sharing my completed ideas?

The planet Neptune is represented by violet which is symbolic of spiritual power.

POSITIVE ASPECT: It is the true colour of the etheric body on earth; poetry, dedica
sterling character, service, humility, mediumistic, maturity, it is a mystic, royal colo
summarises the positive aspects of my character.
NEGATIVE ASPECT: A Lack of understanding, a sense of loneliness and isolation a
which I relate to when I am feeling depressed and disconnected with this world.

Colour Aiding Physical Ailment

What is Colour
Colour is simply light of different wavelengths and frequencies and light is just on
form of energy made up from photons. We are all surrounded by electromagnetic
waves of energy of which colour is just a small part.

The visible spectrum as we see it consists of the rainbow. Our retinas though hav
three types of colour receptors in the form of cones. We can only detect three of t
colours - red - blue and green. These colours are called additive primaries. It is the
three colours that are mixed to create all of the other colours we see. Depending
upon the wavelength and frequency of the light we see, depends upon the colour

Visible Light Part of the Magnetic Spectrum
Light travels in waves - electromagnetic waves. These waves are vibrations of ele
and magnetic fields that pass through space.

 The diagram below, shows what a small part of the whole electromagnetic
 spectrum visible light actually forms.
 The seven colours of the spectrum all have varying wavelengths and frequencies
is at the lower end of the spectrum and has a higher wavelength but lower freq
to that of Violet at the top end of the spectrum which has a lower wavelengt
higher frequency.

How can Colour healing Help? Colour healing can induce healing and regeneration of th
expands and stimulates the mind, energises and rejuvenates the body's energies, calms a
is not just a object of delight to our sense of sight, but a very interesting step into changing
Red (Ones passions) relates to the Root Chakra, which is connected with the eart
roots and stability. It has a revitalising effect on our bodies, it stimulates the bod
activate the sexual energies. When you are tired and feeling run down, focusing
more energy for you. Studies have shown that people who chose to wear red o
colour red induces one to live life to the fullest , to be assertive and confident.

Red is recommended for:

        physical exhaustion

        worry and fear

        to help raise blood pressure

        ward off colds and chills

        Heals the creative,

        reproductive systems.

        Stimulates circulation of blood and flow of adrenaline.
        Energizes, gives confidence and courage.

Red foods will stimulate the physical energies these are; apples, tomatoes, che
strawberries, cloves, beets and spinach to name a few.

Yellow (Ones inner sun shine) relates to the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is all about se
and self-identity. It connects with the intellect, it is an inspiring colour, awakenin
can be used to dispel depression and anxiety for it promotes optimism and joyous
one to communicate more with those around them, to be more expressive and me

Yellow is recommended for:

       depression and anxiety

       stomach troubles


       hearing loss also is beneficial for the skin and liver.

       Heals nervous system,

       elimination, liver, intestines, pancreas.

        Balances adrenal glands, heals skin troubles, diabetes.

        Stimulates intellect.

Yellow foods induce aliveness mentally and physically, they help us be more foc
coffee, corn, eggs, lemons, pineapple, prunes, rhubarb, yellow squash, prunes and

Indigo (Ones psychic view) relates to the Third Eye Chakra, which is about clarity
induces spiritual unfoldment, and helps the development of intuition and unders
fears, inhibitions, and frustration's and helps manifest love in to our natures. We
perceive life in a harmonious state, they are understanding and balanced . I
intuition and the love nature, it helps dispel our fears and phobias and have a bet

Indigo is recommended for:

       Developing psychic perception,
       Heals eyes, ears,
       nose and mental problems.

Orange (Ones passions) - relates to the Hara Chakra, which is associated with physic
balancing colour, similar to red it has an enlivening energy, it stimulates the nerve
Being a cheerful, warm colour , orange can be used to remove fears or inhibition
the mind, it also allows for new ideas on a mental level, People who wear ora
                  considerate, they will also be opened minded and graceful .

Colour Aiding Mental & Emotional Imbalance

Orange is recommended for:

       the lungs, bronchitis and asthma

       emotional stress

       kidney problems also relaxes muscle spasms and cramps

       Help digestion,

       assimilation of new ideas, removes repression and inhibitions.

        Broadens the mind, helps you cope with life and career.

Orange foods will stimulate the intellect, balances the emotions and activate
pumpkins, carrots, cantaloupes, mangoes , saffron and nectarines.

Green (Ones heart‟s desire) - relates to the Heart Chakra, which is about love, compas
love we see here the colour of nature. Relaxing and refreshing this colour soothes
colour green will promote determination, efficiency, poise and patience. People
dependable and attentive to detail. Green can be used bring to bring harmony in
and balance.

Green is recommended for

       high blood pressure


       nervous disorders and muscle tension.

       Creates balance of energy.

       Heals the heart, circulatory system.
         Helps you overcome fear of giving, sharing, adaptability.

Green foods help us relax and unwind, they create a balance to our mental an
beans, peas, zucchini, green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli and olives.

Violet (enlightenment) - relates to the Crown Chakra, which is about sharing and
promotes the desire to consciously learn the quality of life process. This colour wi
forces behind situations and circumstances. Violet is linked with the need to delv
promotes the search into the meaning of life , ideals and perfection. People tha
secure within themselves, although they tend be reserved. This colour is linked
and perfection of the self.

Violet is Recommended for

         Meningitis, Concussion

         Spinal Problems.

         Brings spiritual peace.

         Heals insomnia, tumours of the brain.

         Calms highly-strung, excitable people.

   Violet foods create a sense of peace, they do stimulate thoughts and inspires
eggplant and purple grapes.

Body Power Centres and Colour

Colour       Energy Centres        Glands        Organs            Body Systems

Red          Base                     Adrenals       Kidneys           Muscular, System,
                                                                       Arterial Blood

Yellow      Solar Plexus             Pancreas        Liver, Gall
                                                   Spleen           Digestive System,
                                                                    Nervous System

Green       Heart                    Thymus         Heart, Lower
                                                    Lung             Circulatory System
                                                                     Nervous System
Blue       Throat                   Thyroid          Throat, Upper   Respiratory
                                   Parathyroids     Lung           System

Indigo     Third Eye                Pituitary       Eyes, Nose        Skeletal System
                                                    Ears            Venous Blood

Violet     Crown                    Pineal           Brain            Central Nervous

Magnenta   Etheric/Spirit           Glands,          Acupuncture       Meridian
                                                     Points, Foot    System

Affects of Sound & Music

The power of music to influence mood and create scenes, routines and occasions
reflected in a strand of social theory from Plato to Adorno that portrays music as a
structure and action. There have, however, been few attempts to specify this powe
theoretically grounded accounts of music‟s structuring properties in everyday expe

Music is an incredible gift humans have been given. It allows us to be creative, to
inspire, to change. It is an international language; the one thing that all cultures sh
energy. Everything we hear, every vibration that goes through us, affects us. Depe
even the intention with which the creator of the sound makes it, sound can disrup
physical and the energetic bodies that comprise our human beings.

Every material thing - every person, animal, rock and tree on the earth, even Mo
resonating frequency. The Earth's own electromagnetic field, deep space, an
resonating at a frequency of approximately 7.8 hertz. This is called the Schuman
the issue is when we are "out of tune," many problems can develop. Just as all
must be tuned to each other for the music to sound good, so, too, must all of our
feel good.

Healing with sound is multi-layered and touches us all on many levels. From anci
customs have gathered in chant and song which is healing, heart opening
Consciously directed sound can restore harmony and balance on a cellular leve
etheric bodies. Used with intent, focused sound removes pain by resonating insid
molecules in the system, which in turn raises the vibration of the human b
accelerated remarkably by the application of resonant sound.

                   For creatures such as the whales and dolphins, resonating in
creatures are not in tune with each other, they cannot communicate. Reproductio
this ability to recognize and reply to each other's "song." Ancient human being
natural sounds. All too little attention has been paid to the possibility that ins
environment have been finding their acoustic role since the beginning of time
might have imagined.

Their lives depended as much (if not more) on their ability to hear and understa
like the Jivaro and other tribes of the Amazon Basin survive using this informatio
African Republic. Not only can these forest-dwellers differentiate one creature sou
subtle differences in sound between the various mini-habitats (as small as 20 s
areas appear to have visually identical biological and geological components. M
in total darkness, they seem to determine their exact location simply by listening
the effects of chimpanzees, mountain gorillas and orang-utans beating out co
cannot help but be struck by the communication of the message, its effec
neighbourhood of the sounds, and the natural origins of the human art of drumm
combined with the rest of the forest sounds.

The secret power of music: Whether you suffer occasional spells of the blue
depression, music can have a powerful effect on your mental health. When the
guided imagery and/or meditation, the effects on even severely depressed peop
used to enhance your immune system and fight stress, high blood pressure, can

Music is a way to experience vibrations in a pure form. Music is the art of vibra
negative physical effect depends on how it is arranged and presented. The sou
purity of the tone, has everything to do with the physical effect it has on our huma

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