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					Make a Your Own Dragon.
The following pattern can be used to create a puppet or can be scaled up as
large as you like to form a dragon which all the children can carry in a
procession. For this reason no measurements have been given.

a.)   Draw out on card (thickness depending on size) a head and tail as shown

      Fold tabs A and B back. Glue one on top of the other (give head a 3D

      Complete tail to match head.

b.)   For the body use coloured sugar paper or crepe paper. Make two long
      strips – the width should be compatible with the size of the head you ate
      using, the length is up to you. Glue the strips together at right- angles and
      fold them across each other into a concertina as shown.

c.)   Fold A across at B
      the C across at B etc.

      When long enough glue
      One end to head and the
      Other to tail.

      Glue a stick at the head end and a stick to the tail end.
      (lolly stick for a puppet size/ garden cane for large scale)
Have a Dragon Dance.
You can have your own dragon dance around your school!
You can either use your large scale dragon puppet from the previous page, or
make this simple alternative

Paint a cardboard box for the head and cut a hole in front so that the person in
front can see where the dragon is going. Attach a length of thin brightly coloured
material to the box for the body (a saree would be ideal).

One child holds the head and everyone else creates the body and legs by hiding
under the material.

Music -      Try to get some authentic Chinese music. Listen to the different
             Sounds and build up some movement tp suit the music.
Make a Dragon Wall Picture.
Using card or strong paper, cut out ovoid segments to fit your display area –
allow room for the head, tail and legs.

Each of the segments can be worked on by one or more children and then
assembled on the wall to create the dragon. To make the scales on the body
sections use one or more of the following suggestions:

      Circular foil dishes or plates/metallic paper.
      Pre-cut tissue paper circles.
      Sponge printing.
      Print with cotton reels, cogs, old lego bricks.
      Pieces of material/wallpaper cut to a suitable size

Use buttons, egg box sections, or other bits and pieces for the eyes, teeth and
other decoration on the head.

Make a strip of pointed spines for the head and back with foil paper. This shoulf
be added after the dragon is assembled.

Finally, give your dragon’s feet a set of sharp claws and teeth.

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