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Latest ever finish by GFCC 40 over match

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					Garden Fields Cricket Club vs. The BitterMen (40 over match)

                                   Clarence Park

                              Sunday 29 June, 2008
      The BitterMen vanquished
      Dab Jnr. dabs
      Godders thirsty – must have been a good night!
      Wilkie’s first 50 for the Fields
      Chukka rocks – cakes
      TC catches the ball
      Crucial run-out by Wilkie
      Dastardly Dave Boxer humiliated and twatting
      Latest ever finish by GFCC 40 over match
      3rd 40 over win in a row!

Sunday and the TPO bus displays a fine recovery from its flying Rookie-esque trip to
Arras by delivering the kit on time to an expectant TC, match captain for the day.
Clarence Park, resplendent with daisy-strewn outfield (to the relief of some age
challenged team members), is to be our venue for an inaugural 40 over match between
GFCC and arch-rivals, „The BitterMen‟ aka St John Fisher.

Toss won, TC elects to bat. Chukka, fresh from a night-time relay in aid of Cancer
Research and with surplus rock cakes in hand, declares his intention to doze on the
boundary. TC, ever sympathetic, sends him out to umpire with TPO.

Our young opening pair get off to a flying start as 14 come from young Boxer‟s first
over, courtesy of an alert Dab Jnr. Godders continues where he left off on Thursday with
some fine stroke play. Lil‟ Will is looking more like father every day – did you see that
shot? - a genuine dab of the finest calibre. Nevertheless, he succumbs to a run out in his
haste to join New York West Indians for two months starting Monday. No matter, he has
accumulated 22 runs against his name. Meanwhile, Godders ploughs inexorably onwards,
whilst watching at the other end:

      Leslie LBW blob (so plumb it is is given by TPO from square leg)
      The Don contributing a useful 14
      TC looking comfortable until, at 27, he tickles a wide ball onto his stumps.

Godders reaches a well-earned 50 before pleading for water, but The Messiah is not
present today. TPO, races (well, trots) to the boundary with quizzical looks from GFCC
team mates (maybe he‟s after that bog roll again?) to retrieve the required eau de vie from
his stylish yellow kit bag and offers succour to the gasping young man. Godders goes on
to complete a fine 64 before falling to a catch in the deep, satisfied that he has done much
of the damage to „Dastardly Dave Boxer‟, who finishes on a tidy 8 overs for 56 runs, with
no wickets to his name!

Wilkie, in typical fashion, is in no mood to hang about. He completes a fast and faultless
50 before falling to an outstanding, low catch at Extra Cover. Rookie and Old King Cole
continue the onslaught. Chukka, finally relieved of umpiring duty, collapses into a chair
D.N.B., leaving Buntie and TPO to winkle some final runs from the last couple of overs.

An admirable 231 is the total, 85 coming in the last 10 overs.

Tea is served in the Grandstand, a fine spread of freshly made sandwiches, cakes,
Chukka‟s rock cakes, strawberries, grapes, and Evian. (The ever thoughtful Chukka has
thoughtfully put up the cash for this liquid refreshment as the kitchen remains locked).
Halfway through our munchings, the keyholder/barman strolls nonchalantly across the
park, finally to open up the premises for the fraught tea-makers.

Hunger satiated (thank you The BitterMen), MOF take to the field. TC exhorts his troops
with the dyslexic rallying cry “On yer fields, toes” (Bi Al, take note) and we are off.

Godders steams in from the Pavilion End with 2 wickets in his first two overs.
Meanwhile, Old King Cole opens at the Clarence Road End with a solid first over,
followed by a couple more of, shall we say, amiable variety? Dab Jnr. takes over with a
miserly 6 overs for just 16 runs.

TC‟s season in the field comes alive as he patrols the cover boundary with mixed
fortunes. First dyslexia, now flashbacks! Is it winter at White Hart Lane? He slide tackles
the ball over the boundary, much to the disdain of Buntie, who is expecting a finely tuned
pass from this North London athlete in order to make the return to Arse-naal „keeper
Rookie. TC declares that he has “had enough” and soon redeems himself with a
comfortable catch at Point. (Is this the first catch TAKEN by TC this season?)

Meanwhile, Wilkie thrills us all with a magical run out. With just 30% of the stumps to
aim at from 20 yards, his direct hit sends The BitterMen‟s second highest scorer, Marriot
at 48, on his way.

Meanwhile, the very same Wilkie picks up a couple of wickets from the Pavilion End,
while Leslie finds new expression as the umpire at square leg looks for a prop to hold his
arm out for the all too frequent no-ball signal. Leslie finds reprieve as he bowls the
BitterMen‟s star batsman „Walmsleyley‟ on 67.

Finally, The Don wades in with a couple of wickets to keep the pressure on The
Bittermen. In comes Boxer. 16 runs are required off the last over. Old King Cole is the
bowler. Rookie prepares for a reprieve after an earlier double fumble behind the stumps.
No pressure! Dot, dot, dot, 1, Boxer – how out? – stumped by the Rookie, runs-0 balls-2,
fours-0, sixes-0. Two post-match quotes are in order:
Rookie: “We apologise sincerely to the rest of MOF for not getting him out first
Buntie: “The most pleasing part was when he twatted the static ball in anger across the
wicket after Rookie had stumped him. Always that more pleasing when we know it‟s
really pee‟ed him off!”

At 20 minutes to eight, The BitterMen finish on 231 for 9 wickets, ten runs short of the
Men of Fields who have earned their right to celebrate.

Boxer aside, we all enjoyed the cameraderie, sledging, sportsmanship and competitition
with our friends The BitterMen. The few of us with long enough memories will
remember that Paul „Sandsy‟, at wicket keeper today, outlives even TPO in the all-round
club organising capacity, having started out with St John Fisher before TPO came on the

In the bar, TC rightly pays tribute to a whole team effort as he declares the Jumper
Moment: Wilkie for his batting, bowling and magnificent, nay epic throw direct onto the
stumps on the turn, circa 20 yards!

As the euro Final kicks off, we part in convivial ¡Viva España! mood.

Hasta luego mis amigos. Abrazos.


Match Stats

Dab Jnr               22      run out
Godders               64      caught
Leslie                  0     lbw
The Don               14      bowled
TC                    27      played on
Wilkie                50      caught
Rookie                  9     bowled
Old King Cole         15      bowled
Buntie                 6      not out
TPO                    2      not out
Chukka                        did not bat


                      overs          runs            wickets
Godders               8              45              2
Old King Cole         6              33              1
Dab Jnr.   8   21   0
Wilkie     7   44   2
Leslie     8   54   1
The Don    3   14   2

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