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									Warmth and security grant (WSG)
   A grant of up to £5,000 is available to landlords works needed to improve the
     energy efficiency and security of privately rented homes.
   Works may include loft insulation, pipe and tank lagging, draught-proofing,
     boiler replacement, fitting thermostatic radiator valves, fitting window and
     door locks and bolts, door chains and viewers and security lighting.
   Applicants over the age of 60 years, regardless of income, can take advantage
     of the Council's Able-to-Pay scheme for energy efficiency and home security
     works only. Grants of up to £1,000 are available for applicants willing to pay
     at least 50% of the cost of this type of work in their homes

To be eligible: Owner occupiers and private tenants must either be receiving one of
the means-tested benefits or be on a low income. Currently, the relevant means-tested
benefits are:

  * Council Tax Benefit
  * Housing Benefit (tenants only)
  * Income Support
  * Pension Credit
  * Income-based Job Seekers Allowance
  * Working Families Tax Credit
  * Disability Living Allowance
  * Housing Benefit

LESA – Landlords Energy Savings Allowance
It was introduced to encourage private landlords to improve the energy efficiency of
their properties. The Landlord's Energy Saving Allowance allows private and
corporate landlords who rent residential property to claim back up to £1500 per
property for the installation of energy saving measures.

CERT (Carbon Emissions Reductions Target): It is a statutory obligation on energy
suppliers to achieve carbon targets by encouraging households to take up energy
efficiency and low carbon measures.

CERT means that energy companies provide grants and offers to help you pay for
energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies for your home.

Offers currently include reduction on loft and cavity wall insulation.
Uptake of these offers will mean savings will be made on energy bills.

Facts & ……
    Replacing your 15 year old central heating boiler could reduce your heating
       bills by over 20%
    If you have a loft, have it insulated - 25% of all heat is lost through the roof
    Insulating your walls can save you a fortune as a third of all you heat is lost
       through walls. The easiest and cheapest solution is cavity wall insulation.
It’s a no brainer!
                      Cost       Typical        Savings per       CO2 savings per
                                 unsubsidised   year on energy    year
                                 cost           bills
Loft insulation       £250       £500           £60 - £205        300kg- 1 tonne
Cavity wall           £250       £500           £160              800kg

Draught proofing      £200                      £30               150kg

    Use energy saving light bulbs, they last over 10 years and will give you a
      saving of up to £10 a year
    Turn your heating thermostat down if you are too warm. Turning it down 1°C
      can save you up to 10% of your annual heating bill
    Hot water should be hot, but not boiling so make sure your cylinder thermostat
      is set at 60°C
    Have a shower instead of a bath and you will only use two-fifths of the water
    Close curtains when it starts to get dark to stop heat escaping through your
      windows and save £15 per year
    Avoid leaving appliances such as computers and even cordless phones on
      'stand by' or 'charging' when not necessary. A TV left on standby is still using
      80% of its power
    Only heat the amount of water you really need when boiling a kettle
    A dripping hot water tap can waste enough water to fill a bath in one day
      alone, so turn it off

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