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									       European Summer School on Social Economy – 2009 Application Form

      “The Future of Social Enterprise: Models and Experience”
                             July 6 th – 11 th , 2009
              University Residential Centre, Bertinoro (FC), Italy

                               APPLICATION FORM

Please read the following notes carefully before completing the
application. They are designed to help in completing your application to
the Summer School.

1. The final date for application is March 31th, 2009.

2. Applications to the Summer School are assessed on the basis of the
   information you provide in this form. Please write the required details and
   check boxes where applicable. A complete Curriculum Vitae is requested in
   order to apply for the school.

3. Further information regarding the payment of the fee will be given to the
   selected participants after the confirmation of acceptance. Anyway, the
   deadline for the payment is May 15th, 2009. Applications made after March
   31th, 2009 will only be considered if places remain on the programme.
     Tuition Fees           No scholarship               Scholarship
    Standard Rate                   500 €                    50 €

4. The completed form should be returned to one of the addresses given in the
   last page, completed in every form and signed.
         European Summer School on Social Economy – 2009 Application Form

                          Section 1: PERSONAL DETAILS

Family Name/Last Name: This is the name under which your file will be registered.

Given Name/First Name:

 Title       Male/                   Date of Birth                      Nationality
            Female         Day           Month          Year

Correspondence Address:

E-Mail address:                           Telephone number
Please print clearly                      With international code

Occupation and employer:
(If a full-time student, please state your academic institution here)
        European Summer School on Social Economy – 2009 Application Form

             Section 2: ACADEMIC and EDUCATIONAL BAKGROUND

Summary of academic background:

University          Degree Type        Subject             Result    awarded or




Brief Curriculum Vitae: (200 words, please attach a full CV to the Application)
         European Summer School on Social Economy – 2009 Application Form

Language competences: Enter any information about your language skills and
further information about test type (e.g. British Council, IELTS or TOEFL,
Cambridge First Certificate), your score/grade and date of test in the box below
(follow the indication given in the Common European Framework of Reference
for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment)

Native language

Other:                  English              Spanish             French




Research project description: Please write an abstract of your project briefly
defining the theoretical and methodological background and the main research
questions (500 words)

Academic Referee (only for scholars): Please give details of a person whom
we may contact concerning your application and student/work status.

Name:                                    Position:

Address:                                 Email:
        European Summer School on Social Economy – 2009 Application Form

Motivation letter: Please write why you’re interested in apply for this school
and what are your main motivations (200 words)

                       Section 3: DISABLED APPLICANTS
             (including applicants with specific learning difficulties)
The School views applications from disabled students on the same academic
grounds as apply to all candidates. We kindly recommend you to disclose your
disability to us at this early stage so that we can make any necessary, reasonable
individual arrangements.

Please indicate below the nature of your disability and if you think you might require
individual arrangements while you are at the School. Once we have this information,
we will contact you directly.
         European Summer School on Social Economy – 2009 Application Form

                       Section 4: GENERAL INFORMATION

Do you think to apply for a scholarship?

   YES          NO

Have you attended other Summer Schools during the last two years?

   YES          NO

IF YES, please give details

Where did you learn about the Summer School?

   Web                                     Friends
   University                              Students or Colleagues
   Academic Referee                        Employer
   Network (please specify):               Other (please specify):

         Date                                               Signature

_________________                            ___________________________

If you would like to receive help to complete the form please contact the
Summer School Office using any of the following listed below.

Tel:             +39 0543 374691
Fax:             +39 0543 374676
Post:            European Summer School on Social Economy
                 c/o Office S/10, Facoltà di Economia
                 P.le della Vittoria 15 – 47100 Forlì

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