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     Australian Immigration Law and Practice A Practical course in ‘Knowledge of Migration Law and Procedure’

The University of New South Wales has a distinguished                   DAY 1 Friday 17th June 2005                 DAY 3 Sunday 19th June 2005                 DAY 5 Saturday 25th June 2005
reputation in its training of migration agents.                         Peter Bollard                               Peter Bollard Katie Malyon                  Peter Bollard
Australian Immigration Law and Practice, A Practical                    8:45am – 1:00pm                             9.30am — 4.00pm                             9.30am – 4.00pm
Course in Knowledge of Migration Law Procedure runs for six             Australian Legal Principles,
full days over two weekends and two weekdays. The                                                                   Making a valid visa application             Employer Sponsorship
                                                                        Development of Migration Law
programme consists of lectures and workshop sessions. It aims           Introduction                                Introduction                                Introduction
to provide participants with an understanding of the principles         • Australian legal system                   • Classes of visas                          • Partner, spouse/defacto
of Immigration law, the processes of immigration decision
                                                                        • Constitutional law                        • Subclasses of visas                       • Children/Parent or aged parents
making and review, the practical skills required to set up and
run a business and the ethical requirements of practice.                • Court hierarchy                           • General skilled migration                 • Remaining relative, carers
                                                                        • Legal precedent                           • Employer nomination                       • Other family visas
This course is taught by leading specialists in Immigration law
and solicitors with over ten years of experience in migration           • Acts & Regulations
                                                                                                                    • Distinguished talent                      • Resident return visas
practice and teaching.                                                  • Policy & law
                                                                        • Merits and judicial review                • Other permanent visas                     • Former residents
Aims of our course
                                                                        • Freedom of Information                    • Student visas                             • New Zealnad citizen
• Guide participants through the workings of the Migration
                                                                        Lunch 1.00pm — 1.45pm                                                                   • Special Status applications
  Act and Migration Regulations which contain the law
                                                                        Kevin Clark                                 DAY 4 Friday 24th June 2005                 • Australian citizenship
• Apply these essential skills to practice and to the exam.
                                                                        1.45pm – 5.00pm
The presenters will guide you through course materials                                                              Migration Agents Registration
                                                                        A Practical guide to the legislation
including legislation, notes, relevant case law, articles,                                                          Authority                                   DAY 6 Sunday 26th June 2005
publications and forms.                                                                                             8.45am – 10.00am                            Christopher Levingston
                                                                        • Working with the Migration Act &
All materials for our course are included in the registration fee.         Regulations                              Representatives from MARA                   9.30am-4.00pm
Our class size is limited to 35 (please register early)                 • Important sections, hot spots and hints   10.15am – 12.30pm                           Compliance Functions
Registration for our course closes Friday 21 January 2005               • Interpretation of legislation             Katie Malyon                                Introduction
The course will also aim to prepare students for the MAPKE
                                                                                                                    The Role & Regulation of Migration          • Cancellation, detention and removal
examination. Participants will be given                                 DAY 2 Saturday 18th June 2005
                                                                        Kevin Clark                                 Agents                                      • Rights of review
• sample multiple choice exam questions
                                                                        9.30am – 1.00pm                             • Acting Professionally in accordance with Character
• case studies
• take home material                                                    Visa Application Procedures                   the code of conduct                       • Character grounds sec 501
                                                                        Introduction                                • Critical concepts in the agent client     • Exclusions
• material on techniques for exams to help students
                                                                        • general requirements                        relationship                              • Bridging Visas classes and conditions
For information about registering to Become a Migration                 • DIMIA
Agent and the MAPKE exam go to The Migration Agents                                                                 • Confidentiality and conflicts of interest Overview of Functions of MRT, RRT,
                                                                        • How to read a visa
Registration Authority                                                                           Lunch 12.30pm – 1.15pm                      AAT and Courts
                                                                        • Structure of the regulations
You will need to register for the exam by going to the above website.                                               David Crawford                              • Ministerial discretion and merits review
                                                                        • Fees and time limits
Presenters:                                                             • General requirements                      1.15pm – 5.00pm                             • Reviewable decisions by MRT, RRT and
Peter Bollard, Solicitor, Peter Bollard & Associates, Accredited        • Health                                    Temporary visas and change of status           AAT
Specialist in Immigration Law                                           • Limitation on further applications, s 48 • Visitor visas                              • Managing the appeal process
Kevin Clark, Director, Sellanes Clark & Associates,                     Lunch 1.00pm — 1.45pm
Immigration Consultants                                                                                             • Temporary resident visas                  • Judicial Review
                                                                        Kerry Murphy
Christopher Levingston, Principal, Christopher Levingston &             1.45am – 3.45pm                             • 400 series visas                          Review of course
Associates, Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law                    Refugee & Humanitarian law                  Business Migration                          Questions
Katie Malyon, Partner, Australian Business Lawyers, Migration           Introduction                                • business skills and owners
Agent                                                                   • - Refugees and the applications available • sponsorship programs
Kerry Murphy, Solicitor, Craddock Murray Nuemann                        • - Refugee onshore/offshore,
Dr David Crawford, Partner, Fragomen Australia                               temporary/permanent                     For more information visit our website:

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