File System Operations

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              Working with Files
I) Computer file System
In computing, a file system (often also written as filesystem) is a method for storing
and organizing computer files and the data they contain to make it easy to find and
access them. File systems may use a data storage device such as a hard disk or CD-

II) Working with Drives and Folders

a) Creating a Folder

b) Deleting a Folder

c) Copying Folders

d) Checking weather the folder available or not, if not creating the folder

e) Returning a collection of Disk Drives

f) Getting available space on a Disk Drive

III) Working with Flat Files
a) Creating a Flat File

b) Checking weather the File is available or not, if not creating the File

c) Reading Data character by character from a Flat File
d) Reading Data line by line from a Flat File

e) Reading data from a flat file and using in data driven testing

f) Writing data to a text file

g) Delete a text file

h) Checking weather the File is available or not, if available delete the File

i) Comparing two text files

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  j) Counting the number of times a word appears in a file

  IV) Working with Word Docs

  a) Create a word document and enter some data & save

  V) Working with Excel Sheets

  a) Create an excel sheet and enter a value into first cell

  b) Compare two excel files

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